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  1. I'd hope I can get it round there inside the top 500, and not the wrong side of it with the wheel....
  2. Time set with the tundra on a pad, the handling of which is way better than it has any right to be. Lets see those dancing feet on those pedals now edmunds!
  3. Is there a circuit that Hamilton hasn't won at during his career?
  4. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    I think if you put Joshua in the ring with Fury, who would have to be in the right frame of mind, it's over in three rounds. I think Wilder is going to get another hiding, and I'm not even sure there's any merit for Fury in fighting Joshua now.
  5. Well, I'm thinking I can run an extension lead into the new kitchen and a monitor I use for work, find a free window sill, job done. I mean there's plenty of room in the 'dungeon' below the kitchen, and there's power there too. But I figure I'll de-camp into that at a later date.....where I can make it a bit more permanent.
  6. If I can somehow find a spare TV, I'd be up for this. Now Shitly come dancing is back on I'll be booted out of the front room. Just like last night really, lobby full and married at first shite on, front room vacated..... A plan is hatching....there's a very large kitchen that's not yet a kitchen I could occupy.
  7. 16 player lobbies, growing to a mindblowing 20 next year. Chivalry 2 has 64 and that appears to have been made for three grains of rice and some dust. I know it's a bit like comparing a porsche 911 gt3 to an original vw beetle but ffs, in this day and age?? is the game not that succesful?
  8. I still play this, turns out that the hack I thought I'd witnessed is just some janky shitty coding:
  9. It's probably best left forgotten...
  10. I think you just need a 3ds and let them find their own way from there. Yes there's the obvious landfill like Roblox as I like to refer to it. However, with a bit of solid guidance, and I have had to step in a couple of times and go 'generally speaking the consensus on this game is that it's absolute shite and I'm not paying for it' We also draw a line in the sand around online currency, in as much that we try and limit it's use as much as possible. So I guess I can call myself 'Vic20 dad'?
  11. I do have a spare set of T300 pedals in the boot of my car if it's any help? I mean that in a 'I don't know what I'm holding them back for?' kind of way.
  12. 'They' wanted to win at any cost. You don't recruit Tom Walkinshaw to win championships in a squeaky clean manner. All the rogues were in one place. I wonder if Ross Brawn will ever spill the beanz?
  13. An additional 4 slots, how generous
  14. It's impossible to ignore, that on the balance of probability, and the fact that Flav was involved with the Piquet shit later on, Benetton were cheating their tits off in 94. They were up to no fucking good.
  15. Great idea. Except redbull don't actually make any cars so they could have a race as to how much redbull energy piss water you consume before you slide into a diabetic coma. The winning order is decided by how quickly you can get discharged from the medical centre.
  16. Not in my house. Been booted out of more lobbies on gt sport than I care to mention. It's nearly as janky as chivalry 2 which is an absolute shambles, I don't venture online much and that's probably why. Think I'd prefer more of an offline mode if I'm honest.
  17. Fuck this game. I've been randomly booted out of too many lobbies. I hope there's a better campaign mode in gt7
  18. Victoria Pendleton has pretty much shit canned cycling hasn't she? Though I can appreciate that towards the end of it, it must have been absolute purgatory. Adversely, my brother played on the PGA tour for 14 years. Loves the game, pretty much every aspect of it. Maybe it's because he was never quite that successful?
  19. The walrus faced Williams with full BMW support (FW26). Schumacher looked unusually erratic in those opening laps. The design was binned off mid season apparently due to the weight of it's conk and the issues with height due to getting it through crash testing. Back in the days when Williams still had money and sponsors, you could almost pinpoint it as where the rot set in....
  20. Oh come on, he was a fucking jedi at that shit before he even got to F1..... and that's just uncanny really.
  21. It's like this bit in hot fuzz, 4th of March every year:
  22. I thought it was a stand alone race series rather than being a set of F1 support races?
  23. This. Russell is not chumpionship material. There's too much potential there to squander it being the teams bitch. I'd expect a rivalry the likes we've not seen since Vettel and Webber.
  24. Just wait, wait till everyone else has bought it, chopped it in three times, and then pick it up for 10p and a half eaten curly wurly. They're always interesting worlds on a budget, just never ever at full rrp.
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