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  1. Quelle surprise. The laughable campaign to save face only further highlighted as a shambles.
  2. The big issue with all the series is bloat, true. One of the things that Iron Fist S2 got right was dropping the episode count and keeping it more consistent, and that's something that they really should have done with all the series. Each of them has a lull or a couple of 'bottle' episodes that don't really achieve anything bar bumping the run time.
  3. Won at a canter today. That's not a good Newcastle side but there were moments in that game where we were dancing through them at ease and clearly had 3 or 4 more gears left in us. Great to see Watkins back on the scoresheet. He's been excellent this season and even though he has had a barren run he was still playing well and working for the team. And Traore, that goal... Traore is a difficult player, he's capable of skill that would shock prime Ronaldinho one second and completely unable to control the ball the next, and he's absurdly one footed but he's scored 2 great goals with
  4. Well I binged series 1 of Blown Away last night and now I'm on series 2. The decision in the cartoon episode is utter, utter nonsense.
  5. Ranking of the Netflix series Daredevil S1 - it's really great. A few weak moments, but it's still bloody good Daredevil S3 - pretty much a pure sequel to the first series in many ways, bizarrely, getting into some classic Daredevil territory. Really good. Punisher S1 - Bernthal isn't quite THE Punisher for me, but his take is excellent. A good mature comic series, and the violence is intense. Jessica Jones S1 - Tennant. Just Tennant. He's so, so, so good. And the playing with the implications of what he is, is very good. Luke Cage S2
  6. Better this week, largely because the sitcom pastiche was more successful, but I still think there's too much fluff to meat on the whole.
  7. This thread has inspired me to watch Blown Away. Deborah is a deeply, deeply unlikable personality.
  8. The alley fight is the end of Series 1. Includes the worst line in the series where Kingpin declares I'm gonna kill youuuuu!!!
  9. If you throw Resident Evil at multiplayer enough something will stick eventually I guess.
  10. I'm fairly sure there's been multiple stories of this having test screenings throughout production that ended up stating it's a mess.
  11. Quite liked this week overall. It's not entirely to my taste - that window - but overall it's quite nice, it's big without seeming totally ostentatious and it's not that extravagant in any one area. There's no way they aren't getting a divorce at some point though. He's clearly a bit of a stress head control freak and is evidently no good at communication, and she's strong willed, outspoken and the fact the entire project is obviously driven by her desire makes me suspect there's going to be friction there in the not too distant future. There was clearly some tension over that stai
  12. He didn't receive the ball. He challenges for the ball from offside.
  13. I'm looking forward to the concept of the offside forward. A player whose job is entirely to sit behind the defence to tackle from offside and intercept backpasses. All while we also literally split hairs over whether someone is a pube offside when recieving the ball. Completely farcical.
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