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  1. Apologies for my ignorance, but will the old game continue to work or does the player base all move over to the new game/ Activision start switching off servers? I’ve never been clear as to what happens each year with old COD games as the new one comes out.
  2. The Zombies issue is just odd. Have they said it’s because it’s still being developed or is there some marketing spin they’re trying to put on it? I was considering buying for Zombies and the SP (too old and slow to play MP now) Could do with a good shooter to get stuck into.
  3. Nope, can’t find reviews anywhere although Twitter has an increasing number of posts under #vanguard saying Zombies is completely broken and a bit shit.
  4. Any reviews up yet? I thought the embargo was at 1300 GMT but so far nothing that I can find.
  5. I’m going out on a limb here but I have a good feeling about this. I think it’ll be much better than is being anticipated. Hat/ right testicle wagered…
  6. I have a Curry’s code for a disc system if anyone would wants it? Sorry, at work so no idea of the etiquette here.
  7. Never even considered CEX as my old local one was particularly bad. You’re right though, buying for £480 still.
  8. Is the Series X still difficult to get hold off? Barely touching mine due to work demands and catching up with games on the PS5. Not fussed with Halo so considering selling it and trying to steel myself for the wave of crap I’ll get if I go near Gumtree…
  9. I think I’m a bit fatigued by too much choice. Yeah, I know first world problems and all that… I was lucky enough to get my hands on both and XBox Series X and PS5. Since then I’ve found I just can’t keep up and spend more time looking and downloading as opposed to playing. I let me Gamepass Ultimate lapse 2 months ago and don’t miss it. That said, it occurred to me this morning that I’ve barely touched the XBox since then and seriously considering selling it now.
  10. You can complete it and still mop up collectibles afterwards.
  11. And done. Really enjoyed that. Didn’t out stay it’s welcome and I’m looking forward to going back every now and then to mop up the missing Rot, hats and letters. While the animation and art direction is wonderful I can’t rate highly enough the score and sound effects. Top quality that wouldn’t be out of place in a high budget movie.
  12. I’ve been playing for 11 hours and on the home stretch. Still a few collectibles that I’ve missed in each area. Definitely worth the price. Great game.
  13. Small thing but I love the bow string sound coming through the DualShock speaker, coupled with the vibration on the trigger.
  14. Had a very quick go. Looks nice, very smooth animation and some good character design.
  15. Preordered it too. Everything I’ve seen makes it look pretty interesting.
  16. I think this is glorious. The imagination and creativity here is a great example of everything that I love about games.
  17. How does it play Dave? I'd be happy if it was a by the numbers horde shooter if it manages to get the look, fee and sounds of Aliens right.
  18. Yeah, I can see that. I was just pointing out that the game itself is only pointing to the full version which is kind of dumb.
  19. So if you start the game on Ps4 just now the main menu has a pop up to upgrade to the Directors cut. Issue is it only takes you to the full Directors cut at £69.99 and not the £15 upgrade, let alone any sign of the PS5 upgrade (Yes, I know they said the 20th but I'm an impatient man-child who's never played this game and can't wait)
  20. It’s bizarre even by Sony standards. Rather than let people buy in advance and preload, being a day 1 customer has the joy of buying it and then waiting for a 50GB download…
  21. You bugger! Your post made me go look at their store to see said t-shirt. Everything is just beautifully designed and made and now I have less money in my account.
  22. I really, really don't want to get sucked into this, but... I just don't get the whole app/ its not working thing. I thought Sony has to certify that anything on the store works? How can this be released when its effectively saying its nothing more than an open shell for them to push content to? Its either one of the most annoying ARG's yet or, more likely, a bit of a cluster-fuck that I'm amazed Sony just sat back and allowed.
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