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  1. Smith's putting his head on the block with recent performances.
  2. Not only an appalling performance from Villa so far, but officials from the clown association. Cool.
  3. Absolutely tragic. This'll be a pasting.
  4. 2hrs for Villa to get the weekend off on the wrong foot.
  5. I'd maybe be on board with him being a background leader/mentor, but even then it does feel a bit forced. There's nothing in those films that I can recall that suggests that Bruce would be the man to lead a group of superheroes. It's better left as it's own thing I think. Have it as a gimmick for the Flash movie, and leave it be.
  6. Michael Keaton is 70. I appreciate he barely moved as Batman and you can do very good things with makeup and computers these days, but making the 89 Batman more than an extended cameo gag is a bad idea.
  7. In fairness if you include TAS as an option there in any of the categories it wins. It's the best adaptation of the source. All the live action films have elements of what Batman should be, but none do so many so successfully as the TAS did.
  8. He's had more sci-fi style vehicles for a long time in the comics, but to begin with (and often into the modern era) he drove modified sports cars - Corvettes, Porsches, Jags. There are older purely bespoke designs mixed in, but those generally became more popular from the 80s on. And equally he's had some modern modified sports cars - I think he's had a Pagani or Lamborghini based Batmobile in recent years for instance.
  9. I'm taking the souped up muscle car as a callback to the times in the comic the Batmobile was basically just a sports car. It's not my favourite take on it but it's not the worst either. Which is probably what you can say about most of this so far. It looks like a good Year One style story but where all the, for want of a better way of putting it, 'skins' aren't the ones I'd choose. I like the cinematography, set design, the atmosphere it seems to have, but I don't much like the homemade style suit (even weirder when it appears to basically be entirely bullet proof), I prefer the Batmobile as a more bespoke vehicle, I prefer Batman as a slightly bulkier brutish build, I prefer the Penguin as a more 'dapper' guy, Alfred having a facial scar just feels a bit try-hard... But set the window dressing aside and it looks decent, Reeves is a good director and the cast is on point. I'm even on board with Pattinson. He wasn't a first choice for me but I can see him as a young Wayne.
  10. You're welcome. Utter shite.
  11. Villa misfiring again.
  12. The suggestion appears to be that they are porting them to Unreal, and making some minor tweaks (i.e. resolution boost, lighting updates) and possibly some tweaks to some gameplay mechanics, like aiming, and that's it. A remaster style release - bare minimum work, a touch more than a pure port but no more.
  13. I would be intrigued to see a true remake of these games. 3, VC, SA done in V's engine (if not a further evolution). But obviously that's a big task, far more than just a job of taking the existing work and porting it, and as such won't happen.
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