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  1. Cross Coder Simulation game in which you play as a disgruntled employee at a games studio having to work unpaid overtime to crank out the latest AAA GaaS arena battler. Features microtransactions.
  2. I spent some time at Kaer Mohren last night : I was worried that I was coming to the end of the game but it looks like I haven't even finished act 2 yet and then there's the dlc. So much game!
  3. The chairs bit must have taken ages to get right, there can only be something like 3 seconds when the furniture is off screen for the crew to stack them all up like that.
  4. Poltergeist (1982) Why did the Spielberg cross the Tobe? To get to the Other Side! It's been probably 20 years since I watched this and it still holds up as a fun, spooky thrill ride full of bizarre effects and curious details. 4/5 List of things : Mum and Dad are Reaganite stoners who must have had their first kid in their teens. There's no attempt to give any logic or reason to the hauntings, it seems like Spielberg and Hooper just sat down and came up with a big list of stuff that sounded like spooky fun and stuck it in the movie. There's some great comedy in here with some of the family scenes; they have that classic Spielberg touch of everyone talking over the top of each other and the kids getting the best lines. The special effects are still special. There's a wonderful scene partway through that's spoken entirely in whispers. I think I'll check out the sequels as well. I remember having nightmares about the creatures in the second one.
  5. That's nice but I want a 300 page hardback Prima strategy guide thanks.
  6. I don't understand that panel, all I see is Wonder Woman offering some cheese to another woman leaning against the wall. Also I have forgotten how to read.
  7. But apart from that, what have the Romans ever done for us?
  8. Yes, Komi would be a fine antidote to Punpun.
  9. Make sure to have something happy and uplifting to read/watch etc. after you're done with Punpun, it's a hell of a ride. Utterly amazing, no doubt, but it certainly goes places.
  10. Apparently Nintendo have done this eshop faffery before with earlier Wii U to Switch ports like Bayonetta, but they only take them down for a while when the new version is announced then put them back up once the buzz has died down. I can't corroborate this but that's what I read on Resetera anyway.
  11. I've been replaying RE4 on the switch recently and it's still fucking amazing, though I am warming up to the idea of a remake night out in the snow and the snow is a bit boring now and I have to update the status of the game or let's you know what @ProfessorPuzzles is like for the rest of the year funneling public money into the UK and the other one is a bit boring now and the only thing I saw was the framerate got a tiny bit chuggy when there was a big floating helmet in the snow last night. (I got bored writing this post so I used autocomplete partway through. Don't know what the floating helmet in the snow is all about.)
  12. I loved the Demon's Souls black phantom edition with the mini guide book, the art book and the CD, that's the sort of special edition I can get behind, stuff that adds to the experience of the game or lets you know about its production. I couldn't give a toss about plastic statues though.
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