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  1. Chindie

    Nintendo Switch

    Bizarrely, went to recalibrate again and the issue seems to have fixed itself. Fucking weird.
  2. Chindie

    Nintendo Switch

    I picked up a Switch again last week, having sold my first one last year. I've played through Links Awakening (still brilliant), but noticed every now and then when moving up, Link would jump between a walk and sprint. I then started Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and instantly found it to be nearly unplayable as moving forwards was seemingly stuck in a stuttering walk. On updating the controller software and trying to calibrate, it seems the stick cannot register being pushed directly forwards for some reason. I knew about Joycon drift but not Joycon simply not working. Any solutions beyond sending it to Nintendo?
  3. I'm pretty critical of Giantbomb's content these days but their lockdown content is elevated purely through Alex's drumming streams.
  4. I must admit on reading up on the Pascual stuff that really shouldn't have been mentioned in the same breath as stuff like Avellone. Or at all really.
  5. A fuckton of figures in the gaming industry have had allegations of varying levels of being abusive cunts, a few of which have featured in Giantbomb coverage before now. Most notably probably Chris Avellone, who appeared at their E3 night show last year, who has been named as a seemingly serial sexual abuser of more or less every stripe; Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, who the site has appeared with at various events who has a seemingly endless list of abuses of all sorts; and Jack Gallagher, a wrestler who was a fan of the site and appeared on a few videos over the years including an office visit style thing, who is alleged to have assaulted a woman. Oh and Matt Pascual (sp?), former mod and friend of a few staff members, whose ex has claimed he was emotionally abusive. As such the podcasts this week are fairly heavy on attempting to address the fact that a lot of people in gaming are seemingly eager to use and abuse their position to have their way with women. And they've associated with a few of them.
  6. The Beastcast is a bit more of a straight up apology. Punctuated with lots of emphasised resigned signs.
  7. Villa have a single player (who isn't even very good) who has more Twitter followers than the club itself. As shit as being a Villa fan can be, I can't imagine supporting a side I have no local connection to. It's so completely alien.
  8. Chasing that GAAS dollar about 18 months after everyone had head enough it wasn't a great choice either... ... I'll still be getting it, unless it's completely garbage. I just wish they'd not looked at Destiny and decide that's just the ticket for this property.
  9. I've never been less hyped about a Nolan release. It looks unusually hokey for his usual standards and I'm a little tired of his fascination with time gimmicks And you'd have to be mad to go anywhere near a cinema for the foreseeable future.
  10. Listening to the TCGS Bonus Show, and every single time Dave says 'peri-peri chicken' I get instant flashbacks to the old Joypod episode that Capone edited where the first hint something was up was Dave repeatedly saying 'peri-peri chicken' like a record skipping and developing into almost a beat. Grinning like a loon every time.
  11. I bought Dark Souls on release, working at Gamestation and having heard my assistant manager go on about Demons Souls and seen Edge's coverage that made it look right up my street. And then I banged my head against it for a couple weeks. I eventually got to Blight Town and it ran so awfully on 360 it beat me. I'd persevered until then, even enjoyed a fair bit of it, but the performance coupled to what is an especially irritating area on first run through pushed me over the edge. I then bought it again a few years later in PC, downloaded DSfix, got to Blight Town, and couldn't be arsed with it. When Dark Souls 3 came out, I was between jobs with some time on my hands. And I just got that hankering for it again. And I loved it. There was something that clicked with it - it looked fabulous, and it played brilliantly. There were still the moments I despised it - the dungeon is bullshit on your first run, Champion Gundyr drove me mad - but I absolutely devoured it. I've subsequently platinumed it, which as someone who doesn't really touch the multiplayer is a chore, but I didn't mind that much, because it plays so well. Bloodborne was the next I tried and at that point I was onboard. I love Bloodborne. It's tight, incredibly tight, the world and lore is wonderful, it's got that frenetic action aggressive style that Souls can be played like when your eye is in, but Bloodborne forces it on you, for the better. It isn't flawless - it's got performance issues, blood vial farming doesn't add anything to the game, stuff like the cursed defiled chalice dungeon is bullshit - but at the highs, of which there are many, it's stunning. The bug got me and I went back to Dark Souls when the Remaster came out. And I smashed through it. It's wonderful. It looks good still, it plays well still, it has so many iconic moments... Until the time and money runs out. The back third of the game is a step down from the brilliance beforehand for me. There's still a bunch of great stuff there, but there's obviously bits that have less polish and less care. But it's so good up to then. Good enough to platinum also. Dark Souls 2 is the runt. I've played, though yet to finish, Scholar of the First Sin, and while it has its moments it does feel less of a quality thing than its brethren, and it's got some of the more bullshit mechanics in the series (their messing with dodging is one of the most infuriating things they could have done). It just isn't as good as the rest and it's hard to get away from that feeling. Never played Demon's Souls unfortunately and Sekiro is it's own thing that I think is ultimately not as compelling as the Soulsborne games (I'm playing at the moment, in the endgame, and have liked it but not really been wowed and don't see myself returning to it). 3 is the one I love the most, 1 is 3/4s of an all time great that stumbles at the end (I can't give a game that has Bed of Chaos in it top marks), Bloodborne is excellent... But 3 just takes it for me. It does have that greatest hits feel and it's not quite got the cohesive world feel that 1 did, but it plays so well and so much of it is great.
  12. Giantbomb should celebrate the day he left.
  13. Laughably overpaid. The idea he's some brilliant journalist in the field is absurd. 90k? Even accounting for the fact that will disappear very quickly in the US, it's obscenely out of whack. No wonder Waypoint never seemed to have any cash.
  14. The Bombcast this week is a complete car crash but it's fun hearing then generally natter on about straight up games for a while. Austin should just come back. Meanwhile I caught up with Brad and Will's Tech Pod today. I was a couple of episodes behind. The episode on video streaming set ups... Fuck. There is literally a section that is just acronyms followed by 2 words and then another acronym solidly for about 15 minutes. It's completely headspinning and means absolutely nothing for anyone other than those into serious heavy lifting in their stream set up.
  15. I find Breen's stuff so knowingly and obviously shit that it's not funny. So not really particularly hyped to watch that.
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