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  1. I'm actually a little tearful at this.


    The side has been incredible under Emery. It's bloody obvious this is a flawed squad. It's thin and we could improve in a few places in the starting line up. But performances have been professional to a outrageous degree. The system is drilled to fuck. The team as a result punches heavy and hard. We must be immensely difficult to play against.


    And it's brilliant.


    I was just out of uni the last time we played in Europe, when we failed to qualify for the Europa League against Rapid Wien belt Houllier came in. That feels like a lifetime ago. But we're back. I'm so happy.

  2. We watched and really enjoyed this over the last week. It's very easy watching and quite fun, and not mean spirited.


    There is a little bit of... suspending disbelief required. Ronald knows he's being filmed as part of a documentary, but he appears not to make the (pretty logical imo) leap that it's quite strange that not only is he being filmed for a documentary, he is put into a situation with a number of odd people and situations, and everyone is that little bit played up beyond real. In his shoes I'd find it hard to believe that something wasn't up. What are the chances in the trial I'm being filmed for that so much stuff is odd or outlandish?


    I do wonder whether some of the positioning of what the show is is to blame. Because Ronald applied to the show, you have that element that he knows it's in someway not normal. You could argue that he believes every one of the jurors is like him, a real person that signed up, and the production just picked a series of good for TV people, but then Marsden doesn't make sense... Etc etc.


    It just quite fit if you consider it for a moment.


    But if you set that aside it's a very fun watch and well worth your time.

  3. On 21/05/2023 at 16:12, Naysonymous said:

    So if Manchester City beat Brighton 15-0 in Midweek then any win at home on Sunday will be good enough for 6th. 


    This is Villa. Even a universe were things were generally favourable to Villa, it would end 15-1.

  4. I've been slowly brush painting the RG God. I've lost the touch with a brush, so it's rougher than I'd like, but not bad. Hope to finish in the next month or so.


    In the meantime I've also ordered a few bits of definitely not Gunpla





    All of which look fantastic.

  5. I'm another that decided to go off wandering before heading to the castle. The game let's you do it and I'm another that's been trained by years of games hiding stuff behind 'going the wrong way' (to the extent I'm checking behind every shrine 'goal' before completing the shrine, just in case) so I run off elsewhere for a bit to look for stuff.


    It did barely bite me in the arse though. I wandered over towards a shrine that lead me past a tower, which at this point I couldn't interact with. The tower had a well. I jumped down the well. And then discovered at the bottom of the well a blocked passage that I couldn't open. And then I realised that the well was deep enough that my completely unupgraded stamina bar couldn't get me back out. I eventually managed it with a stamina potion and a speed potion being JUST enough to get me out. If I didn't have those, unless I missed something/am too stupid to use the tools given to you cleverly enough, Link would have had to live down that well.

  6. ReREmake.


    It would have to be a bit more of a reimagining but the fundamentals of the setting and the plot/major sequences can be maintained. Potentially could be brilliant.


    Code: Veronica


    One of the remaining 'classic' style gameplay games in the canon, one of the least played/regarded in the series as well, so scope to do something pretty cool with it, and continues storylines they've already started. But nobody at Capcom seems to actually like it so...


    Dino Crisis


    Do RE:make 2 with dinosaurs. Win.


    5 is too recent still I think, it's still 4 or 5 years from being a remake candidate. No-one cares about Zero.


    Of course the other option is just do their own stuff with the format they've created, which might be the best choice. The formula they've got is really good. All they need to do is create decent scenarios with the engine and gameplay they've got already.

  7. I like that MGSD Freedom far more than I ever thought I would. Can't wait to see a finished build.


    I noticed they announced the next MGSD release yesterday actually



    There's also been a Naoki custom Kampfer, which is like... might be up there as the perfect mix of designs for me, as I love Naoki's style and I adore the Kampfer. P Bandai though, fuckers.




    Thats getting bought.


    ZA is a very dry reviewer but pretty comprehensive, and gives a good comparison with the previous versions of the Zeta.


    This is obviously the best version of it (provided you like the slimmer proportions), but I'm still a little 'bleh' about it. It's probably the most nondescript Ver. Ka kit in years, and it seems they've basically spent all the development time on it trying to square the circle of making a transforming kit that is able to transform, have good articulation in mobile suit mode and be sturdy. Which is fine, but means all the work is hidden and about feel or the transformation, which has always been shit anyway.


    I hope the next Ver. Ka has them blow the doors off again.

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