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  1. I really, really don't want to get sucked into this, but... I just don't get the whole app/ its not working thing. I thought Sony has to certify that anything on the store works? How can this be released when its effectively saying its nothing more than an open shell for them to push content to? Its either one of the most annoying ARG's yet or, more likely, a bit of a cluster-fuck that I'm amazed Sony just sat back and allowed.
  2. I’m considering this a PSA. This “game” is one of the worst pieces of crap I’ve had the misfortune of buying in years. Don’t be fooled by its looks or tale of single dev battling the odds. It’s shite.
  3. Anyone confirm the release date for this? Official PlayStation YouTube has it listed out today as does other sites however the store says 28th September. edit. Never mind. Just found their tweet saying it’s delayed. How far in advance so Sony make their weekly release video???
  4. Just to clarify- is this native PS5, I.e. I’ll need to run it from the internal SSD? I fancies the Gold version with the expansions but it’s pretty hefty in size.
  5. Arcade Berg is amazing in that video. He’s like everything I imagined a game’s designer would be as a kid, all rolled into one!
  6. Just finished this for the first time. Played it on the PS5. Utterly brilliant. The swap to Abby was initially an annoyance (I went in to this completely blind) and I struggled to understand why they wanted me to play this character. Then it clicked and I understood. By the time I was back in the aquarium I was completely torn between the two, if anything liking Abby more. I’ll post more another day because I’m genuinely still upset. In the final stages I was begging Ellie to realise what she was doing was destroying her. The final fight scene was awful- genuinely upsetting as the little kid I saw in the first game was completely lost. As I said, I deliberately ignored the game and the controversy when it was released. That said, after playing the game I can’t understand how anyone going through that could see it as anything but a stunning example of how you can deliver an emotionally intelligent, great game.
  7. Late to the party but The Last of Us 2. Incredible. Both games have a knack of getting me right in the feels. Must be near the end and really not liking (in a good way) where I can see a character arc going
  8. Right or wrong pricing aside, the store is a fucking mess. Despite what’s reported I have the digital PS4 version and all I can see via my PS5 or the PS app is a £15 upgrade for the PS4 to PS4 directors cut. Am I supposed to upgrade to that before it will even show me the extra charge to upgrade from PS4 to PS5?
  9. Only just got my PS5 in the last 2 months and catching up on the most recent PS4 titles and of course the new PS5 games. Im really enjoying every aspect other the store. It’s dreadful. I don’t recall the old store being like this- at the moment they’ve removed the Just Released section so you need to browse all and sort by release date, at which point not all titles appear. Is this a common complaint from people or am I missing something/ used to the straightforward but easy to use XBox store?
  10. Not sure if I'm over simplifying but couldn't they make it that the save issue is resolved by a single save that can only be used if you've quit out of the game, rather than died? They could even implement it so that you can't save while an enemy is present, i.e. you need to clear each room before you can save. I'm sure other games do this. Sure, I understand you could turtle your way through, saving after each room but if the concern is players not dying and going through the groundhog process, having the save auto-delete as soon as you die would soon put an end to that approach. Also, I don't think may players would try to cheat the game in this way. For me its purely a quality of life improvement. I adore the game but bugger me its demanding on your time (well it is if you're an old fuck like me who get tired and has limited play time) I was so happy yesterday when I go to what I thought was the final boss in biome 2. No spoilers but it wasn't...
  11. One day offer for Amazon Prime members. DualSense plus charging dock for £64.99
  12. Agree with all the above! Love the game but so bad at it. Still cant get past the first boss. While normally I'd be throwing the towel in, the game seems to have the knack of showing me something new just when I'm getting close to frustrated or thinking I've seen everything.
  13. Still getting to grips with this (just started today) This is fucking brilliant!
  14. Late to the party but just got my PS5. It's very, very nice! I'm fortunate enough to have a Series X too and the one thing that immediately struck me with the PS5 was how it was fun and new. The XBOX is great but literally a black box. The PS5 reminds me more of a traditional games console. Both are good approaches but for now I'm loving the PS5. Oh and Astrobot's Playroom is wonderful. So many fantastic touches and homages to games. Too many to mention but the GPU theme song stands out.
  15. Worth a try but I've found that the 6K offer for buying Mass Effect will give you 1500 points just for activating the offer (and another 4500 if you buy) Not seen that in these types of offers so may be a bug.
  16. Fuck. This is the first game that makes me really want a PS5. The footage of the giant robot battle is stunning.
  17. Nope. Still wont activate although the achievement is there.
  18. I'm torn playing this. Everything about it is wonderful but I seem to have turned into what's commonly known around here as a "big shite-bag" I had my Garmin on playing this last night and got a stress alert. From a game...
  19. Me too. The XBox page says its running at 4K already on the One X.
  20. Anyone on the XBox looking for a game feel free to add me, Myster Lettuce. Only had a few games to day but I'd say 80% were on the PC. One issue I found is that I had a number of occasions where my stealth assassination just wouldn't kick in but the animation would play allowing my target to turn around and take me out, killing me and leaving them unaffected.
  21. Any XBox players? Everything I'm reading suggests you need a good team with comms.
  22. That's Partridge level "tat lying around the office"
  23. Has there been any mention of a single player training mode? I don't get a lot of time to play online and the need for cooperation is pretty clear here. It would be useful if people could get to grips with the mechanics offline.
  24. Playing on the XBSX. Christ I'm crap at this now. I've been playing this game in its various forms for the past 20 years and my reflexes have finally given up but the odd thing is that it's the slowness that seems to be tripping me up.
  25. Watched more videos of this and, in the nicest possible way, I don't get it. Everything looks excellent- graphics, sound, premise, season pass. So why is it being sold at a cheaper price? Is this some kind of psychological experiment, a massively altruistic gesture, or am I missing a giant flaw?
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