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  1. I've only properly played the game using Gardevoir so far but I'm having a great time, far better than I was expecting. I can see the game becoming extremely challenging as you go up the levels. Looking forward to it!

  2. I was about to pre order Fifa 18 on Amazon but it's showing "Currently unavailable" even though every other format can be ordered. Why would that be? Is the Switch physical version definitely out on Friday next week? 

  3. Decided to try and go for a full Pal Dreamcast set. Going to be very difficult, any tips on finding some of the harder to find titles for cheaper than the Ebay prices? 


    Anyway, I've been playing a space shooter called Armada which I believe was only released in the US, it's great. Well worth a go if you haven't checked it out. 

  4. Ultimate team on a Nintendo console, day one purchase for me. I'm not particularly fussed about it not having the PS4 engine. I just want a playable version with enough modes to see me through until next year's edition, the Switch version has that.

  5. 2 hours ago, Broker said:

    What's up with the physical version of this? Granger said they didn't get any, the guy from Game said it's digital only (I'm guessing they don't have it and he wanted to sell me eshop credit). 


    Something strange happening. Game staff don't seem to know anything about it being released. I got the collectors edition from Nintendo and standard from Argos, who seem to be the only store selling it. 

  6. Anybody got any history of doing pre orders with the official Nintendo website? I've got Disgaea 5 on order and was curious whether it would arrive on release day or not. 

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