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  1. I'm glad you were able to forget about the dross that was Nights Journey Into Dreams.

    I've got the game but never played it, picked it up for a couple of quid. I've always thought Nights could be a huge series if they actually bothered to put advertisement behind it. A 3DS remake of the original SEGA Saturn game would be fantastic.

  2. According to the list posted earlier on, Aberdeen still has two Games and a Gamestation. That's fairly strange. It's my day off work today so i haven't been in Aberdeen, not sure whether they are still open or not.

  3. He did wonders with Leicester, won a couple of cups i seem to recall.

    He did a great job at Celtic, obviously people will say this isn't difficult but he still has to win the titles.

    He got Villa to sixth place in the league and kept them there for a few season.

    He has come to Sunderland and at the moment has done a fairly decent job, only time will tell.

    I would say the above is quite an impressive CV. That's just me though. :)

  4. He's got plenty of previous for it. I don't mind the guy though as at least he'll hold his hands up when he's got carried away. Anyone who gets a rise out of Martin O'Neill is fine by me anyway. I hate that guy's guts.

    Why do you hate O'neill? I've always thought he was a popular guy. I think he's a great manager and comes across really well. :)

  5. He's just a horrible footballer. I don't understand what he actually contributes.

    I guess he's your Robbie Savage type of footballer. Gets the ball and gives it to the playmakers. If he plays for your team, you love him but if he plays against you, hate him.

    Got to say, thought Pardew acted like a right dick on the touchline. Yes, he has every right to be annoyed at some of the tackles going in but seriously that's just direspectful.

  6. Wolves defensively were shockingly bad, is this progress after Mick? Not sure really. I know TC has only had two games in charge but you do have to wonder whether they would be doing any worse than with Mick in charge.

    I just hope QPR get relegated, can't stand Mark Hughes.

  7. Another Dive by Suarez, typical. Him and Bale are awful for diving, i hate how the FA never do anything about it. I remember N'Gog diving at Anfield against us a few season ago at Anfield and winning a penalty, it's blatant cheating.

  8. Says at the bottom of that link up above that there will be more stores opening in Scotland soon as well, hope they come to Aberdeen.

    Hopefully, Aberdeen is crying our for a CEX. The two Games and Gamestation are dirty and the customer service is awful.

  9. Ach, if we came up against Holland in a proper Euro match, we'd get destroyed. We're simply not good enough, our play is always far to slow and predictable. It doesn't matter who our manager is, the youth system in English football is shockingly bad compared to other countries.

  10. http://www.guardian....r-cash-trophies seems appropriate reading at the moment. To the players, it's nice but it ain't necessarily all that.

    Seems wrong that to pretty much any fan the trophies are important but for the clubs and those playing for them it's not that big a thing.

    Our Carling cup final win last year was the best day of my life, being at Wembley to watch the boys beat Arsenal in the last minute. It doesn't get any better than that. :)

    Fuck anybody who calls it a Mickey Mouse trophy.

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