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  1. I'm seeing it too- even with single player. Only tried it on the TV so far.
  2. You weren't exaggerating! I'd no knowledge of that building but the similarities are uncanny in places. So does the vanilla version of Control run any better on the Series X? I'm presuming its locked to 30fps? Any improvements other than loading times? I loved the game and fancy a playthrough again but not too sure about shelling our for the Ultimate edition.
  3. Yup. Me too. Just went to finish a level and got a failure to connect error and dumped back to the main menu! Really getting tired of spending money on games that have such fundamental issues. Cyber, Valhalla and now this. I think I'm done buying games on day one. Better to wait a few months in the hope its been fixed.
  4. Little bit annoying. Never played the games so waited for 3 and bought the trilogy. Started the first campaign missions of HM1. Completed the final training mission and it immediately jumped to a summary of the first 2 games and started the first level of HM3. Not the end of the world but a silly oversight which has spoiled the story.
  5. Red Matter is pretty great, isn't it. Good mix of physical and mental puzzles and the atmosphere is exceptional.
  6. Are there any good god-sim type games for the Quest? My wife adored Tethered on the PS4 and I'd love to find another game like that for her.
  7. Any recommendations for a replacement faceplate? I've read that some can make fogging better or worse? Ta!
  8. Just a heads up. Might be something, might be nothing. I preordered the digital version on the XB marketplace. Today the H3 listing has the 6 maps separately underneath the main H3 listing. Despite the game already preloaded, I had to select each map and download it manually. Each one only took a few seconds so I expect it was just unlocking my right to use the map. I already have 1 & 2 downloaded so hopefully it'll be a similar unlock exercise when H3 launches, rather than having to actually download each of them.
  9. Yup. Brilliant game in single and exceptional if you get a good group together which is easy given the high number of players on line between the xbox and PC.
  10. I seem to have been awarded the points for buying/ hiring 3 movies from the sale. Issue is I haven't rented or bought anything... Checked my account and there's no phantom purchases. Very odd. Is the 5K point bonus on sale items on today still? The sale lasts until the 3rd and I'd planned to buy today but the bonus card has gone from my points dashboard.
  11. I was 50 hours in before I realised that if you hold the menu button down (horizontal lines on XBox) you sit down and day becomes night/ night becomes day! Spent hours waiting for nightfall to fight for Moon treasure!
  12. Er, the trailer for TEW 3 is already out. 2021 and what looks like a change to first person.
  13. I thought the digital sale was good but found it for less than £7 on The Game Collection. Hopefully the disc version will resolve the issue when it arrives.
  14. I've tried to play the demo for the second time and it still won't work. When it first came out I installed the demo on my XBoneX. Loads, press A then I have a blank projector screen. I can move my "head" but that's it- game simply won't start. Reinsralled and deleted the save file but no joy. Tried it again today on my Series X and the same bloody thing! Did anyone else have this and find a fix? Is the demo just broken? A Google suggests others had the exact same on XBox and PC but no fix.
  15. They were advertising it hard for the XBox and PS4 as coming soon, summer past and then nothing. I've DM' d them a couple of times on Twitter but never received a response. Pity; I think it looks great.
  16. Has anyone tried Vampyre on the Series X? Great price in the sale and I'm keen to see if it gets a boost on the SX.
  17. Your upgrades work across all current and future weapons that you pick up. It's not very clear and easy to miss. So yes, upgrade your weapons!
  18. Still loving it! Reached 30 hours or so and decided to forge ahead with the main story and then come back and clean up the side quests and puzzles afterwards. My eldest loved BotW and loves this too. Runs like a dream on the SX and looks consistently very pretty with amazing draw-distance.
  19. Yeah, he's asked for it to be escalated. I agree though- not sure how they can count the pre-order time.
  20. FWIW my brother has been trying to play this on his XBOne and his time doing so plagued with bugs including a few hard locks. He bought digitally from the MS store and was told yesterday they would not refund purely as it had passed the 14 day mark- no mention of his complaint regarding bugs and lack of acceptable quality.
  21. Actually I was referring to fucking and blocking in a corner!
  22. Its an old term for a type of RTS player who slowly builds up as much as possible before going forward.
  23. Weird. I dont want to sound like a dick, but, I'm 50 years old, arthritic and wiped the floor with it. That said, it does let you progress quite quickly and I did turtle as much as possible before I got there.
  24. Anyone on the fence with this really should give it a go. Its a great adventure stuffed full of content. I'm 17 hours or so in and still on the first area- theres 6 more to go. Some brilliantly devious hidden vaults and treasure to search for.
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