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  1. Think this was attempt three, so no pressure then... I so nealry had you dude! Includes aborted second attempt.
  2. I have to say, I think this game is superb. On Rally Estonia last night doing the tarmac stages in the skoda, you can feel the weight transfer on the front end through the wheel on the really fast sections, absolutely incredible. Gt7, GT Sport, neither of those have done that. Love this game. Really very rewarding, and only too happy to slap you in the chops if you try and take liberties. I should have moved up a league, will find out shortly...
  3. Welcome! Just tried to beat your time in Finland in the fiesta, was about two seconds off in the last sector and then arsehole'd it in an absolutely nothing incident. Not sure how the estonia team got some many points? Does the weekly time trial carry a bigger haul?
  4. Ferking hell, that's painful to watch. I hope she never appears in our league... https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=425685796397431&paipv=0&eav=AfZhppShG5ggbMtKMdOBzpyex7CYuTWaZ5twTIWs9UgFVt9dkE92hEtJ6fVxD6iyL8E&_rdr
  5. Right, so the porsche 911 on the dailies is impossible to drive with a wheel. The top player in my league hasn't even posted a proper time, and he's bloody quick. I did a pad time, and I've bagged second. I'm not going to waste my time in pursuit of the leader. @Junker has knobbled both my times other than the silly 911 on the failies. The league leader has beaten both those times in my league mind. This game is really, very very good. I've barely touched the solo career mode, and I've been sat here for a good couple of hours tonight doing various online bits. Been spolit this year with this and dakar. I think this does what it does better than what gt7 is trying to do. You get that thousand yard stare that rally drivers have, while frantically sawing at the wheel. Love it.
  6. Enough with the crap double entendre! This is an excellent rally game, me and junker were looking at some of the stuff included and it's pretty comprehensive. Very much a wheel game rather than pad I think, and as usual, some of the top times are ridiculous. Will enjoy a long winter with this, full crossplay so no excuses to not join the team Rallymuk!
  7. Oh I can vouch for the damage, in fact I'd argue it's possibly too easy to total a car in the two hours I've managed to play it. Don't get me started on fucking punctures either.
  8. Oh, and I like the gt7 style challenges/missions.
  9. I think it's all the rally game you ever need. Rather astonishing in this day and age in that it appears to be working straight out of the box...
  10. How good was that last episode? Getting the insurance for that zonda must have been a fucking nightmare, especially when they said paddy 'crashed a lambo' mcguiness was going to drive it.
  11. I used to love everybodies golf on the ps4, but got pissed off with all the power up nonsense. I take it this would be nothing like that?
  12. I think the Dench one resonated with me as I've had first hand accounts recently of how utterly bored and pointless people of that age feel. I've been working on a park homes site and us being there is the single most exciting thing to have happened there in years (and fuck me if digging in utilities isn't tedious enough in itself) As a result you get to see the daily commings and goings of the elderly and it's fucking dire. Couple that with spending some time at my in laws farm and it just compounds the utter dredge that retirement seems to offer to some people. So yeah, I hope Dench finds a way to continue to work, thus giving her a sense of purpose.
  13. Not sure if anyone has watched the most recent output, however I'd have to say it's fucking excellant. Be interested to see how the rest of the them pan out as he's certainly prepared to tackle the awkward 'stuff' including asking Dench about Weinstein. Not only that but the loss of her husband 21 years ago which absolutely knocked the wind out of her sails. The format works I think as the guards are slowly let down. Not a massive stormzy fan but still found it interesting.
  14. 'A million archers cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced' Nah, that's not for me. I'll stick to what I'm good at, terrorising archers in chivalry 2.
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