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  1. Disco 2000 and Underwear are my favourite from that album but i'd rather listen to Razzmattazz, that's a quality song.
  2. HA!! I've never noticed that before until this post. Quality.
  3. Didn't really want my first post in this topic to be about the England job but i'll throw my opinion into the topic. Personally i would give Pearce the job until after the Euro's and give somebody the job after the summer. We have one friendly (i think) before the tornament and i just don't think it would be a good idea to appoint a brand new manager now, every England manager deserves a fresh start, what happens if Harry is appointed now and we do awful in the Euros'... do the media and fans jump on his back? Well the media probably won't as he is from London. I don't think it matters who wil
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