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  1. Really good final, not as good as last year but still a very good match. It's strange how every FA Cup final is poor but the Carling cup finals are always exciting. I hate penalty shoot out final wins, just doesn't seem right.

  2. Nice win for Forest away to Birmingham today too. They've not lost at home all season, and we've been absolutely atrocious all season, so it didn't bode well, but Dexter Blackstock - the man, the legend - bags a brace. 13 months out injured, but he's back now. He's back.

    Very good result. It was slightly annoying as i didn't feel when deserved to get beat, a draw would have been fair but that's just how football goes. I can't complain though, first defeat in fifteen!

  3. "We want an experienced manager to guide us to safety".


    "We are proud to announce Terry Connor as manager for the next 13 games"


    Anyway hope Wolves get relegated, Mick should never have been sacked.

  4. Another new England home shirt then:


    As usual with England shirts lately, it looks like a £3 Primark t-shirt. I wonder if they're going to follow up the last kit's weird royal blue shorts with RED SHORTS, just to make it look even worse.

    Looks awful! No doubt it will cost £40 as usual. It's ridiculous.

  5. Full credit to West Ham tonight. I'm a Birmingham fan but you can tell that West Ham are easily the best team in the championship, they could stay up no problem if they were in the premiership. I see David Gold and Sullivan came out with there normal "We tried to sign...*Enter name here*" quote earlier on. They do it every transfer window....

  6. The Stevenage/Spurs match was awful to be honest. I just couldn't get into it, not as bad as the Aberdeen vs St Johnstone game though, that was on Sky Sports one.

    FA Cup draw....

    Liverpool/Brighton v Stoke

    Chelsea/Birmingham v Leicester

    Stevenage/Tottenham v Bolton

    Everton v Sunderland

    If we somehow manage to get past Chelsea, a good draw awaits. Though, i'm sure Leicester will say the same.

  7. Or like stevenage who have been promoted in the last two consecutive seasons and are currently sitting just outside the plays offs in league one. So with a bit of luck could be playing championship football next season.

    It would be incredible for the stevenage fans if they got promoted to the championship. Whether they would have the finance to stay up would be another thing though.

  8. ^^ And it was at least half Birmingham being good rather than Chelsea being feeble, your side was excellent to watch.

    Aye, Hughton has had us playing some fantastic football this season. To be fair though, any type of football is better than the type Mcleish played. Not a chance he would have got the Villa job if we'd lost the Carling Cup final.

  9. Just a couple of things from todays events...

    Lee Clark getting sacked is a disgrace, Huddersfield are fourth in the league only four points outside the automatic spots. There has been criticism about the amount of money he has spent but the club are still right in contention, seems an arrogant decision to me. Huddersfield have no devine right to get promoted especially when they are battling with Charlton, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United who are probably all bigger clubs.

    I'm getting bored of the "Arsenal aren't very good" thing, it got boring three years ago. Either make Wenger spend money or get rid of him. I personally rate him highly but i just can't see him pushing Arsenal any further than they are at the moment without spending. Who knows if they hadn't got beat to us in the Carling Cup final, everything could have been different...

  10. Mick McCarthy being sacked is a disgrace really, Wolves wouldn't be in the PL if it wasn't for him, he kept them up for two seasons and could have done it this season.

    Rangers going into administration has been inevitable for a while, there is some really strange stuff going on behind the scenes. Craig Whyte is dodgy anyway.

  11. When he managed us I don't think we were quite as bad to watch as villa at the moment. Chris does have us playing some decent footy these days though, just hope we get to extend his contract past the end of the season.

    Well he's on a rolling contract so technically he is always going to be under a one year deal, doesn't really matter either way. If a bigger club comes calling, he will go if the situation is right for him. To be fair, with the amazing job he has done so far, if he left i couldn't have a go at him.

  12. There are no words strong enough to convey my hatred for Alex McLeish and his hideous brand of anti-football.

    I had to put up with it for a few years when he managed the Blues, he would never have got the Villa job had he not won the carling cup. Thank god for Chris Hughton!

  13. Wolves are awful.

    I'm always surprised at the animosity between wolves and the baggies though. I'm sure villa park is much closer to the hawthorns than molineux.

    I was born in the midlands and they really don't like each other, Blues vs Villa is worse though.

    Felt sorry for Mick today, it all went wrong when Bassong went off injured. The players have to take the blame, their defending was woeful.

  14. He was involved with the National Front once.... although Stuart Pearce is the English version of Chuck Norris. I wouldn't fuck with him Dinobot. He's probably hiding in your wheelie bin right now armed with a machete. Leave it.

    I'm sure his brother is still involved with that stuff isn't he? Either way, Psycho is a legend.

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