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  1. I bought an Evercade and all of the in stock cartridges on Amazon a few days ago, Data East was out of stock, annoyingly. I've got to say, I've had a great time so far! I'd never played Xenocrisis before and I'm so glad this gave me an opportunity to, it's a cracking game.. which I don't mind saying I'm terrible at. :)


    I fully suspect a lot of the titles I probably won't play much but there is definitely enough titles which I'll enjoy and get my monies worth. Plus, there is some good games coming with the future releases. 


    I would go crazy for a Neo Geo Pocket collection. Or just something SNK related. 



  2. 3 hours ago, Dig Dug said:

    His rationale is that they have a new factory which leads him to think there will be new printings in the future (possibly after the pandemic).

    We will have to see. Either way I’m sure he’ll net a tidy profit on his current set.


    Yeah definitely, Evolutions prices won't drop too much either way. The set brought so many people back to the TCG that there's massive nostalgia for it. And as we all know, Nostalgia sells! 

  3. On 07/03/2021 at 01:16, Dig Dug said:

    I got a friend who is a long time Pokemon collector and the whole deal with them right now is mental quite honestly and it seems to have had a massive ripple effect. Yugioh prices are also rising at an extreme rate and we are seeing graders likes PSA & Beckett doing a price hike on their services. My friend has decided to put his complete collection of Evolutions up for auction because he doesn't know when the bubble will burst and reckons they'll try reprinting the set in the future.

    The whole thing is fascinating from the outside when I'm seeing people claim that delivery trucks for Target and the like have been tapped up with tracking devices and other things so the scalpers can get in on everything.
    There's also shit like this.



    I think the Evolutions reprint was a rumour going around but i genuinely don't see that happening, especially as Nintendo are struggling to print enough stock for their modern sets. The PSA price hike has affected me, I've currently been waiting 11 months for a send off to come back so there is no way I'm going to be paying more and waiting that long, I'll just go and use CGC or another grading service, sure their value won't be as high but I do it for collection purposes rather than profit.


    I managed to get a Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box though which I'm opening tomorrow, extremely excited haha


  4. Regarding the above post, if anybody ever needs online codes, let me know. I open Pokemon cards all the time and don't use the codes, more than happy to pass them onto you!

    Has anybody managed to buy any of the Shining Fates boxes?

    Lots of controversy at the moment with people buying all available stock and doubling the price, pretty annoying really. Especially as Shining Fates is a really great set with some awesome cards. Including that Shiny Charizard.


    If anybody's interested, I've recently done a video on my Shining Legends Graded Collection. It's amazing how prices have gone up over the last couple of years.



  5. 1 hour ago, SeanR said:

    Didn’t manage a decent bike game in that time though. Suzuki and Ducati efforts are both poor to middling.


    I actually played Ducati for the first time tonight, I kind of enjoyed how the bikes handled, however, the tracks are pretty uninspired. Watched a few reviews afterwards, seems to be universally disliked. 

  6. 36 minutes ago, Wiper said:

    And, finally, I can't really go without mentioning the classic of a hundred lunch breaks, Full Tilt Pinball - or, to be more precise, Space Cadet, the table from it that was bundled with Windows 2000 through XP. Assuredly the table I've spent the most time on in any game. I'm still rubbish at it.


    I think what we're all learning today is that I have terrible taste in pinball games.


    My first ever experience with video game pinball other than Sonic Spinball was Space Cadet, i must have played that game for hours! I now need to go and have a look and see if i can find a way of playing it today....


    I'm pretty sure i was horrific at it back in the day, wonder if that'll be different now.


    4 hours ago, Wizcat said:

    - Pinball FX.  Loved this to bits.  Really well designed tables.  Some of the early tables were pretty obviously 'inspired' by real-life tables with near identical layouts, but later tables really brought some cool new features that in many cases I've considered converting to real life mechanisms.  The leaderboards and ability to compete online really helped this game to shine, though it does become an endurance marathon to really get to the top of the online tables in many cases, with some games going on for literally hours at a time.  In the last year they've acquired the Bally/Williams licence, so have started to emulate many of the classic real tables.







    Pinball FX3 is one of my most played games on my Nintendo Switch. Some of the tables are incredible, would say my personal favourites are Walking Dead, Family Guy and Bob's Burgers. It's a real shame they haven't been able to bring the South Park ones over as I would have to loved to have given them a go!



    This thread made me do this...


  7. 28 minutes ago, Soulstar said:

    For years after I didn't really play anything apart from True Pinball on the Dreamcast about 10 years ago which was a lot more modern in style compared to the others and has that cool 3D look about it. Remember seeing it on the PS1 years back but don't think I played it then.


    This is one of my most played Dreamcast games, don't think i could ever part with it! Never played the PS1 version so not sure if it's any good or there are any differences. I would doubt it apart from maybe better graphics.


    I need to mention this one as well while I'm here...



  8. For some reason I've always loved Video Game Pinball games, I wouldn't say I'm particularly good at them but they're as addictive as anything I've ever played. I just wanted to know what Pinball games of yesteryear you've played and hopefully enjoyed.


    I own every Pinball game released on cartridge from the Gameboy to the DS. I finally managed to get Pinball of the Dead from here (Thanks AcidBearBoy)


    There's some great ones, bizarre ones and just out right bad ones. Pacman Pinball for GBA, I'm looking at you.


    So uh, yeah. PINBALL.

  9. Rebel Clash is out in a few days! Anybody going to be collecting the set? I haven't been particularly fussed with the base Sword and Shield set, some decent cards but nothing great. I'm thinking about getting into the online game so if anybody wants a few battles or whatever, give me a shout. I'm trying to resurrect the thread :lol:


    My most recent openng, some of my best tbh. Absolutely love Generations!!!



  10. 2 hours ago, Dudley said:

    Pikachu N64 for life!


    Even if I'm about to give away you flipped that image.





    Figured most people would realise anyway! :lol:


    It's one of my favourite console variants, there was also the Stadium one for N64 which I'm trying to find for a decent price at the moment. It doesn't look as good as the Pikachu one though!

  11. My most recent video, really happy with the cards I got! For anybody still collecting, Tesco have all of their tins on sale at the moment, think you get about a fiver off.


    Did anybody get lucky with a Shining Charizard in the Hidden Fates set? :D


  12. Thinking about picking up a used Vita on Ebay, just wondering what I should be looking for as I've never owned one before. 


    What are the batteries like? Can you buy new ones and are they easy to replace if need be? 

  13. Recently bought a 2DS XL as haven't played a 3DS in years and I knew there was a huge amount of games i had missed out on. Oh and the fact a lot if the games can now be picked up cheaply helps. 



    I do have a question though, I want to give the Professor Layton series a go, where should I start? Worth going straight into the 3DS titles or going back to the DS? 

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