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  1. Here's a Twitter thread full of clips downloaded from the Japanese Bayonetta 3 website. Mostly cutscene stuff so beware of the spoilers! https://twitter.com/Yukikami_Kris/status/1569735235901788162?s=20&t=WUY-EGI-tuJgRJM2_fKiyA
  2. Does the guy on the title screen say 'Resident Evil. Cloouuuuddd' If so, I'm in.
  3. 'Can you survive the season of death?' hits a bit close to home here on normal island.
  4. GASP! Miyamoto! Oh it's the Mario movie. Ehh Oh PIKMIN!! Oh PIKMIN Bloom... Dammit Shiggy!
  5. There must be Metroid in here somewhere, after that little tease at the start of the Goldeneye trailer. SURELY
  6. Sooz Kempner: PlayStation was a great show and should definitely appeal to those of you who enjoy videogames.
  7. I'm in a comedy musical called Plague at the moment and it's pretty good if I dare say so.
  8. Actually, I did order a couple of 3ds games from CEX online earlier this year and one of them worked perfectly! ... The other one didn't work at all... ... no, I shouldn't have suggested this course of action really.
  9. Can't you order it from CEX online?
  10. Super Play was my introduction to JRPGs and anime, so is thus entirely responsible for my subsequent spiral into fevered degeneracy, for which I will be eternally thankful.
  11. The shadow of WW was all over that episode:
  12. It's at times like this that I wish I had any sort of disposable income at all. At least when I get round to buying it in a few months' time it may have been patched up a bit (not that there looks to be anything terribly wrong with it at the moment.)
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