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  1. I like that MGSD Freedom far more than I ever thought I would. Can't wait to see a finished build.


    I noticed they announced the next MGSD release yesterday actually



    There's also been a Naoki custom Kampfer, which is like... might be up there as the perfect mix of designs for me, as I love Naoki's style and I adore the Kampfer. P Bandai though, fuckers.




    Thats getting bought.


    ZA is a very dry reviewer but pretty comprehensive, and gives a good comparison with the previous versions of the Zeta.


    This is obviously the best version of it (provided you like the slimmer proportions), but I'm still a little 'bleh' about it. It's probably the most nondescript Ver. Ka kit in years, and it seems they've basically spent all the development time on it trying to square the circle of making a transforming kit that is able to transform, have good articulation in mobile suit mode and be sturdy. Which is fine, but means all the work is hidden and about feel or the transformation, which has always been shit anyway.


    I hope the next Ver. Ka has them blow the doors off again.

  3. I'm still intrigued about how Nolan is going to do something meta and 'timey wimey' with this.


    Also, while this is a fascinating story about a fascinating man, it's difficult to get away from the feeling it's a movie that is teasing you for the moment he says 'the Thing'.

  4. 11 hours ago, Spalling said:

    I know you said book, but Dan Carlin covers it on one of his Hardcore History podcasts. 

    It may be Supernova in the East, but don’t quote me on that. 

    Dan Carlin covered briefly it in a (very, very, very good) one off episode called 'Destroyer of Worlds', although that is more about the ethical/moral/philsophical conundrum of nuclear weapons, together with discussion of the history of their development, the impact of their use, and the dynamics of international relations in a world in which enemies in conflict both have weapons of unparalleled destruction.

  5. Yep that's the end of the season really.


    It's been an incredible performance to get the club where it is now, but Europe was a push too far. The thin squad and tough run in has finally shown.


    Could (should?) be an exciting summer though.

  6. If I was to have my 'perfect' Premier League, Everton would be in it - they're a team that 'should' be in the top flight imo.


    But they're so bad at the moment. If they do stay up they'll have got some luck or have had a miraculous turnaround in performances. They and Southampton are the worst teams in the league this year.

  7. New album is out.


    It's... fine.


    It's got a couple of (very) good tracks but otherwise it's just them doing their thing but with a bunch of collabs with their mates and upping the electronic element a bit. It's perfectly listenable but there's not much exciting about it, and there's only a couple of tracks I can see going into my top rated playlist.


    Some of it really feels a bit rote. I feel a bit like they've done their time as a band sadly, said all they can say. They all are off doing stuff with other artists in different capacities and I really wouldn't be shocked if they split in a couple of years.

  8. Eternals is the real low point for the series. Complete mess, trash, rubbish in 95% of its being. Awful.


    TDW isn't good but it's not outright bad. Love and Thunder is less than the sum of its parts but again isn't wholly bad.


    I'm yet to see Quantumania but I doubt it's vying with Eternals and Iron Man 2 for the real crap of the series.

  9. Oh not in the overall standards, that Villa side was a special kind of appalling, a toxic mix of substandard jobbers, prospects that struggled, sicknotes and genuine shite, lead by a clown and then a guy out of his depth, and the whole club rotten.


    But this Everton has a similar kind of... nothingness about them. There's the same kind of crap midfield, useless strike force and rubbish defence. Just not quite as piss poor as we managed.

  10. 6 minutes ago, glb said:

    I may have underestimated how much so in thinking they’d win tonight.


    They just don't have the squad. They're tragic up front, their midfield is shite, their defence is slow and sloppy and Pickford isn't going to have enough game winning performances to make up for everything else.


    Dyche was relying on them becoming 1-0 merchants who are really hard to beat. But that hasn't happened. They're crap.


    They have the distinct whiff of Villa in 2015. They're going to go down and get a shock.

  11. It's a really exciting race for the European spots. I still think we'll fall short (we've the hardest run in, we're breaking point thin in the squad, and we've the least games to play) but I think we're going to be fighting until we can't stand. Emery is driven, he demands those results and even when we win he's always making things clear that we need more, better, faster.


    I can only hope that Wolves decide they're on the beach by our game.

  12. My favourite scene in Surviving Edged Weapons is



    the shot of the guy sat looking depressed in an empty living room, with Chekhov's sword leant in the background. There's a knock at the door with cops, the guy has a slight sigh and that unmistakable look of 'ok, best get to it...' and the next thing we see is a fucking sword coming through the door and jabbing into the cops gut.

    It's this weird little tableau of a scene which somehow gives the feeling of there being a weighty story behind it that we never know, and it escalates with nearly comedic pace.


    Truly brilliant.

  13. Fifth.




    The last game against Fulham was the most toxic and appalling match in recent memory, a game so bad that Gerrard got sacked barely before the coach left the stadium, leaving us 16th and rotten.


    Tonight, it's a pretty dour match, but Fulham were contained almost flawlessly, we go 10 unbeaten, score in 20 consecutive matches from appointment of Emery (a league record)...  And we finish the night in 5th looking rejuvenated.



  14. On 19/04/2023 at 15:09, MardiganX said:

    Are Disney holding back on releasing it on Plus due to the coverage on Majors or are they looking to squeeze a bit more out on digital release beforehand? I can't remember if they've done this with other movies where it lands on Sky and other platforms to buy before Disney roll it out 'exclusive'. That was always meant to be one of their big selling points with Plus.


    The suggestion seems to be they want to refocus Disney+ into a few of it's own projects and then a catalogue/library service, changing from the thing we had for a couple of years where films quickly came to streaming on the service. The days of a 6 week cinema release and onto Disney+ are over. Looking more like 2-3 months to home release, and then streaming catalogue later on.

  15. 5 minutes ago, Protocol Penguin said:


    That sort of thing happens with pro wrestlers, doesn’t it? I mean, at least it used to — I vaguely remember twenty years or so ago a scandal about a wrestler going mad and murder-suiciding his own family due to

    mental issues caused by steroids.


    Chris Benoit. 


    It's unlikely that steroids were the cause of that. He had severe brain trauma caused by decades of concussions and working while concussed, general blows to the head and impact injuries of all sorts. The manner of the deaths and the period of time they took place over (3 days with pauses between them, with premeditated elements such as preparing things for the murders, drugging the son and investigating ways to commit suicide, making 'arrangements' of the bodies like placing Bibles with them, and evidence of psychological disturbance beforehand) isn't the kind of thing you'd expect from a violent outburst or someone having 'flipped' in a roid rage incident.

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