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  1. Good heads up, I'll get the other I think, some decent add ons in that lot.
  2. Gutted I missed this week, wednesday is a bit of an issue for me, but I'll dip back in as soon as I can. Probably closer to 9pm if people are still on?
  3. Should finish work early tomorrow, I'll gain a bit from that tip at the final corner alone.
  4. I like sportscar racing more than f1. There is simply no need for 24 rounds of f1, and certainly no need for it to clash with a decent 24 hour race. F1 being a bit cunty, hardly a surprise.
  5. I'm not sure that time trial is entirely pad centric. Think it might suit a wheel better and stampy yes/no braking.
  6. I think we're mostly playstation based but I thought it was crossplay so all are welcome.
  7. Good turn out tonight, more always welcome. You missed @Junker re-enactment of everyones favourite trucker film 'Duel' I had no chance.
  8. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    How does he win it then? big punch? unlikely. Grind Fury down? again, seems unlikely. I just don't see how Joshua can beat Fury. Take it to 12 rounds maybe and pinch it on points? That's a hell of a long shot, and you've got to somehow make sure Fury doesn't force you into a corner and knock you to the floor.
  9. I'd be up for that, me and the boy purchased it, but I never got to play it myself.
  10. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    Wilder has a massive punch, Joshua brings what to the table? biscuits?
  11. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    Imagine being in the Joshua training camp, where do you even start? He's going to get proper fucked up.
  12. Enough of this bullshitery, what are this weeks dailies??
  13. They are consistent if nothing else.
  14. I regularly lose my shit if I get disturbed in a session. If the headphones are on, you better be in the shit, or you soon will be...
  15. I did a pad time, much to junkers annoyance, I couldn't get anywhere near it with the wheel. Bring back rallycross, all is forgiven.
  16. Which is a pissing joke, as the strictly order was already a tad on the expensive side.
  17. Absolutely, I do enjoy it more when it seems to go time hopping.
  18. Think this is closer to wreckfest than that, looks like something of a flatout remake, no idea if it's console bound other than switch:
  19. Blimey, dark vibes there, very dark
  20. marsh


    I shouldn't really put the boot in, I've seen the hullabaloo around this from a distance, watched the trailer and some gameplay footage and come to the conclusion it's a modern day Nightrap without the salubrious undertones. I'm showing my age, it's not for me.
  21. Now look here Taito, this is great and all, releasing a cart with a pile of semi obscure tat on it. But where oh where is Double Dragon?? For fucks sake, have a word with yourselves and at least chuck in op wolf or continental circus (neither of which would work mind) but at least I'd have heard of them. Of course I'm buying.
  22. Oh wow, who didn't see that coming? next week, Audi decide they're better off in the wec too...
  23. So, how long is that Mclaren deal with merc for? Asking on behalf of a honda representative...
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