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  1. Picture puzzle is actually quite rare in uk boxed form. I had one on uk launch and loved how the SS and ff games were based on the hyper64 versions. Kof r2 I must have played 500hrs on easy. Lovely little machine and apparently it's CPU is commonly used in a fridge!

    Prototype cart of magician lord was found last year too. And windjammers/Ikari warriors is out there somewhere.

    A lot of later mvs carts such as metal slug 3 have ngpc carts inside soldered to the main pcb just to use the spare parts (rom chips) up.

    KOF R2 is worth it then? I was looking at it last night and I wasn't sure whether to get it straight away.

  2. You should be OK yeah. I missed out on a mega bundle at Game, but my mate cancelled his and I managed to change my order to it on the midnight launch. The guy at Game said I could've just brought my mates pre order receipt in with me. So you shouldn't have a problem I don't think

    Thanks for that mate! Hopefully I'll be sitting at home admiring a beautiful ps4 this evening.

  3. Can someone help me please! My friend has pre ordered a Ps4 from game and put a deposit on it. They don't want it anymore so have told me I can use it. They have until Monday to pick it up but can't get there so he has given me all of the pre order receipts and stuff but will I be able to pay for it without him there? Do I need some sort of proof that I'm not just stealing a pre order haha

  4. NeoGeo-Pocket-Color.jpg

    I was just wondering if there are any fans of the handheld here? I've had one for a few years now and I've just started collecting the PAL releases, going to take a while and cost a fair bit, mind you. What are your favourite games? Mine is Gal Fighters and i'm currently after a boxed copy but it's going to cost me just under £100. :-\ Oh and that joystick is heavenly.

  5. Three points is three points but I wouldn't read too much into it, you looked League 1 at best today.. And fuck knows what that made us. Dreadful football all round. With our defence struggling with high balls and conceding from set pieces literally every game we all knew you'd be chucking it up to Zigic at every opportunity so quite why Robins went with two at the back is beyond me, the results were totally predictable.

    Two wins in twelve now, it's beginning to feel like a repeat of last season. Vaughan's back for the next game at least but we desperately need to bring a couple in from somewhere.

    I've been to pretty much every away game this season and yes, we do look like a league one side. If we beat the drop this season, it's been a success.

  6. If i'm being completely honest, I don't like the EXP Share. It takes the enjoyment of levelling up Pokémon away, the whole point was that it was difficult but it was satisfying when you do it. With the EXP Share, you don't ever have to use a certain Pokémon and they will still level, it just seems like cheating. I have tried turning the EXP Share off but it's very difficult to level the Pokémon up individually, there just doesn't seem enough trainer battles so you have to grind in a random patch of grass which i'm not against, but it's very difficult.

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