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  1. Been playing this all day. Great game with far more than the BotW influence.
  2. Just downloaded the OS update. Around 690MB. New backgrounds, Auto HDR indicator on games and usual stability improvements. Gears Tactics just used QR!!! Hold me!
  3. Yet one of the MS help articles I was pointed to states clearly that Apps are not supported by QR and don't impact QR as they are typically much smaller in size and don't benefit from it.
  4. I just don't understand how we can all be having such different experiences with QR. I must have read almost every permutation from all the time to never at all. All on the same hardware, OS and same games.
  5. In addition to the complete lack of Quick Resume, in the past week I've had three spontaneous restarts. Both mid game and browsing the store, I've had it go to a black screen without any warning and then restart. The area is ventilated and I honestly don't think its a heat issue, more software related. I've also noticed that sometimes the long press on the XBox button doesn't work. I press a couple of times in case its user error but then I'll get the effect of the OS catching up and spamming the screen with all my frustrated button presses. Each time I log an issue so hopefully MS are getting all the data they need to fix these issues. Interestingly, it always tells me everything looks OK and do I still want to report and issue? Bit of basic psychology going on there I think...
  6. Anyone tried Gremlins in 4K? Worth the upgrade from Bluray?
  7. Trying to get into the multiplayer but getting hammered. Last night I was consistently up against level 50+ players (I'm 4) Is match making usually like this? Am I missing something in the settings?
  8. That wasn't a comment on the person, rather the process. It doesn't take much searching to see its a common theme. I dont think its too much for MS to have a clearer answer on the matter. Their help pages are still talking about Kinect and there's literally nothing on QR. While I agree that me documenting my findings and sending them to the relevant team could help the situation, I do think that paying £450 for something that doesn't work as advertised shouldn't need me to do that- especially when I'd rather spend my time a) playing games and b) looking after my own company and clients. Thats not a dig or meant to be sarcastic. I've worked my arse off for the past year to keep my company running and pay my staff. Client care is everything and I'm getting a little tired of larger companies using Covid as an excuse for poor client service.
  9. I spoke to MS support online this morning regarding the apparent lack of QR on my console. As soon as I said I'd tried it going between GoW and GoW Tactics o was told to request a repair and return the unit! When I said that anecdotally many seemed to have the issue with it working some of the time, therefore possibly more likely to be a software issue? I was given the standard "computer says return to base" A little but shit.
  10. I really wish i/ they could sort the quick resume feature. I've still not seen it happen for me once, in fact the sleep function doesn't seem to even work consistently now and that was rock solid on my One X.
  11. If anyone is interested, you can get the Gold edition for XBox for just £13.99 at CDKeys.
  12. Worth springing for the Gold edition at £29 or is it lots of padding against the £6.99 base game?
  13. It is really good fun though Its the first game in a long time that a) every member of my family wants to play and are all able to have fun with it and b) has torn my kids away from bloody Roblox- not even Zelda could do that! Needs some New Order and Depeche Mode though...
  14. Maybe its rose-tinted glasses but I remembered using AA in my 360 and them lasting for ages before I had to replace them. Given I had far more time to play games then, in my mind it felt like the drain was far quicker this time
  15. Quick Resume. As others have said, I'm just not seeing this. Even games that have the symbol will go through their full preloaded screens before I can start- none of the jumping in and out seen in demos. Currently shuffling between Fuser, Borderlands 3 and GoW. Also, I've been using the standard batteries that came with the controller while I wait for rechargeable ones. They've been drained already and as much as I'd like to say I've had a week or intense play I'm lucky of n I've averaged 2 hours a day since getting the box on launch day.
  16. Seconded. Terrible gameplay and controls and the most pretentious twaddle of a "story"
  17. To be fair I only tried it with Falconeer but was so alarmed at the garbled mess on my screen that I disabled 120mhz and didn't try again. Picture keeps dropping to a black screen or you get a distorted picture flashing. Having said that I might try Ori and see if its there too as after trying to play Falconeer its clear that its not exactly short of a few bugs.
  18. Overall I like it. Unfortunately I've had the 4K/ VRR/ 120mhz issue but that should be fixed easily enough. They still have the audio sync issue with bitstream out and certain amps and TV's. Was really hoping they'd fix that rather than sticking with blaming the other manufacturers.
  19. Woke up early to go to the gym (honest) Still nothing from Currys/ DPD. Last update was yesterday at 1430 saying they had it and it was on its way to their warehouse...
  20. Literally just changed to despatched and his card charged. Keep the faith! Curry's via DPD are still shits though...
  21. My brother ordered via Amazon. Just helping him on their chat now as he's the same as you- no updates other than an email at the weekend saying he'd get it delivered on day of release. So far Amazon havent given me any confidence. Latest from the chat is its not out yet and wont be allocated until they get stock- despite what they said and others are seeing. Bit of a shit show. My own order was via Curry's. Currently not much better as its been sitting at "we have your parcel and its on its way to our depot" since Saturday and of course there's no fucker to actually talk to.
  22. Yes! You're a star @Hawklord!!!!
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