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  1. I genuinely don't know how people can put hundreds of hours into completing a game. I just can't ever find the time to do it so I rarely bother with certain genres such as RPGs anymore. I bought Xenoblade 2 and although I was enjoying It, I'd go days without playing and end up losing interest. So how does everybody make time for gaming? Since I moved into my first house with the missus six months ago, I really struggle to find time... and this is without kids! Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough. To play games that is. Not have kids.
  2. Watford have sacked Gracia. He will definitely get another job in the PL, done a very good job.
  3. Just picked up the Switch version and thought this thread would be massive, didn't realise a lot of people thought the originals were mediocre! Anyway, really looking forward to it. Thought the Crash remasters were great, even though I was awful at them.
  4. Still can't believe that decision, crazy. The person I feel worst for is Lansbury! Not exactly had the best spell at Villa, would have meant a great deal to him.
  5. It's always the risk though when you put a young player in the starting 11, bigger clubs start taking note. He's not ready to be starting week in, week out. He obviously need a to bulk up a bit as well but he is 16 haha, can't really have a go at the lad! I'm still not convinced Clotet will be manager for much longer, will be surprised if he's in charge after new year. Once again we will be back to square one but that's just how things are now at the club. The owners obviously want to move the club forward and are willing to put money towards doing so but they don't seem to unders
  6. Not sure what to make of Birmingham's start. We've literally not played well in any game but were on a decent points total. We've been hammered three nil away from home a couple of times in games where it could have been far worse. Not sure about this new style of football which were supposed to be playing, I don't see an awful lot of change. Thank God for the Juke. Three goals at home already this season. Oh and a quick word on Jude Bellingham, 16 year old who broke our record for youngest ever score and it happened to be the winner. Stoke are poor,
  7. I've got a complete set of the Archie Sonic series but didn't really read Sonic the Comic, I should give it a go really.
  8. I don't understand how it's possible to make a bad Bubble Bobble game.
  9. After reading this thread last week I decided to take the plunge on a PSP. Paid £60 for a mint unboxed red 3003. Wasn't sure if it was a good price but didn't mind really, my local game shop has done me some amazing deals over the years (Vintage Gamer in the black country If anybody cares). I got it home and a few days later realised it had a bunch of emulators on it and was packed full of games, very nice surprise. The games I picked up are... Sega Rally Virtua Tennis Pro Tour Bubble Bobble Evolution Micro Machines V4 Capcom Collection Reloaded
  10. Zombie Revenge is my favourite Dreamcast game, amazing fun. It took me a lot of true to complete the game, one of my fondest gaming memories. Picked up Sega Rally today.
  11. I only have the Dreamcast version and find it really difficult to control with the steering wheel. If anybody is using the standard Dreamcast controller, best Advice I can give is to simply hold the stick up and move slightly and gently to the right and left, don't move it a lot. Hope that makes sense.
  12. He will be gone by November. Anyway yes, a few good signings though having watched our last pre season game, I'm really not sure about the Change in formation. I'm a wee bit worried by it. Thought Crowley looked good though.
  13. Bruce is a very good championship manager, average PL manager. Any manager going in after Benitez is going to find it very difficult, it's not worth leaving Wednesday in my view.
  14. The club is ran very well by the owners. They always make profit on their players but it doesn't seem to affect the team position mucb. I think I read somewhere that the chairman tells new managers beforehand that they have to continue the style of football which they played since Warburton.
  15. I understand they want a quick resolution but I just can't see Brentford being a step up for him. On the other hand, fantastic signing for Brentford!
  16. He will be a loss. What sort of price is he going for?
  17. Just beat Luigi one on one in the longest match ever, the tiebreaker went on for like 15 minutes. Really enjoying the game. Nice surprise!
  18. Gaming is strange at times. So for the last three days I've been struggling to beat Blooper in the adventure mode. Not even getting close to winning. First match tonight, absolutely destroyed him. I just had to tell people as i feel like I've beaten Andre the giant in a strongman contest. I told the missus but she figured making the tea was more important. Shrug.
  19. I'm all for having a go at Ashley but that's a good deal for Newcastle. He's not worth anywhere near that.
  20. Think that's a great signing for Leeds. They're quickly turning into the favourites for Promotion next season. Though of course being Leeds, they'll make a difficult job of it. Noticed Southampton signed one of our best youngsters today. When will it end.
  21. By the sounds of it there are a lot of clubs in the championship who won't be spending much this summer due to the FFP consequences. I'd imagine QPR will be in the same boat.
  22. Michael Morrison is not signing a new contract so we've also lost our main centre back. Jota, Adams and Morrison all gone. Probably worth a tenner on us getting relegated.
  23. Not sure where it leaves us. We have to get in line with FFP so we knew we'd have to get the money from somewhere, it was either do a dodgy ground sale or sell players. It looks like we're being forced to go with youngsters next season and a new style of football. It's not looking good at all.
  24. Daily Mail are reporting we've accepted a £16,000,000 bid for Che today. Hopefully we can reinvest some of it but not expecting much.
  25. His interview was very underwhelming and cagey. He will be gone by Christmas I reckon. The Che Adams one is a bit weird. I don't think he's worth any more than £12,000,000 and think he will struggle to make a significant impact in the PL. However, we will find it very difficult to replace him in our current situation.
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