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  1. Sorry, I know this is slightly off topic but for the life of me I can't see the point of the Stars Catalogue. Apart from the odd bit of hardware- and I mean odd- it's nothing but crap. I've over 3000 points and never even come close to using one of them. Oh, and as previously said the site itself must be one of the worst I've come across, very, very slow and full of errors.
  2. Just a quick question. These "Live" demo's- are they Live only or a demo with added Live play? I went off Live a while back for the same reasons Squirtle mentions (plus I was fed up with annoying pricks spoiling every second game) I was really looking forward to the next Mechwarrior game but I'm unsure now as I've heard the single player is a bit guff and the Live play great (a bit like another game I can think off...)
  3. I agree with your point MK. I'm more than happy to accept a game based on it's strong points. If that means limited but very strong points then that too can be fine. I felt that D3 offered neither. I'm sure that from a technical viewpoint the D3 engine is a work of art however from a "play" perspective I found it 's limitations actually hampered enjoyment. How many rooms do you see with a ridiculous amount of detail thats actually hidden from general view (i.e. you need to start acting like an idiot, bouncing around the place to see it) but at the same time offered a tiny playing field with the aforementioned few monsters to interact with? Personally I just didn't see the point of it. For me HL2 is a great compromise between the asthetics and gamplay.
  4. No, sorry, it's terrible- all style and no substance. I can't see how multiplayer co-op will make a difference- it was easy enough to kill what, 6 monsters on screen at one time max? Never mind two people going for it. As for deathmatch...
  5. OK, at the risk of being shot down in blazing flames can I ask if there is any way those of you playing these "advance" copies are able to check if this game has region protection?
  6. I've found myself stuck recently. Stuck on MP Echoes and the bloody Spider Guardian (yes, I know...) I've been stuck now since early December and just can't get past it. The game taunts me "44% complete" each time I give it a try. i so badly want to finish the game and see the rest of the story, explore the remaining MP world but it's becoming a real bind. I just can't give it one more go; each time I fail i feel like I'm one nano second closer to smashing my pad and biting the disc in two (really, believe me) This is the only game thats ever doen this to me and it's killing me. Has anyone else had a similar experience? What did you do? Finally give up or keep on trying? It's also got me thinking, wasn't there a game that you could basically skip any section if you failed it so many times? That would be a very good thing right now...
  7. Well in Scotland they are a dry old biscuit! They do atste very nice though and are great with a strong cheese or pate
  8. Scottish oatcakes are lovely but sound different- ours are hard as nails and the size of a digestive- you certainly couldn't roll one!
  9. Well I've folded and cancelled- still couldn't get anything more than a "should be OK but can't say" Local indie has one for me and only a couple of quid more expensive.
  10. Thankssssssssssss! lol- sorry, my connection was slow and I couldn't get on to Bungie.net earlier. I have now though...
  11. Ok, just a quickie. I don't have Live yet and also have no XBox friends. Can anyone tell me if there are bots in the multiplayer games? ta
  12. Has anyone received anything from them yet? I noticed a subtle change in their website. The advert/ game page has changed from "Get it on day of release" to "Get it when we receive our stock"... I called them and asked when I should expect to receive mine and was there a problem. They were very nice but a little grey "We should be getting it in Thursday or Friday but we've been told by the supplier that there could be stock shortages but we should have enough for all our ore-orders" A lot of "if" and "but's" in one sentence! The normal edition is going for a good price but I may just give in and buy it at a local indie so I can be sure of a good weekend.
  13. But I thought I was quite clear- I wasn't surprised by not liking it- just ammused by the attitude of two people who thought I was mad not to like it but hadn't even played it. As my later post explains I personally don't think you need to like the scenario of a game to actually enjoy playing it. However on this occassion, for me, it did (plus it looks like a right bit of guff and I'm a graphics whore!) So, I actually agree with your comments- just don't think I'm guilty of the accusations
  14. I see your point but -and- in response to Biglime's comments I always try to give a game a chance. A fool could see that GTA SA has the basis for a great game but, like many things, the Devil is in the detail. I really enjoyed the first two and, as I said, I thought that would be enough to get me past my dislike of gangsta culture so I tried to give it a fair go. The reality was I couldn't get "in to it" enough to warrant the price tag as there were other games I also wanted and also I have very little time to play games now so surely I'm better to play games that I enjoy completely? I love games- always have done. Personally I hate football with a passion but I remember years ago buying PES on import as I'd heard nothing but high praise for a game. Turned out I enjoyed the game far more than I had imagined- proving that, unlike almost any other media, games can deliver with their mechanics, despite their subject matter.
  15. No, sorry. At the time of writing I have exactly 5 more soul points than you...
  16. lol- maybe a little... Sorry, I am a little bit of a graphics whore and this was one of the worst games I've seen in a long time (especially after just finishing Fable) The lighting was rather nice though!
  17. I bought GTA SA on Monday from my local Game. Tried it the last few nights and as much as the game play is vast in it's depth I just can't live with the whole Homeboy Gangsta culture thang. I had previously thought that this might be the case but had convinced myself that the game play would win over however my gut feeling won the day. Every sound bite was like fingers down a blackboard and after two days I just couldn't stand it any more. So, using the 10 day guarantee as it's meant to be used I duly put everything back in the box and went to swap it for Viewtiful Joe and Gradius V. Lovely stuff. When I handed the game over the guy looked like he was going to shit a brick. “I can't believe it!- you're joking? It's the best game ever” He even called the manager over. I explained my reasons to the manager who looked at me like I was retarded and then replied “Do you know that as of this morning we hadn't had a single copy returned out of all the shops. You're the first one” While I can believe that very few have been returned I can't believe that I'm the first, but I suppose someone has to be. What was telling though was, as they were putting the refund through, I asked the two of them if they were enjoying it. Their answer, “I've not played it yet I (we) don't have a PS2”...
  18. I just don't believe thats a pilot for a new show. looks more like a one off anti US government statement. As a statement it works (just), as a show it's so weak there's no way it would even get to pilot stage.
  19. So can anyone say where the PAL version is currently available? Looked in my local indies (Edinburgh) and just get the "next week" answer...
  20. I can't figure out all the DOOM3- XBox praise at the moment. Every trailer I've seen looks good- in a very "Doom" kind of way but the frame rate is shocking. It's fine when the camera is just panning around but one enemy on screen seems to make the fps go down to single figures. Clever graphics are one thing but when the gameplay suffers this much because of them (IMHO) then you can keep them. Does Riddick have the same issue? (I only ask as the movies I've seen would suggest not)
  21. Completely agree. I want to escape reality when I "switch off" Now I know that I will never be a rally driver or a commando or a football star but I only need to turn on the tv for 5 minutes to see all these things in all their gory detail. I want to explore alien worlds, interact with abstract images. Be a kid again...
  22. I remember reading the Edge review on this and it looked fantastic. Dis it ever get a PAL release? I can find mention of a USA/ JPN release but thats about it. Answers on a postcard...
  23. Anyone know exactly whats happening with this one? I ordered from Amazon (£16.99!) for the XBox. It's still sitting on a release date of 11.06.04 but I can't see that date anywhere else. Best I can find is Q2 2004 which would be... about now, actually. Looks like a fairly basic but stylish racer, certaibnly worth trying for £17.
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