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  1. It's allegedly set in his second year of being Batman so hopefully we can skip Crime Alley.. ... We're going to get a reference to it
  2. Colour 'fixed' It's a bit of a weird mix up of styles. There's more than a hint of Netflix Daredevil (not helped by the red lighting). There's a bit of Arkham Knight tech suit style. There's a touch of Nolan TDK suit. There's a weirdly Gotham by Gaslight hint in it. It feels a bit cobbled together. I don't love it, but I don't mind it either. I'm on board with a slightly leaner, younger Batman in a suit he's not finalised.
  3. This may not be the best place for this, but it's not the worst I guess... I'm looking to, in time, try my hand at producing some 3d prints of stuff of I've produced in 3d modelling software for completely dumb figure hobby. I've tinkered a bit with Blender, starting completely from scratch, and while it's completely unintuitive, certainly for a complete virgin in this area, it's free and seems fairly flexible and powerful. But I'm not sure if it's suitable for producing the kind of sixth scale, detailed sculpts I'll be looking for - things like replicating skin texture or material textures at 1/6. It seems like Blender can do this, with displacement maps, but there's not a definitive answer it seems. I'll also be switching between more organic shapes, for things like heads etc, and more straightforwardly geometric shapes. Obviously there's going to be things like Zbrush and the like that will do much of this very well, but that's £800, which ain't happening. I've also tinkered with Fusion360 but need much more time with that. I'll be looking to use a resin printer to pick up the detail as much as possible when it comes to it, incidentally.
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  5. They need to stop Macaulay Culkin coming round.
  6. Quite enjoyed this. Surprisingly so. It's a Harley Quinn movie with a supporting cast, and it's got a very, very obvious Deadpool influence. But it's good. It's surprisingly funny, the actions pretty good, looks good (it's less actively ugly than Suicide Squad was and Harley benefits from not having the camera leer at her constantly), cast is pretty good across the board with McGregor being a true standout as the spoilt ever so slightly camp self absorbed sociopath Sionis who can flip from smarm to menace in an instant. It's oddly slight. And Winstead gets a bit of a raw deal with a role that she only really gets a chance in in the last act (and even then it's limited). But it's worth your time. Better than Shazam for me, top end DCEU. Which isn't saying much, but still.
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  8. *Ben shouts off mic 'hilariously' for 14th time this episode, hurrhurrhurr* Brad - '...so yeah as we were saying...'
  9. I'll be fairly surprised if it isn't basically a Harley movie by another name. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because nobody is going to watch a movie about Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya. But still.
  10. I'm slowly making my way through a replay of Doom 3, whenever I'm between games. I loved Doom 3 when it came out. I knew it was flawed, even then, and since then the flaws only have grown more obvious. And much like 2016 it wasn't really what Doom was, but it felt like a descendant of it in a post Half Life world. But it was also kinda hokey. I'm noticing that more this time. It's a bit try hard in a kinda sad way. It also makes it all the more remarkable how well the original stands up, still.
  11. The one thing that struck me while watching some of the preview footage is it doesn't really 'feel' like Doom anymore. That started with 2016, which was a fucking astonishingly good game, but it was really a move away from Doom's atmospheric roots. And this is that next step away again, going full on into 'it's a videogame ass videogame!' with dayglo lights and pure arcade style pickups etc etc. There's something about it that feels... Slight? Fleeting? I can't quite out my finger on it. It'd be great to have a new 'Doom ass Doom!'. With the dark, ominous atmosphere and whatnot. But that's easier said than done, I guess. And obviously this'll be great. Maybe not quite as well received as 2016 is my guess, but still great.
  12. I always got the impression that Jeff's family didn't exactly live on the breadline either (although obviously not massively wealthy either), owning their own mechanic business, so he's always had a fallback of cash I think. Plus he's out of the SF bubble so his dollar will go further. And the CBS buyout will have boosted his bank balance nicely. Brad is the one that I never quite understood his circumstances. I never got the impression he was on the top rank of pay at GB, but he's always lived in SF while with them I think. His outgoings must be astronomical.
  13. Narrativia, Pratchett's production company run by his daughter and his old PA, are co-producers on the series I believe. If that's the case, either their criticism is a little hollow or the company is just a shell to farm out the rights once in a while and it doesn't really have much say in what happens after that, in which case criticising something they're producers in as being unrecognisable to the works they look after makes a bit more sense.
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