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  1. Sonic Generations which I've never been interested in before is tempting me. As is Gods and Kings although I've not much interest in playing Civ5 again.

    Torchlight/OMD 2 are both tempting - even though I've got the original of each and never played.

    Hell even AA/AC is tempting me (own it on 360)

    The people behind Steam sales are evil genius' - especially today!

    Sonic Generations is a fun game, never played the PC version but on the 360 it was good. You know what you're getting with a Sonic game i guess. I would say it's certainly worth a fiver.

  2. SEGA have really done well with this, they've taken everything which was good from the original and improved on it. For the price you're paying, it's a steal.

    One question though for people who have played it, i'm slightly struggling with the water parts. I seem to always get overtaken when i'm on the water but i'm not sure why. Any tips?

  3. Justr bought the game, went into my first online match and had a really strange glitch/bug on the final lap. On the Carrier level, i kept falling through the ship over and over again as the game re-spawned my car. :-\

    Decent game from what i've played, not sure i like the water parts though but i'm sure they'll grow on me.

  4. I'm keeping faith that Wednesday are good enough to be mid-table, I really do think we are, but I'm seriously questioning Dave Jones tactics at the minute. A fair few fans a abusing the players (and some rightly so), but persisting with a 4-5-1 formation that clearly isn't working with the players we've got is starting to get to me - especially with Bothroyd on the wing. He is not comfortable there at all and compared to Antonio on the other wing does nothing. It likes playing with ten men. He's obviously a different player to Antonio, but I'm not sure what DJ is expecting him to do. Also, as evident against Middlesborough, when the opposition has the ball he gets us to put 10 men behind the ball (leaving a lone striker), but then none of them put any pressure on the opposition mid-field and allow them to pass freely, just to be carved open by a through ball or pass round the back. Then when we do get the ball back, unless Antonio makes a run, or a ball goes over the top, the other 4 in middle fail to string any passes together that produce anything like a threat.

    Frustrating much.

    Keep faith keep faith.

    [/rant over]

    My brother in law is a Wednesday fan and he thought your lot would have a great season. Personally i always feel, if you're going to go down, go down fighting. Not playing 4-5-1. I found out that under Mcleish, though he did win us the Carling Cup in the same season so can't have a go to much!

  5. I'd be curious to hear your feelings on Lee Clark now, Elseb. I seem to remember you branding his sacking from Huddersfield 'a disgrace' at the time and calling our fine chairman arrogant for his (probably well overdue) decision.

    From the outside it looks and sounds as if your getting the full Lee Clark Experience (albeit for just a few months rather than several years).

    I still stick with my original opinion on you sacking him. He hasn't had a great start with us but with the turmoil surrounding our club, it's hardly surprising. No way would i ever call for a managers head after a few months, that's just ridiculous. I blame the players more than anything really, it's obvious that some of them just aren't performing like last season and that is their fault. At the end of the day he came to the club knowing he would have no money to spend and knew that most players were up for grabs had bids come in for them, for that you have to say fair play. The only problem i have with him is playing Mullins over Gomis, never been a fan of Mullins.

    I don't turn on managers really, it's just not in my nature. Football fans are a fickle bunch and that's one thing i've never liked about the game. I certainly don't think any manager who has his team in the top 4/5 should ever get sacked, like he did at Huddersfield. Sure, the chairman will say he did the right thing as you got promoted but that still doesn't sit right with me. The bloke obviously loved your club, he showed that when your side came to ST Andrews earlier on in the season, he was waving at your fans when we were getting beat!

    As far as i'm concerned, it's Lee Clarks Blue and White Army! :)

  6. The original is pretty bad. It's essentially a Quake 3 mod. I did like the clockwork and chess levels. But it's not needed to play through Madness Returns.

    Any idea where i'd be able to play it? I have the disc version of Madness Returns for PC.

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