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  1. Feeling a bit flush so I have pre-ordered the 'all in' pack from Funstock. Outofstock more like, amirite? Nah seriously though, have to wait 2 months on delivery. Pre-ordered the 2 new carts this morning. I haven't bought physical games in a looooong time, my last was TLOU on PS3. This has got me excited for collecting again. Thought it looked a bit naff at first, but the price point, reviews and cheap carts have pulled me in. If they keep releasing a couple of carts every few months I'll be happy to buy them all.
  2. Finally got round to starting this about a month ago, as i knew it would be a long one. 40 hours late i have finally managed to get on to the mainland! Was so bloody underpowered as I haven't really been optimising my characters. Wasn't having much fun for the first 20 hours or so. Saved at the respec point and then looked up party makeup and builds, managed to buy more useful skills focussed mostly on removing physical armour, and am doing a lot better and enjoying it much more. In the beginning I was trying to take out the guys with no magic protection with my mages, and focusing
  3. @LumpyI've put a lot of time into the GPi now. You aren't going to get smooth play across all GBA, PS1 or SNES games as the zero isn't powerful enough. I would always make sure you are running those through the standalone emulators (not RA) with wifi and bluetooth switched off to make your play smooth as possible. I've got the GPimate coming soon, will report back on performance.
  4. If anyone wants that skin I've stuck it on the gpi case discord.
  5. Here's "my" (gz35 dark modified with tronkyfran backgrounds and some others)...
  6. If you just want to play roms I would get the RG350. If you want to spend loads of time customising and tampering getting a GPi. I've made my first skin ever for something for the gpi - used the gz35 dark theme and edited a bit to make it look nicer and added tronkyfran backgrounds. Looks slick as hell. Spend way more time trying to get the perfect build than playing anything, which is the usual way. Currently awaiting v2 of supreme build to try, it drops later today so will be getting that up and running over the weekend. I convinced my mate to get a RG350, he's not a tamperer
  7. Since getting the gpi I've joined a bunch of gpi and retropie groups and discords and a lot of people have loads of these different machines and that one is highly rated, if pricey.
  8. 36 quid. Obviously needs the CM module too. Also pulled the trigger on the battery cover mod that adds charging. This thing is turning in to a money pit! The cart is designed to be a replacement for the current cart with the pi zero - you can just plug in your current gpi sd card. Still works out cheaper than the nearest other thing to it, the freeplay kit, which is 200 bucks. https://www.freeplaytech.com/product/freeplay-cm3-diy-kit/
  9. Thought you guys might want a heads up. Akumamods has put up the CM3+lite cart for the GPi up for pre-order. I pulled the trigger today. It will let you play stuff like Dreamcast and Saturn and improve the performance of the other systems too. I'd imagine it will sell out rapid then sell for silly money second hand, so I'm getting it as more of an investment than anything else.
  10. https://droix.net/collections/retro-gaming/products/retroflag-gpi-case 52 quid in droix sale. I have now been through every base image and most of the builds kicking about the internet. I found the quickest with the best emulators already working was the community base image, then I loaded my own games, inc ps1 and megaCD which work great. Everything I've thrown at it works great apart from Super FX SNES games - they have bitty sound but are still fast enough to be playable if you turn the sound down. Been through all the skins too. Best one for Gpi is GZ35
  11. Interested to know how many how many builds you tried. It's only just gotten into the hands of a large number of people so I think over time the builds will get optimized. I'm having good times with Neighbourhood Techie's 128gb v2 that was just uploaded to arcade punks. The boot times for any build that's not lakka aren't great, but when they do get loaded up they are lovely little devices. It's definitely not the most comfortable to hold or play with tho, I find it a bit small for my hands. I hope the pi zero continues to get faster over the years to decrease the load times and in
  12. Just uploaded. This beats everything for handheld emulation. Under 100 dollars.
  13. I ended up backing up my lakka build, wiping it, and install the supreme fully loaded 32gig image from arcade punks. Takes a while to boot compared to how quick lakka was, but unsuprising as it loads in a swishy front end that's miles better than lakka's plain text, and the emulation somehow seems to be a bit quicker on it. Was playing Amiga games yesterday pretty well - first James Pond plays great, second James Pond has slow down. FB alpha seems to play all the capcom arcade games no probs at all inc the later stuff. Even Mario Kart SNES is playable.
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