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  1. I can see why the guys at Nextlander made that jump. It was clear Giantbomb was going to be changing, with a degree of uncertainty about the future of the business as a whole given ownership changes and so on. Plus they probably saw that they were not going to progress in the business, and Brad had the success of his own side project, so jumping ship and being their own masters doing what they want to do makes sense. It's still finding it's feet a little but the podcast is getting there. It probably needs another voice in there to mix it up. And their video content needs to find it's voice - they need their own take on a QL style brand, and they need some solid 'serial' style content - a long running game series to work through, or some kind of genre deep dive. Then it's just polishing it. Their coverage of events and so on isn't quite there for instance. But it'll come. They've got a solid group of guys. They just need to develop it further and probably get someone else with a different... voice, outlook, personality. Not a Dan, he's too much, but they need their own Ryan, Jeff, maybe even a Jan style presence.
  2. We were spectacular in that second half. Blew Everton away. Bailey apparently came off due to a tight thigh. Doesn't sound serious just a precaution I guess when the games won.
  3. Final Fantasy 9 remake. Pfft. Never happening.
  4. Yep. A friend who didn't have any interest in football spent time in Togo and sent me some photos of it when she asked a local why this plush mansion was slapped in the middle of a poor neighbourhood, and got told it was owned by a footballer. It's not in great taste at best.
  5. Adebayor built a mansion in the very poor community he was from in Togo with a statue on the roof in the shape of the Statue of Liberty but with the torch replaced with a football. This probably says a lot about him.
  6. Ben Mee did a knee high scissor tackle on a player's standing leg resulting in native ligament damage and didn't even get a card.
  7. Wish fulfilment guess - Metal Gear Solid remake.
  8. The sequels have somehow aged far faster than the originals - the CGI is really, really rough, particularly in the 'burly brawl' section. They were reaching for something you'd struggle to do today, but they were doing it 15 years ago.
  9. Jupiter Ascending is rubbish but will always get a couple of extra points in my heart due to featuring Draconians straight out of David Icke's fevered dreams.
  10. I was working at Gamestation when Resistance 3 came out. Didn't sell all that well. ...Jesus that simultaneously feels like a lifetime ago and yesterday.
  11. There's something interesting about overcoming problems with limited means, succeeding against the odds. This build does not have that. The only problem they have is a basic engineering mistake - meaning the plan to have effectively a premade Meccano style build gets binned off and they have to do manual construction and tinkering, causing the time scale to go in the bin as well and the budget with it. Any other build, that could be catastrophic, and would require compromise elsewhere. In this build, they just throw more money at it. And they have delegated all the work to project managers, and there's no concerns about their current living arrangements because they built a house next door first. When the answer to every question is just money, and seemingly that pot is to all intents and purposes limitless, there's not really much to take from it all, bar waiting to see the end product and subjectively judging it's tastefulness.
  12. Iirc Southgate hasn't spoken that fondly of his time at Villa since leaving. But that's not the point I was making - he's been more open to playing non-top 4 players than other managers have been. The point is that, with Grealish at Villa, he was seemingly absolutely loathe to play him and had him pegged firmly as a squad player. He didn't get starts, he got limited minutes as a sub - the few times this wasn't the case were in friendlies (or effectively friendlies in the case of the UNL) besides the Czech game at the Euros, where he starts because Mount is out (and is promptly dropped after). Then the first match since his move he starts and appears to have been moved into the first choice string. It's just remarkable that he makes that jump the moment he moves. I can't help thinking the record would have remained token minutes in meaningful matches if he didn't wear a sky blue rag of a weekend these days.
  13. As a thought experiment, assuming Grealish stayed at Villa this summer, anyone believe that the starts v Hungary and is benched v Andorra? ... No? It's remarkable what a month and 3 appearances with a CL club does for your international standings.
  14. Nah. Not for me this one. I was never going to like the house, it's just residential posing, a timber framed tacky Rolex. Ostentatious for the sake of it. A Bond villain bunker. But that was all made worse for the guy building it. 33 and working in 'financial services' in Exeter, building 3 houses at the same time with a young family and he's completely unbothered when the budget for his folly grows by 200%. Half a million quid on cladding, half a million quid on the frame, no worries. Kitchen that (literally) cost more than my house. Oh and he has a garage of hobby cars worth 3,4 million? No mummy and daddy money. 10 years in the business? Nah, doesn't add up. Wouldn't add up if he was a London high flyer in a massive firm. But apparently he's made his money funding redevelopment in Exeter? Right. Sure. There must be more to it than that. Interesting to note he's resigned all his directorships on Companies House this year.
  15. Grealish starting would be funny if it wasn't so predictable.
  16. He's a C-list hero from the 70s that mostly appeared as a supporting character over the years. First came about as a cash in to the 70s kung fu craze (to the extent the character is basically Bruce Lee) as a spin off of characters that Marvel had got adaptation rights to (notably Fu Manchu) but then pretty much got relegated to martial arts guy that cropped up whenever another character needed to up their fight game. In the kung fu inspired characters he was always somewhat in Iron Fist's shadow. But Iron Fist is a more problematic character. In recent years he had a slight resurgence as Marvel has diversified and tried to develop some of its non-headline characters, although in this case with limited success to my knowledge. They briefly kinda threw his gimmick in the bin - he doesn't have powers, per se, he's just such a good marital artist that it's like having a power, and he has absolute mastery of chi - and made him have the power of duplication (able to multiply himself basically), which is rubbish. He's never really been a huge character, and certainly not after that original run, but Marvel have very limited options with their roster for east Asian characters without diverging from other characters typical basis, so he's been the best choice for the movie studio to run with. With some side benefits - you can kinda do what you want with Shang-chi. He does have a canonical background but he's a character so niche that nobody is gonna be bothered if you tinker with it, giving them a chance to kinda stretch their wings a bit. Which it seems they've done.
  17. I genuinely can't think of any Western model kits with anything like gunpla. There's a few competitors to Bandai in Japan and China but I don't think there's anything from Western brands that comes to mind. Figures from Airfix, Revell and the like are static as far as I know.
  18. So you're saying theres an upside to this?
  19. There's a bit too much of the fake, advertising style fluffing of Bandai's bollocks in this video but I can't deny it is a bloody great kit by most accounts. I've been tempted to shift my Mega size one from my stash too pick one of these up.
  20. That tweet reads like it was said through gritted teeth/at gunpoint/with a dead in the eyes smile that belies the truth behind it. I don't doubt he's praying for winter...
  21. Last season was just penalty incidents generally, particularly a complete mess of the handball rules and more or less any contact in the box being a penalty.
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