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  1. marsh

    Formula One 2021

    Last time we witnessed sculpted sidepods in that shade of blue, they were on this dog turd: Admitedly the actual intakes are much higher up, but the view from overhead looks similar.
  2. I'd like to congratulate myself for suggesting Le Mans. I never fall asleep on the sofa, but I recall Gregg Wallace laying into someones flavour combinations one minute and catching the regional news where they probably didn't use enough sand on a UXB in Exeter the next. A wise decision....
  3. I've got nearly a hundred quid in Nectar points, I'll slap argos hard in the chops when they do a double up event and you know, you can walk in and buy one. My PS5 cost £0. Might have to hold out for a couple of years mind.
  4. I do think the situation might ease a little when the kiddywinks go back to school....perhaps?
  5. It's not worth it. The stock alert thing went off on my phone at about 3am. I keep my phone downstairs at night, so the only winners with argos are scalpers. I'd normally make a bee line for a retailer like them to get my tech gear, but when they continue to pull really dumb shit like this, I may just shop elsewhere in the next 12 months when you might be able to walk into a shop and actually buy one.
  6. Just don't buy the aborted nissan lmp1 car. It's utter dogshit.
  7. marsh

    Formula One 2021

    I think it needs to try and be a little bit less 'wipeout 2049' which was the vibe it was giving off the other night. All be it a million lights years slower.
  8. marsh

    Formula One 2021

    That's very noble of Mitch Evans, though to be fair, from that camera it looks like he's the reason Lynn is sliding along on his helmet.
  9. marsh

    Formula One 2021

    I watched the 'highlights' of that race today. Fucking awful would best describe it. You could use the Brands hatch Indy circuit, the short course at Fuji, anything other than this randomly generated track builder they clearly employ which is only two cars wide in an effort to spice up the action. If merc stay in it for more than two years I'll be amazed.
  10. In years to come there will be people pouring over some dead persons estate where they have piles of gen 1 unopened PS5's. The answer to the questions will be along the lines of 'he invested all his cash in these when the pandemic was on, and then the pubs re-opened and he just forgot about them'
  11. I've given up. There's really little point for me now GT7 has been kicked into next year, if the 1p expression of interest kicks in then I'll dip in, but I refuse to get drawn into what appears to be a black friday sale in a tesco's over a shit 56" tv.
  12. marsh

    Formula One 2021

    GT World challenge is where it's at
  13. marsh

    Formula One 2021

    I do wish that Williams had retired the name, word on the street is that they are about to become a Renault/Alpine B team. Guess that Merc seat for Russell is a shoe in for next year....
  14. Just for a brief period it'll be quite a spectacle. While F1 remains a bit lost with it's direction, the ACO have come up with a set of rules that means people will get to buy stupidly expensive road cars.
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