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  1. So a restart did the trick. However, it says my tv doesn’t support VRR. It does- works great with the XBox SX. I’ve a Samsung QE55Q90T.


    Anyone else having a similar issue?


    edit- solved. Game mode has been disabled somehow. Turned it on and it was good to go.

  2. I’m tapping out for now. Technically it’s stunning and I love the premise and lore but I’m just tired of the collectathon approach it’s taken and it seems almost too big at times- something I never thought I’d complain about in a game. 

    I struggle to get any decent time to play games now. I’m sure it’s because of this at least in part. Playing an hour of Returnal is a blast. Playing an hour of Horizon and similar games can feel more like watching to an interactive movie and by the time I need to stop plying I’ve barely progressed.

  3. It’s also something to consider that Tiny Tina would be less bloody annoying…


    Im enjoying this but I’ve always loved BL games. PS5 has so many glitches and bugs though- menus vanishing, powers not appearing, pick ups vanishing. Yet another semi baked product sold at full price.

  4. I’m adding this to the pile of games that I shouldn’t have bought on day 1 and will play one day when they hopefully address the game breaking bugs. 

    Maybe one day I’ll learn.

  5. 4 hours ago, BubbleFish said:

    Where can I find the digital soundtrack and art book? Can’t see it in menu and it doesn’t seem to appear as an add on either. 

    Answering my own question...


    So it looks like the soundtrack and art book only show up under the PS4 version. If you've downloaded the PS5 version the easiest thing to do is select the PS4 version in the online store and from that you'll see the ability to individually download the extras.


    So simple, really...

  6. Where can I find the digital soundtrack and art book? Can’t see it in menu and it doesn’t seem to appear as an add on either. 

  7. I’m sure I’ll hit a wall eventually because I am truly crap at fighting games, but, this is beautifully done and a joy to play so far.

  8. I wonder if its a date format issue? If you look at the store and then the actual download request, the store has the date in UK format DD/MM/YY while the download states it as MM/DD/YY... 

  9. Can you download it? I bought it on the PS5. It didn’t preload and now says I own it but there’s no download ability!

  10. For the 4 of us playing this, the dev has acknowledged the frame rate issues on the PS5 and said they’re working on a fix to ensure 4K at 60fps.

    Apparently the PS4 version runs great on the PS5 if you can’t wait. Not confirmed but I’m assuming it isn’t a 4K image.

  11. Been plying this for a few hours today on the PS5. 

    Theres a good game in here, possibly. However the frame rate is awful and the camera a hindrance making the core concept of the game- fast, acrobatic platforming, a pain rather than a joy. Christ knows how it runs on the PS4.

  12. While I loved the inclusion and diversity I thought the rest of it was pretty poor lurching from amateurish to just plain bad. Glad so many on here enjoyed it though. 

    Budget isn’t everything but when you consider how massive the gaming market is the fact that this is currently the only “mainstream” gaming show in the UK you think a little more effort towards production values and content could have been justified. 

    I liked Rab’s Sugar Boat piece though.

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