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  1. How to fuck over the Marauder...some of these I may be able to do.
  2. Jesus what a game. Overall really good, worthy followup to Doom 2016... but I'm not sure which one I like more. I think the 1st is better on a first time play-through. In Doom 2016 you felt yourself getting stronger and better at the game and growing more confident. Meanwhile in Eternal you feel like you're in panic mode 90% of the time. Yeah you're getting stronger, getting better but the progression feels like it plateaus a little early. It's very much a more frantic game, amazingly. That said, by the time you finish Doom 2016, and feel like playing it again but not wanting to start a new
  3. Playing this in Hurt Me Plenty and MY GOD it gets intense...but I haven't died as much as I think I should have. Last stand rune helps but a typical combat goes "RIP AND TEAR YEAH shit a Arachnatron ok take out it's main guns FUCK WHERE DID THE DREADKNIGHT COME FROM? Ok don't panic kill an Imp for health chaindaw that zombie for ammo we're good OH FUCK OFF WHIPLASH GET IN THE SEA SUPER SHOTGUN IN THE FACE FUCK A MANCUBUS WHERE DID THAT FUCKING WHIPLASH GO? CHAINSAW FLAME GRENADE IN THE CACODEMONs MOUTH WHY IS THERE A FUCKING DOOM HUNTER HERE?" and then I win. Not looking forward to
  4. I HAVE SEEN IT. Went with my wife as we both grew up with Sonic. Is it good? Yes. Is it great? No. Honestly, I was expecting this to be a dumpster fire, and it’s not. It’s generic in a lot of ways but still fun. Cool things that aren't spoilers: 1) Sonic’s voice actor, Ben Schwartz is pretty good at portraying a young, scared and emotionally unstable Sonic. He feels like the 15-year-old he’s supposed to be. He brings the same energy he lends to Dewy in the new Ducktales cartoon. 2) Jim Carrey as Robotnik, probably the best singu
  5. My opinion on a game hasn't 180'd so quickly before. The script is brilliant, the concept fun. But the game? It doesn't really feel bad or good, just lengthy. I just spent 20 mins shooting up Beverly Hills and didn't really feel anything. Checking if I can get a steam refund but yeah, probably better to watch than experience.
  6. I assume if Trump said "Suck My Missile Punch" he'd point at his crotch though.
  7. Only played 2 missions but here's my thoughts. It plays like a 2004 From Software game. As in good fun, and kinda clunky controls. The real meat is the Good-Bad vocie acting and the entire concept of the US President flying around in a mech while brandishing a revolved, and a bazooka before changing to a multi-missile launcher and shotgun to attack the railgun strapped to Alcatraz prison. Look all I'm saying is if that if I was a US citizen and a presidential candidate shouted "SUCK MY MISSILE PUNCH" I'd vote for them.
  8. Got this downloaded and ready to play when I get home in a couple of hours. I'm ready to take America back from those evil *checks notes* other Americans...
  9. So is this better than The New Colossus or about the same? Was disappointed with TNC due to the weird health/armour mechanics and all over the shop difficulty and weird mission structures.
  10. Been playing a few matches and having a laugh with it. One thing I'm slightly confused by is this 60FPS? Gears 4 was only 30 IIRC.
  11. So thanks to Eurogamer I got Xbox Gamepass until the end of my current Xbox Live Gold subscription in June next year...for a quid. Essentially if you have time left on your Gold and go for the free £1 for first month it applies it to your current subscription so it lasts until then. Just make sure you turn off recurring billing. The good part is is that MS have become aware of the error but are keeping it going as a promotion for a "limited time." Obviously in the hopes of you forgetting to undo it when your current gold ends or you like the service so much you re-up. P
  12. Kinda yeah. I mean its still fun because Halo but there's bits that make ypu think "But why?" In an earlier version they made all vehicles driveable. Including the Covenant tanks on the inside of Truth and Reconciliation. This meant the Covies would use them too. Cue being killed multiple times in tight corridors. They figured out that was a bad idea eventually.
  13. So I've been playing Halo, SPV3 lately. Essentially it's Halo 1 PC modded to hell and back. It gives you weapons and vehicles from other games, completely new vehicles, puts Brutes in, adds Skirmishers, several variety of Hunter and Flood etc. If you want more information about it, you can see it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/halospv3/ Now is it good? Yes. Is it better than vanilla Halo 1? Eh....sorta kinda but not really? Lemme explain. Halo 1 is a masterclass in a lot of ways, level design, weapon balancing, how to use the same t
  14. Anyone else going to Metallica at the Ethiad Stadium tomorrow?
  15. Holy crap it's a videogame I give a shit about!
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