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  1. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    Just watched it, Wilder looked ruined by the end of round 4. If Fury can stay on the rails, he can execute any plan against any fighter. If I was Wilder I'd avoid a rematch, if I was Joshua, I'd be shitting bricks.
  2. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    For 273 Fury looks lean, I hope that he hits Wilder so hard his legs turn to trumpets. That still might not be enough to win it.
  3. What @Varnsen said, you want to be all over those apex's and humping those kerbs. There's normally no gap there like that.
  4. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    If anyone other than mercedes win a race this season, it'll be a miracle.
  5. Looks like the Hypercar concept could be dead in the water, with stroll taking a share of the F1 aston link up, the planned wec venture is in doubt. I hope redbull who have largely built the cars, decide to run them.
  6. Yep, that was amazing. I get the impression it could have gone on like that for quite a while. IRL, I'm not really a fan of any porsche, except maybe a 968 club sport, however in gt sport if you want a safe pair of hands as such, you can't go wrong. Dragon Trail is also probably the only circuit that should be built in the real world.
  7. Amazing, bottle that and sell it we'd be loaded. Stands up to repeat viewings:
  8. Wow. Lost for words at that second race. Mental.
  9. In the words of my mate '11000 kilometre's on the quad and not one mechanical failure' some things like damage to the vehicle are kind of excusable and possibly down to pilot error, but the rest of it is clearly bollocks. A complete lack of preparation, and as the saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Shame. You could easily do at least a two parter special on such an event. You could easily do some low key prep in europe as coverage of enduro events is fairly limited.
  10. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    Is using last years car allowed? It's got a whiff of 'we've run out of money' about it.
  11. I maintain that not only is Harris a top bloke, but his race licence is possibly of a higher grade than the Stig's. Not only that but you'd have a backup, even if that was the old 'paper and a roll' pace note type scenario. I think I might pick my mates brain on this as it just seems far too wide of the mark. The belt going and taking out electrical cables is a plausible scenario, but you'd take on look at it and either re-enforce the case the belt and clutch drive are in, or you'd move the cables. My only concern is that they'll go full trophy truck next time which won't resonate as much as that should have done.
  12. I'd love to meet someone mental enough to sink 72k into a renault megane.
  13. Entirely justified, looked like a piss poor effort. I know a bloke that did some amateur off road endurance stuff like this on his quad. The prep and efforts he went to making sure everything was marked, easy to get too and fix, made this lot look like a bunch of idiots. And he was largely unsupported. Won a few times before he got fed up with the money it was costing to enter and drive round europe.
  14. Fair play to scratching that Baja itch, race is brutal.
  15. marsh

    Formula E

    I think I prefer the noise of a car running over the rumble strip to the noise of the car itself. Are any of these cars different in spec from one another or is it a control series?
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