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  1. I'll piggyback on here with another old question If I finish the main quest can I continue playing or will some content be blocked off?
  2. Me too! In fact I was going to check that I hadn't imagined it! Did they give a date for it yet?
  3. I cant put my finger on why but I think I'm enjoying this. Absolute bobbins, utterly bewildering layers of gameplay and it looks great. However, the enemies are little more than barely moving blocks and I cant shake the feeling that I could get through most levels by just spamming buttons and jumping around like an idiot.
  4. Can anyone familiar with the game clarify when you get access to the Archwing and Railjack? Are they both gated behind your level so I cant miss them?
  5. @shirubagan last numbers I saw reported had monthly players in the double digits. Yes, double...
  6. The Xbox Series X version is very, very pretty! Fighting the urge to dip in to the somewhat overwhelming upgrades, options and just, well, so much stuff. Anyone recommend a good beginners guide?
  7. Solo is tough, particularly Venice... Definitely a much better cooperative than single player game.
  8. Yup. I received a refund without any issue.
  9. Yeah. I've had 3 hard crashes too. Requested a refund. Not holding my breath...
  10. Shit. I didn't realise that. Would never of bought the bloody thing if I had.
  11. No matter what graphical setting I use on the XBox Series X, HDR cant be checked or unchecked- just an empty box that cant be selected. I played this when it first came out on my fairly middling PC. Memory is a fickle thing. I recall it being amazing to play. Last night I watched enemy after enemy walk up and stand there while I took pot-shots at them.
  12. Even when it's up, I cant say I'm enjoying this despite the style and premise. Everything is just not quite there and the constant start stop of being in control feels so old now. Worth a go on GP but I'm glad I didn't buy this.
  13. Cant even start the game as it won't connect. Official support page says no current errors...
  14. Seems to be a real mess. The top 10 card is there for me but won't activate even though the second task of getting 3 achievements has been completed. The weekly task sees my 3 achievements and I have a green tick however the April challenge only sees 2 of my 3 achievements!
  15. @Stanley Go to where you think is the right place and look up...
  16. Loved the original. Nice wee shooter.
  17. Sorry, plays fine on the Q2 for me. I had another game do this and a simple reinstall did the trick.
  18. TBH I'm not even getting why people said the single-layer was good. Playing through for the first time and it's just a constant stop start, tightly controlled, linear affair. So far almost no freedom to experiment with your play. The upgrade system just makes no sense whatsoever- "invisible" equipment upgrades. Must be the worst possible way of tacking on a character development system.
  19. Has anyone tried Diablo 3 on the Series X? It was apparently running at 1080P 60FPS rather than the 4K that the One X managed. Last posts I can see on the MS forums are at the end of January asking if this had been patched yet.
  20. BubbleFish

    Dishonored 2

    My mistake. Its the definitive edition only and Prey.
  21. BubbleFish

    Dishonored 2

    This and Prey are confirmed to be getting the FPS boost on the Series.
  22. Yeah, both Arkane and MS have said the original deal will stand. Still hoping for an Xbox FPS boost on Prey and the Dishonored trilogy.
  23. Gutted this isn't hitting XBox until 22. Absolutely love the studios games.
  24. I was just about to add this. DRG has a great take on the escort mission type- some of the best gaming sessions I've ever played. Having said that... What weapons does the tank have? I wasn't aware it had any and can't recall seeing anyone use a weapon on the tank in all my games.
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