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  1. Regarding the above post, if anybody ever needs online codes, let me know. I open Pokemon cards all the time and don't use the codes, more than happy to pass them onto you! Has anybody managed to buy any of the Shining Fates boxes? Lots of controversy at the moment with people buying all available stock and doubling the price, pretty annoying really. Especially as Shining Fates is a really great set with some awesome cards. Including that Shiny Charizard. If anybody's interested, I've recently done a video on my Shining Legends Graded Collection. It's amazing how prices h
  2. I've got three copies of Evolution and two of Cotton.
  3. I actually played Ducati for the first time tonight, I kind of enjoyed how the bikes handled, however, the tracks are pretty uninspired. Watched a few reviews afterwards, seems to be universally disliked.
  4. Been playing Hydro Thunder for the last few hours, amazing fun. I know they did a sequel on the xbox 360 but would love to see a HD remake or something.
  6. Picked up Star Wars Pinball for Nintendo Switch yesterday and have been playing non stop since. Well worth giving it a go if you haven't played it yet.
  7. That looks awesome. Need to go and try to find a copy on Ebay now!
  8. Whaaaaaaaat. I thought I had every Pinball game on the GBC, was this released over here?
  9. My first ever experience with video game pinball other than Sonic Spinball was Space Cadet, i must have played that game for hours! I now need to go and have a look and see if i can find a way of playing it today.... I'm pretty sure i was horrific at it back in the day, wonder if that'll be different now. Pinball FX3 is one of my most played games on my Nintendo Switch. Some of the tables are incredible, would say my personal favourites are Walking Dead, Family Guy and Bob's Burgers. It's a real shame they haven't been able to bring the South Park ones over
  10. This is one of my most played Dreamcast games, don't think i could ever part with it! Never played the PS1 version so not sure if it's any good or there are any differences. I would doubt it apart from maybe better graphics. I need to mention this one as well while I'm here...
  11. For some reason I've always loved Video Game Pinball games, I wouldn't say I'm particularly good at them but they're as addictive as anything I've ever played. I just wanted to know what Pinball games of yesteryear you've played and hopefully enjoyed. I own every Pinball game released on cartridge from the Gameboy to the DS. I finally managed to get Pinball of the Dead from here (Thanks AcidBearBoy) There's some great ones, bizarre ones and just out right bad ones. Pacman Pinball for GBA, I'm looking at you. So uh, yeah. PINBALL.
  12. Not necessarily video game related, but definitely bringing that nostalgia back.
  13. Part two of my collection series, see if you remember some of these toys back from back in the day!
  14. Cool, let me know mate! I've literally never played the online game before so I'm going to binge watch some tutorials and hopefully I'll get up to scratch quickly!
  15. Rebel Clash is out in a few days! Anybody going to be collecting the set? I haven't been particularly fussed with the base Sword and Shield set, some decent cards but nothing great. I'm thinking about getting into the online game so if anybody wants a few battles or whatever, give me a shout. I'm trying to resurrect the thread My most recent openng, some of my best tbh. Absolutely love Generations!!!
  16. Figured most people would realise anyway! It's one of my favourite console variants, there was also the Stadium one for N64 which I'm trying to find for a decent price at the moment. It doesn't look as good as the Pikachu one though!
  17. Hello, I did a video with a few bits and bobs from my Pokemon collection. There's some stuff from back in the late 90's which might bring a wee bit of nostalgia. Enjoy!
  18. My most recent video, really happy with the cards I got! For anybody still collecting, Tesco have all of their tins on sale at the moment, think you get about a fiver off. Did anybody get lucky with a Shining Charizard in the Hidden Fates set?
  19. Thinking about picking up a used Vita on Ebay, just wondering what I should be looking for as I've never owned one before. What are the batteries like? Can you buy new ones and are they easy to replace if need be?
  20. Thanks! Just picked up Layton and the Curious Village for £2 online so can't really go wrong!
  21. Recently bought a 2DS XL as haven't played a 3DS in years and I knew there was a huge amount of games i had missed out on. Oh and the fact a lot if the games can now be picked up cheaply helps. I do have a question though, I want to give the Professor Layton series a go, where should I start? Worth going straight into the 3DS titles or going back to the DS?
  22. On lets Go, took me about 350 chain to get a shiny Nidoran. Must have taken like 5 hours or so. I was literally falling asleep when I saw a little sparkle in the grass haha.
  23. I also live in Stourbridge and can confirm, it's a CEX. Talking of Merry Hill, they used to have the Game in Debenhams as well. Bought my Gameboy SP and Pokemon Sapphire. Great times. I don't ever go in Game Merry Hill anymore, never a pleasant experience. Especially the downstairs one. - Walk in shop, get jumped on by numerous staf members asking if I came In the store for anything in particular. I know they're told to do it but getting interrupted every couple of minutes while browsing is extremely off putting. - Check the games and see every game is ove
  24. How is Golazo? It's on my maybe pile.
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