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  1. Watching one of his recent retro streams in YouTube, him playing Pitfall 2 on the Spectrum and describing it's music as 'a criminal act' has made my day.
  2. Nintendo would own the Donkey Kong design - they've used it as the basis for every DK appearance since Rare came up with it, they will be able to do what they want with the character. I'd guess the more classic inspired look is pointedly to call back to the original game a bit.
  3. Pratt remains a laughably bad bit of casting and if you're feeling less generous to it it does seem to have the hallmarks of any generic modern animated movie. But it looks right and it looks like the team behind it has some love for the franchise given the gags, which always goes a long way for good will towards something.
  4. There's not really a point of no return. You can go back and mop up everything post storyline ending. There's some things that are pointedly meant to be end game/post game content. But you can't miss anything. You can go back to collect things etc etc.
  5. Platinumed this afternoon. What a great game. Taking the Ragnarok story and spinning their own story around it, and taking the characters in different directions (Odin as a mafia family head mixed with a duplicitous tyrant, Thor as the mafia muscles guy who knows he's done evil deep down... Etc etc). Brilliant. It does have slightly wonky pacing - it takes a while to get going, and then it rapidly ups the pace before slamming the brakes and then whacking it full pelt again to the end - meaning it feels like the story hurls itself from too much going on to not enough a few times. And it really is more of the last game with the polish and enemy variety turned up. But it's such a good formula, and all the presentation of it is just... peerless. I will say it's got a few bugs though. The final... 'mission' I found would break if you came at it from the wrong direction (literally), and I had a couple of times where I needed to reset a checkpoint to get through a section as something would go wrong - examples including in Vanaheim Atreus got stuck at the bottom of a chain meaning a combat section requiring arrows in the very next area was impossible, and another case of the game just breaking when everything a story scene (the same area that broke the final mission, actually). But overall. Wow. What a great, great, great game.
  6. He would sell his nan if it improved his position. Still perhaps it'll work out for QPR, I understand the team has gone off the boil after the early success.
  7. Michael Beale throwing QPR under the bus and going back to Rangers it appears.
  8. Having watched 2 episodes of this tonight, it's fantastic. The writing of Wednesday herself is awesome and Ortega is absolutely superb in the role. I hope it keeps it up. I don't really care about the overarching plot (I think I've solved at least 1 mystery by the second episode) but if it can keep serving up the macabre bone dry humour and goth Potter thing it'll be a great series.
  9. On this subject Villa's new crest. It's better than the current one.
  10. The Phase 4 stuff suffers from essentially being an epilogue in the main. They all tell quite small stories and without the bigger arc nods and winks, and it's hard to generate the same interest when you've literally just spent years teeing up and then beating a universe threatening villain. Black Widow is a side story which that only really fills a gap nobody cares about and introduces a new character, is perfectly fine but nothing brilliant. Shang-chi is an origin story that does it's own thing almost entirely but it's decent fun. Eternals is dreadful. No Way Home is Fan Service - the Movie, and in that lane it's quite good, but didn't really do anything earth shattering otherwise. Dr Strange 2 is basically an epilogue for A.Character smashed into Raimi doing My First Horror Movie and completely underutilised it's concept (which is rubbish anyway), but it's decent. Thor 4 is an epilogue for a couple of characters and wastes it's villain, and isn't as good as Ragnarok, but is perfectly fine. None of them, besides the obvious, are bad films, but the highlights are pretty slim throughout. It feels like they've kinda pulled the curtains on phase 4 without much fan fare.
  11. Purest shithousery from us to get 3 points. Given we've been a bloody soft side for years it's nice to see us strangle a match. And to come from behind to win as well. Excellent.
  12. Agree it's very overrated. But I wouldn't say it's shit. It's middling MCU fare elevated by a great villain and it's cultural relevance, undermined by some crap CGI, weak action and it's James Bond pastiche not quite working.
  13. Oh it's less a comment on Abraham himself and more on Southgate's bullshit. Justifies a decision on the basis of form, makes other decisions that are an absolute mockery of form being in the equation. I suppose people should be thankful he didn't pick a billion right backs again.
  14. Abraham dropped due to form. Centre back who's form is a national laughing stock. Straight in. Centre mid who has made a single appearance this season for his club, straight in. Thank fuck I'm boycotting this shit.
  15. An hour in and it's exactly what I wanted. More of God of War 2018. Which will inspire the idea of it being a huge expansion DLC. So far (which isn't saying much) it basically is. It even has what I think is a shot for shot callback to the end game teaser of the last game that suggested where they were going next. But that's what I wanted. So this is fucking brilliant. Agree the casting is great. Odin is a different take but it fits with the Odin the last game set up - an untrustworthy boss of a crime family. I'm intrigued where they'll take him. And this version of Thor... The guy they have playing him sounds like Josh Brolin as Thanos at times and it's a brilliant match for the role of mafioso right hand muscles guy. I need to keep playing.
  16. I platinumed the 2018 game in 6 days. I devoured it. Adore it. To say the dispatch email I just got has me hyped is an understatement. I almost feel feverish come to think of it.
  17. I was in primary school the last time we beat Manchester United at Villa Park in the league. ... YES
  18. A spectacular disappointment there. Round will win by fucking miles, but looks straight off the football club badge creation line, but worse because these badges have moved to having white space and this doesn't. And the proportions look off. It's basically just the 80s badge again which makes a mockery of spend on this project. And the shield one looks incredibly bland. It looks like it's from a bad videogame creation tool, the name is too small and looks weird when it doesn't follow the shields line, and probably needs to be colour flipped. But it's a unique shape. And the star of both looks ridiculous. Sigh.
  19. More of the first but with increased diversity in enemies and it's a slam dunk.
  20. Oh he doesn't deserve to be there currently, but when he was ditched by Southgate he wasn't performing that badly, and hadn't let England down in any appearance.
  21. Villa will have very meagre representation at the tournament, thankfully. Martinez, Cash, possibly Bednarek, Dendoncker. Kamara and Digne probably would have had a chance but both picked up injuries at the worst times - and now both are rushing back to fitness. Luiz is out of favour with Brazil as is Coutinho. Mings has upset Gareth something rotten somehow. The entire strike force is English and ain't getting a call up... Couldn't have wished for a better time for Villa to have out of favour internationals.
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