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  1. I meant to play The original but accidentally bought Pearl because it was unboxed and was a bit white.Twas good but this (white 2) is a fair improvement graphically with the animated pixel art and the different camera angles. The sound is a lot meatier too. I've got as far as the movie studio ,which is just one step too weird and just meh for me dahling .Give me the dress up ,stage thing over this any day.Besides that I'm really enjoying the rest and the wifi actually connects through my 3DS which was a surprise. Why my beautiful Vinepede turn into a disgusting tentacle eye in a shell :(

    Aye, the movie studio is extremely meh to me but at least they are adding more stuff into the games. Nothing wrong with a bit of variety.

    Oh if anybody could trade me a Caterpie, it would be greatly appreciated. I want a butterfree! :D

  2. Is there anyway to know when the game has actually saved your progress, i got to the checkpoint outside the catherdral and thought i could quit and i'd end up in the same place, i turn the game on and i'm back to the start of chapter 2. It was my fault really but i'm scared to turn the game off incase i end up back at the start of chapter 2!

  3. The online seasons mode is exactly what I want from an online football game but can I get a connection? Can I fuck. I think I successfully get into a game about 5% of the time. Other times I get into the arena and say I've picked Brazil, it loads a PSG player and then quits as soon as the commentary starts

    Maybe to do with my altered DNS settings for Netflix? Never caused a problem with any other games though

    Happened to me a few times, i'll pick a random team and for some reason it will load the Birmingham City squad (My favourite team) so i guess there is a bug there somewhere. The game is great fun though.

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