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  1. I found it a bit weird - the walking around and collecting stuff aspect particularly - it's certainly different tho.
  2. Not as far as I can see - they talked about porting it (and mentioned that would be an outsourced thing) to a few platforms but only iOS is listed ATM PSP has it's share of TD games - none are exactly crucial - Crystal Defenders (Final Fantasy TD) is probably the best of the bunch...
  3. and is almost certain to reply to this because he's a prick with an attitude and thinks people care what HE thinks. *grabs popcorn*
  4. Assuming you like the Tower Defence format there are a few possibilities on PC Defence Grid - I can't say this often enough, DG is the bomb of TD games. It does it all so perfectly - other TD games all stand in it's shadow (and it's always cheap in Steam Sales so everyone should have it by now!!). Sol Survivor - Tower Defence with a bit more manual control (you need to intervene quite a bit with 'raining death from the sky') - I'm not a fan but many people prefer it's more hands-on nature. Revenge of the Titans - still in demo/beta form it's a retro-styled TD game with manual reloading of towers, which will keep you busy in a way which PvZ could only dream about [yt]05r_-Fp5Vfo[/yt] Puzzle Quest 2 - I've only played this on DS (where it's really crammed in tight) and whilst the puzzling is probably better than the first game (you play less defensively) the dungeon crawling game is vastly inferior to the world conquest game of the first title IMO. In the first game if felt like you had a world to conquer, own and run - in this game you play a bit-by-bit dungeon crawler which is mostly linear
  5. It's shares it's flaws with Pure - that had the same amazing ideas (enormous jumps and drops) and the same slightly dodgy game engine which often behaves unpredictably and doesn't always make the best of the engine. I've moaned more than once about the Helicopter subgames in SS but they really are a mess - you can drive through missiles and be killed by ones which were a mile away etc. etc. - it's stuff like that which grates. They can blow up entire cities but they can't get the basic rules right - the most obvious one being "Never let the player feel cheated". The Online thing in SS was outrageous too - getting the fastest car is a serious amount of work (you need a 1st/2nd place in almost every event) OR you can buy it for MS Points - well thanks a fucking lot...
  6. £17.99 in HMV (360 or PS3) - a steal at that price... I completed the game (not all wins but all events podiumed) and I'm not sure I can be bothered to finish that off (not much reward left) but it's been fun whilst it's lasted. It's a flawed gem for sure but when it's working well it's amazing.
  7. Fucker - I looked for it when I had an IP4 last week and there was no sign of it (that said the store was playing silly buggers at the time). Hey ho - back to the PC version, I'm only on Level 2, just made it through the first night bit etc. - much to do I assume.
  8. I could just be the formal release announcement for the iPhone version - and I'm not really sure there's a sequel in this (an expansion which is CALLED a sequel perhaps)???
  9. The problem is that the SKU code isn't on HMV's system so they can't give you a price - it's a "computer says no" thing. HMV's approach to preowned has always seemed a bit weird - they give silly prices for some stuff and refuse other stuff seemingly at random. Given that they're usually premium price for everything I've long since given up bothering with them.
  10. The original remains THE film I've been happiest to be bullied into seeing and the whole 'foreign' feel to the thing made it far, far more interesting. Every US horror remake has been a fucking disaster - The Eye, The Ring etc. - whoever is deciding to remake these films simply hasn't seen what makes the original so good in the first place, or doesn't care! They're probably try to remake something like Thirst - I mean I fucking DARE them to do that because there isn't a single person in the entire non-Asian film industry who has any chance of making that work
  11. I don't think you get the right to download the game from a retail copy - if you want to dispose of the CD, you'll need a NOCD crack for the game... The games you CAN add to Steam are listed here - FM2010 isn't in there https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article...=7480-wusf-3601
  12. Rescue the little robot fellas you encounter in dungeons - they give backpack expansions (which just go into your Inv. - you have to use em to get the spaces). Remember to buy your ammo upgrades from vendors too, or you'll find yourself gunless and fucked deep inside a side mission at some point. Don't be afraid to ignore missions which seem dull - there's more than enough stuff to do without leaving yourself within nothing 'doable' - if it's boring, ignore it by all means. Oh - and the key thing for me is "play your class as intended", if you're Brick, charge in and hit people in the face etc. etc. - no fannying about with cover, this isn't Gears of War, just get in there and pulverise stuff. If you're not Brick - bad choice
  13. I completely agree - it's obviously a throw-over to multiplayer but in that money/ammo could have been auto-distributed, beats fucking around picking stuff up.
  14. I found most of what Borderlands offered (single player) to be fun - moar guns moar guns!! - but the way it ends and then just throws you straight back in to play the whole thing again is a really shitty and pointless trick IMO It needed some tightening in the skill level dept too - it was too easy to end-up with a load of trivial shit to do, a game with 'adaptive' difficulty shouldn't do that - opportunity missed by a mile there. Online I gave up on in the early days because it was broken from a networking PoV and from a 'break your single player game' PoV too. I paid almost £20 for it - the most I've paid for a game in eons - and I feel I got my moneysworth even tho my interest waned in PT2 It's most of what Hellgate promised to be (and failed) - it's Diablo with gunz.
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