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  1. I had a few random games with players who had multiple prestige. Highest we got to in Outbreak was the 4th warp. Absolutely battered us within seconds of starting.
  2. No worries! Despite being the noob I think I held my own
  3. Yup- lots. I'll follow your lead. Git to 30 but only played Outbreak. Started Friday!
  4. @moosegrinder @Ry starting up but no mic so apologies in advance!
  5. Had a few games of Outbreak on the SeriesX this morning with no issues. Double, double XP this weekend too.
  6. Sorry, randoms on the Series X. Just Outbreak- all other modes are perfect.
  7. Still getting dropped in Outbreak games. Only Outbreak too- other modes are fine
  8. I could do Sunday after 2100. Might be around during the day too.
  9. Activision/ CoD https://support.activision.com/uk/en/onlineservices
  10. Getting lots of disconnects. Was really enjoying Outbreak too.
  11. Managed to get 30 minutes on SX. Hmm, looks rough and pretty derivative. Appreciate its the opening chapter but the constant stop start of player control while some clunky story is presented is quite off-putting for me. The run, gun, cover mechanic just made it feel like the Aldi version of GoW. I had the impression the maps were open like Destiny however from what I saw it seemed far tighter with too many "you can't go here " invisible barriers. Some of the fuggliest character models I've seen in a long time!
  12. Sign that S3 might include reworked S2 (S1?) maps?
  13. Christ, you weren't kidding when you said it was massive! I was expecting 100GB but getting 150 stated!
  14. Well I've just bought it on CDKeys (XBox) so will give both of you a shout when I've had a chance to get it downloaded.
  15. As a complete COD virgin, how is the cooperative in this? I really fancy the Zombie game but don't have the reflexes for any twitch PVP and no desire to hear a 13 year old tell me to go fuck myself.
  16. I recommend adding the VR Cover Foam pad. Makes a huge difference to the comfort and fit and reduces the need to cobble a battery pack to the back of the head strap. Its never in stock on the VR site so I ordered it from Amazon.FR and it came within a week with no customs issues (to the UK)
  17. Anyone able to report if this has fixed the crashing?
  18. Love the game and day 1 for sure. Not sure the trailer really gives you anything that suggests a sequel though. If you told me it was a new map and weapon in S2 I'd believe it. Did they provide any further details on the Direct?
  19. I'm seeing it too- even with single player. Only tried it on the TV so far.
  20. You weren't exaggerating! I'd no knowledge of that building but the similarities are uncanny in places. So does the vanilla version of Control run any better on the Series X? I'm presuming its locked to 30fps? Any improvements other than loading times? I loved the game and fancy a playthrough again but not too sure about shelling our for the Ultimate edition.
  21. Yup. Me too. Just went to finish a level and got a failure to connect error and dumped back to the main menu! Really getting tired of spending money on games that have such fundamental issues. Cyber, Valhalla and now this. I think I'm done buying games on day one. Better to wait a few months in the hope its been fixed.
  22. Little bit annoying. Never played the games so waited for 3 and bought the trilogy. Started the first campaign missions of HM1. Completed the final training mission and it immediately jumped to a summary of the first 2 games and started the first level of HM3. Not the end of the world but a silly oversight which has spoiled the story.
  23. Red Matter is pretty great, isn't it. Good mix of physical and mental puzzles and the atmosphere is exceptional.
  24. Are there any good god-sim type games for the Quest? My wife adored Tethered on the PS4 and I'd love to find another game like that for her.
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