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  1. Well, I applaud Glickenhaus for both turning up and only being a second slower than the Toyota. If it makes it past tea time at le mans I'll be amazed.
  2. And if it does any numbers at all we'll end up with a mini wii before an N64 mini.
  3. You've got a short memory, 9 times out of ten I'm not sure Roman get's out of the Haas. Incredibly different circumstances when if's and buts come into play. He was unfathomably fortunate. There will be other big offs. it's the nature of the beast, the law of averages suggests someone else may not be quite so fortunate as eliminating such things is impossible.
  4. This is a fucking Wii. What on earth are they thinking?
  5. Thinking about it, he was possibly the perfect wingman, much like Patrese. He'll be a comfortable second, might even win at the right track when there's nothing to play for. Rubens was the same. A calming, neutral influence on the other side of the garage. Chumpion, just don't get aspirations like Webber did.
  6. Killed by roast chicken? I was in a game the other night where you storm the castle to kill that geezer. No-one seemed to know that the whale harpoon was facing the attacking direction or that you could use it. I got a brace. Fucking archers etc...
  7. So aside from jousting. I'd quite like to see cockfights in the game.
  8. Every champion needs it's perfect chumpion. Patrese and Berger were the very peak of them during this era.
  9. Anyone still struggling to get one? My base invite came through today, and while it comes with a few 'tat' options the cheapest is £479 plus whatever postage they charge.
  10. You'd think Boutsen might try and take a scrap in comfort in developing Mansells 1991/92 car. Still an amazing hairscape.
  11. There's not a finer sight than a knight running towards an archer and then being fired backwards at a greater speed with an arrow wedged in his helmet. Though 50% of the time this results in my bowman being cleaved clean in two... You boys get plenty, I was killed by a knight the other evening by a player that threw a decapitated noggin at me. Should be bollowing for England, twas an an outstanding shot.
  12. *cough* rank 10 at bowmanship. I'm robin motherfuckinghood. That doesn't mean to say I don't enjoy suiting up, drifting in from the flanks, and cleaving a few archer skulls from time to time..... You know you're doing well when the cry constantly is 'kill the archers!' from the opposing team. It is a wonderful game, simple, brutal, and has been described as a game of chess in the odd one on one. That's fine until it becomes 5 on one and then you get royally cut to pieces.
  13. Boutsen has more wins for starters, and a better start/win ratio! and he has AMAZING HAIR.
  14. Little known fact. Thierry Boutsens hair style is used as the standard issue hairpiece for all male lego figures.
  15. I don't think Boutsen was that bad. Thing about drivers of that era is they either got old, or ran out of money and talent. This lot seem to have no idea what to do outside of F1. Riccardo Patrese is nearly 70, and he was nearly that old when he stopped racing. At least he walked away with some form of dignity.
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