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  1. https://youtu.be/htYR2GdA7OE If you want to catch up on what you missed in the first two games, these videos are well worth a watch. Yes, all nine hours worth. I dread to think how long the Witcher 3 video will be.
  2. I suppose his chest symbol makes more sense since it's meant to stand for 'hope.'
  3. Well this looks amazing! https://youtu.be/VuO_9eaPqJM EDIT: It's a Digital Foundry preview of Crysis 3 on the Switch.
  4. It's worth watching 1.11 even though it is basically a retread of the first lump of TV episodes; if you take note of the little differences here and there you'll see them pay off in the later movies. For a small unspoilery example, there is a reason why Asuka has a different surname than in the TV series but you don't find out why until the fourth film.
  5. Oh, it's new alright. The first movie sticks very closely to the original series, then the following films just go off and do their own thing.
  6. I'm unfathomably happy that they got Spike Spencer, Tiffany Grant and Allison Keith to come back and do the English dub.
  7. Yes, it's a great ending.
  8. Maybe there's a more suitable thread for this, but here's a SEVEN AND A HALF HOUR youtube video critique covering (almost) the entire Resident Evil series by the legendarily verbose woodpecker* known as Noah Caldwell-Gervais. Yes I watched all of it. Yes I think it was worth it. https://youtu.be/CZUwmfeHB58 *For some reason I always think of professor Yaffle from Bagpuss when I hear his voice.
  9. Are you using Monado enchant? That enables all party members to damage Mechon instead of just Shulk.
  10. FYI It looks really bad on Switch, low res and muddy and blurry and choppy. You should probably buy it on another platform if you want it.
  11. IIRC the characters have their own individual set of AP points so you might as well upgrade the arts as and when you like.
  12. I messed up building a toilet and now none of my toilets have doors. EDIT: I should clarify, I mean they have doorways but no doors in them; all hole no wood if you see what I mean.
  13. There's a free game trial for this on the switch, for the next couple of days.
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