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  1. From my degree course on nationalism, it's generally held to have arose from the French Revolution iirc. Before that national identity being a thing to have pride in wasn't really a thing.
  2. Villa's record at St James Park is appalling.
  3. Emery apparently turned down Newcastle on a couple of points - he wasn't sold on the project and there was some talk about him wanting to stay near his family or something. I guess a year later with his contract running down and a good wage he fancied a new Villa for the collection.
  4. That's a statement appointment.
  5. Unai Emery confirmed as Villa manager. Delighted.
  6. It's not faithful at all, bar on the biggest and most vague levels. My comments before were more focused on whether it's disrespectful and why it's not faithful. Whether the 'why' is justified is subjective. I don't personally like it much, but I get it from the perspective of what they had and what they wanted to do with it.
  7. I'd be very surprised if it was Kompany. We've been burnt by the rookie manager with a great playing career, we won't replace that with another. There's lots of talk of our owners and the CEO having met with Emery recently, visiting Villarreal etc. Would tie in with the rumours that they decided they were going to spend to get the best they could. Emery would be about the best manager (by a distance) Villa could reasonably expect to persuade (as opposed to Poch being a hail Mary option).
  8. Villa expected to appoint Emery. Apparently.
  9. I think it's fairly likely that the club was in the doldrums being lead by Gerrard - I suspect things under him were miserable. If that is the case that atmosphere can taint everything and effect performances. So it may be the case that just the relief of his going and his (lack of) coaching has sparked a performance. Either way we've beat Brentford for the first time since the 40s and beat them convincingly, enjoy it.
  10. Steven Gerrard's 'managerial' career - dead. Gone. Ceased to be.
  11. It's a complete 'fuck you' to him kinda performance. We look like a completely different side.
  12. At current rate we'll beat Brentford 18-0.
  13. Gerrard should have been sacked months ago.
  14. It's not 'woke'. It casts some none pasty white people in roles Tolkein would have had whiter than the winter snow, but this has absolutely no bearing on anything. Disrespectful to the source... Questionable. It basically has to plough it's own furrow to an extent as the source they can use is so limited. They're trying to make a 5 series long show out of the notes and references at the end of the Lord of the Rings, which is stupid, but here we are. As a result it changes a bit, makes up completely new stuff, etc. It's not clear that they've done this out of disdain for the source, so it doesn't seem they have disrespect for it, they've just made changes fans wouldn't have, to varying success. Some of it is absurd, some of it is rubbish, some of it is pretty decent. Some changes are practical in nature - it's telling a story Tolkein says takes place over thousands of years in a single human generation, to help with casting and character development, they've mixed up some character stuff because they wanted to make an eye catching mystery which they couldn't do if every book reader knew the answer, and they've chucked in stuff that shouldn't be there to make it more LotR-y. I'm not sure all that's disrespectful, it's more a slightly hamfisted attempt at making something good from very limited scraps.
  15. He was a little more pointed than the usual. Birmingham Mail He also seemed to be critical of the running of Villa which isn't exactly a 'come and get me' plea. And he only left in the summer. And we weren't exactly great when he was here anyway.
  16. The league this year isn't indicative of a particularly strong crop of teams so far. Any club having a run of a handful of good results is flying up the league.
  17. He's done an interview stating he's not interested in the Villa job and stating his support for his former colleagues, so I wouldn't worry.
  18. I've heard good things about Dyche. Could be a good fit for Liverpool.
  19. Anyway this is going round in circles. Villa want a good manager with a high ceiling and we believe we can get one and have justification in doing so. Others disagree. Cool.
  20. I've no issue with going for someone without Premier League experience. I just wouldn't be keen to get someone without success in a top league - Spain, Italy, Germany, maybe France, the Netherlands and Portugal very slightly less so. I also don't expect us to challenge for the CL at all. I'd be beyond delighted tussling for 7th. CL is a pipe dream - I'll be surprised if we play in the CL in my lifetime. I don't think we'll get the likes of Poch. The only glimmer of hope in it is we're probably the best option for him if he fancies coming back to England now - which he probably doesn't. But I'd expect the club to chance it with him - he's out of work and there's not a big CL vacancy, and we're apparently prepared to spend significantly for a big manager. Even so, it's extremely slim chances. The current front runner is Amorim, apparently, I don't know a great deal about him bar him having a very good record in Portugal and his being very young. It's a gamble but I could see the justification in taking it from the little I know. If it's him or Dyche (which it isn't) I'm going for Amorim.
  21. There's a difference, IMO, between deserve and 'should'. We deserve what we have now. We've been crap for the past year to 18 months. As a result we're down the table. But we historically are better than this. The 'club' should be better, the team deserves what it has right now. We're never going to agree that history is meaningless. Clubs have stature and prestige that is built on more than just the form of the immediate past. Arsenal didn't stop being a big club when they went to pot in recent history. Citeh historically haven't been a big club but their oil ridden nation state money has given them a decade of success, they've become a big club. Spurs having a good decade has increased their status. Manchester United going to pot for a number of years has taken the sheen off things but they'll need to go out of business to not be big, sadly. Leeds are a big club based largely on a single period of success and their single club in a decent sized city status, like Newcastle (though they've basically traded on being a single club city who had an exciting team for a bit, as they've got no success to speak of otherwise). And so on. There's a few big clubs. A small number build lasting success. Villa should be doing better than we are. We've had a tough decade, and the 20 years before had a few years where we struggled before bouncing back, but generally throughout our history we're a to half team, and we 'should' get back to that and aim to do so. Maybe in the longer term we can build to more. I doubt it, the games broken, I'll be dead before we win a league again but that's also true for most of the league. It doesn't take away from the stature of the club.
  22. Yes, but as said the dates don't really matter. You can only compare the whole thing for everyone. We also are founder members of both the league (which was literally our chairman's idea) and the Premier League, which gives us some weight. And obviously winning the biggest prize there is, the European Cup, carries a lot of weight.
  23. Villa are one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the league. We've been crap for the past decade, but historically we've been a top half club. It's very easy to draw an arbitrary line and say 'these are the dates that count' (I recall a few years ago arguing with a Spurs fan who looked to contend that the only time that matters aligns rather nicely with their cup winning sides of the 80s...) but the reality is you can only take into account the entire history, honours (7 Leagues, 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, and a European Cup - 25 honours in total, 7th highest in England), 'size' etc, at any point. We've obviously been overtaken by some sides, in recent years - Citeh have sadly sportwashed to success - but realistically Villa 'should' be a top half side, competing for Europe, based on the history, the honours, the fanbase, the financial clout (owners worth $11bn for instance), etc. Sadly we've never been particularly 'fashionable' and the past decade has been getting on for some of the worst times in our history (not quite the worst, we ended up the Third Division for a bit on the 60s), but it's pretty undeniable that Villa are a team that 'should' be top 10.
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