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  1. 30 minutes ago, ann coulter said:

    The inability to hop into a race with a friend is becoming kind of unacceptable now. How can they not have foreseen that a full lobby is always going to prevent a friend joining and not taken steps to resolve it? I've tried maybe 40 or 50 times since launch to join a friend in a race and get the same error every time. Broken.


    Same error whenever I try to connect to a friend. Frustrating.

  2. 1 hour ago, Coolcongo said:

    did anyone buy Lego city, i am tempted to buy it but have been hearing bad things about loading times and few other bits.


    Bought it and love it.

  3. Just bought Lego City Undercover. :omg:


    Honestly, for anybody who is unsure, just give it a go. I had the Wii U version and it is amazing. Hilarious story, huge amount of things to do and obviously if you are bored, you have an open world you can explore. I have never really enjoyed lego games all that much but this one is extremely fun. 


    Oh and Switch version has 2 player co op!

  4. 17 minutes ago, Gavin said:

    I just tamed my first horse and rolled up to the entrance of Kakariko village, playing on Wii U  gamepad in bed with a bit of a hangover.


    It's beautiful and the world feels very alive and fresh.


    I'll explore the village proper on the big screen tomorrow when my head doesn't feel as groggy.


    Game is simply magic so far. :wub:


    I am at the same point. 


    The game is stunning. So happy! ^_^

  5. Regarding playing with friends, generally when I go online, i will end up being in the same race as a friend anyway. Noy sure if it's a coincidence or it's automatically set up to find friends. 

  6. 1 hour ago, boybrown said:

    I'm looking at the eShop screen.....deciding whether to buy it or not.

    I never played it on the Wii U as reviews said it was nails and i knew i wouldn't persist after 10 minutes of frustration. Still looks a bit tricky now. I'm pretty bad at these sort of games, how difficult is this one (anyone) 


    I am generally pretty poor at racing games but i seem to be alright with this. As you play more, you'll start remembering the tracks and know when boost lines are coming up. It's great fun. 

  7. Think there is supposed to be a time trial mode being added in a later update. 


    I'm actually loving the game so far, few issues online with final placings being different to what you would expect but nothing major. 


    Hoping to see a leaderboard system or something added at a later date. At present you just get points added. 

  8. Got my Switch bundle today and was happy with everything, however, the whole insurance thing was really forced. I had to say no politely, three times. Wouldn't mind so much but they also rang me during the week and tried to sell it me. Just one of those things, i guess.

  9. Just picked up my switch, Zelda, Bomberman,Skylanders and my Guardian Amiibo. Just need my Pro controller to turn up!


    The Skylanders box is bigger than the switch console box haha

  10. 4 hours ago, MidWalian said:


    Maybe not enough buyers. We are excited in this thread, but I don't think it will be a big seller in the UK. Maybe after a price cut and/or good bundle.


    They've just rang me and said it's because they can't get security for the day, apparently something about training. By the sounds of it, they haven't got much stock left for people who haven't pre ordered. 

  11. Game has just sent me a text to tell me they are no longer doing a midnight launch at Merry Hill centre. :( I'll have to pick it up on Friday morning instead. Why would they cancel? Not enough pre orders made? 

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