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  1. There'll be an announcement any minute now. Any minute now... ... ... *coughs ominously*
  2. I've nothing against eSports. I've enjoyed a fight stream before now. This is completely redundant and pointless, and the worst kind of padding
  3. 2021, main timeline. A horror universe where developers announce DLC is being made with flat text on black backgrounds.
  4. You can feel the seconds tick away with this gameplay trailer.
  5. Drink with every cheerful jolly finger point gesture if you're tired of life and have made a will.
  6. Piece missing. Not even a small piece. One of the biggest. Every time this has happened, the piece has turned up eventually. But still. Mother fucking bastard twat fucker.
  7. I'll still be doing this in July.
  8. The moment in the FFO trailer were the villain jumps forwards and lands with absolutely no weight in a completely 'flat' movement gave me the best laugh I've had in weeks.
  9. First bit of quality this half and we score.
  10. Mings excellent that first half.
  11. It goes up slightly with a defibrillator on hand but even then it's still a horrifyingly low chance of survival.
  12. The sudden onset of such a severe thing is always shaking. One of my old managers had a colleague that dropped dead in a train station on the way to a meeting. Went from being in the office fine doing prep for a client meeting, to dead half an hour later. Brain embolism. I ended up in hospital myself for a week a few years ago having had multiple pulmonary embolisms and nearly collapsing, in my late 20s.
  13. The production constantly cutting to a man fighting for his life collapsed on the ground. Disgusting. Come on Eriksen, world's with you.
  14. I genuinely thought Carragher and Richards were one of the best things on Celebrity Gogglebox last week. They had genuine chemistry with each other (since they're colleagues) and they're still fairly normal people so have a more relatable approach than some celebrities.
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