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  1. The second goal is *chef kiss*.
  2. When Pele came to Villa Park.
  3. If we could finish we'd be laughing. Unfortunately the only person who can finish is Ings and he's not up to the rest of way we need forwards to play. We need to bottle whatever it is in Ings that makes him a finisher and inject it into Watkins.
  4. Yeah they absolutely got worse over time - they dropped the 'wider concept' skit thing around 2016 I think and switched to the crew just fucking around in various games (stuff like a couple of hours of rotating players on Rock Band) which just wasn't as good. Better than nothing but the stuff they were doing before was just so fun and seemed like a lot of creative people having a laugh. And then they couldn't be arsed. Generally though their video output absolutely tanked from about... 2018 or so? As said above. They just didn't do much anymore. And then the pandemic absolutely killed it. I'm sure in that period there were still good things they paywalled but the impression really seemed to be they just didn't do much anymore. Even things like Quick Looks, they scaled back and seemed like they'd barely even played some of the stuff they were demoing. A terrible shame. There's a solid... 8/9 years were they were peerless.
  5. The annual game of the year coverage where they made bizarre little skits that ran across the week and did recaps if the days podcast results were some of the best internet content ever.
  6. Never in doubt. Main discussion point from the council committee was around the transport and parking impacts, basically arguing it's shit now and more people going to the stadium won't help, which everyone already knew was a issue and always will be until an unfeasibly massive overhaul of public transport in the city is done.
  7. I was always a little lost with the idea that Avatar was presenting a uniquely alien world that was developed with scientists and biologists etc. I remember seeing some extended promo/BTS thing for the first film where they were waxing lyrical about how they wanted to make an alien world that is cohesive and offered a scientific take on a truly alien world... And then you watch it and the alien world they designed is just a 6 year olds fever dream with a budget. I mean... They have horses, but they aren't horses, they're like seahorses... And they've got 6 legs...! And... And... 4 eyes! And one set of eyes is like... lizard eyes! And they have like... holes to breathe out of on their neck! And to ride them you plug yourself in! And they sound like the raptors from Jurassic Park...! And there'll be floating mountains and stuff. ... Cool right!? For all the world leading CGI being used, the designs always felt very... artificial and designed. And because the whole thing has that CGI sheen and glow to it it feels less real inherently than the practical effects of far lesser budget works. As a result Avatar always felt to me like a tech demo. Technically incredible, but with no substance. There's not a creature in Avatar I am more engaged by than I am by the Xenomorphs or Queen from Aliens, or hell the banthas from Star Wars, even with the limitations of the puppets and suits. That feeling probably isn't helped by the fact the original film has such a completely rote leaden plot which has been done by loads of fiction, and then kinda smashes in a really clunking environmentalism theme that has no subtlety at all, and then smacks on a 'noble savage' theme that is so blatant and cloying I'm surprised more offense wasn't raised, that it feels like the narrative was thrown in as an afterthought and done while drunk.
  8. In fairness the content was struggling even before the pandemic. Just during the pandemic the content dropped off a cliff. The quick looks dropped off, the random bits like mailbags and the like, Ranking of Fighters just stopped, etc etc, and then the pandemic killed everything. About the only thing that worked during the lockdowns was Alex's drumming streams, which is basically cheating as it was just a weekly radio show. Fuck knows what it is now.
  9. I look forward to the next advert I see that says 'this product is alright, I guess. Technically a bit rough but does the job, kinda, 6/10'.
  10. I've only seen clips of this from Gogglebox, but from that it simultaneously seems to be absolute shite, and also infuriating in that it's revelling in the worst aspects of human nature - deceit, mob mentality, shit stirring etc etc. There's nothing enjoyable about watching a group be manipulated into a witch-hunt against someone And there's something deeply annoying about a game show where a contestant can lose simply because they were unfortunate enough to be picked as the target to sacrifice by the mob.
  11. Good of them to keep the cottage industry of YouTubers moaning about the series in work by hiring more not white people. Sorry I mean not respecting Tolkein's work.
  12. Footballers in the wild, inspired by the comments in the World Cup thread. I tried to buy Gary Cahill a pint. I was in a packed pub with a load of friends, had had a few, when this slow hush came along the crowd and a very tall bloke squeezed through the crowd towards the bar, followed by a short blonde woman. I thought I recognised the guy but wasn't sure, then one of the people I was with went in judged tones 'THATS GARY CAHILL...!'. This was shortly after he'd scored that incredible goal for Villa against Blues, so for any Villa fan the man basically walked on water. Being a bit lit I decided I'd squeeze through the crowd to the bar, tapped him on the shoulder and said 'Gary you're a legend can I buy you a pint?!'. He glanced over his shoulder at me and sharply replied 'No'. A couple of years later I was in a terrible nightclub in Walsall when the same thing happened, the weird feeling of a group of people stunned. This time it was Curtis Davies and Darren Carter. Both were with the Baggies at the time but there were rumours circulating that Davies was headed to Villa. Me and a mate sauntered up to them and my mate said to Davies 'when you coming to Villa then?' to which he smiled, shrugged and said 'you never know'. I think he joined in the following window. Last one that comes to mind, walking around Asda late one night in about 2005, saw Jlloyd Samuel in full training gear slumped over his trolley and looking like he wanted to be anywhere but there. I caught his eye and felt like he was thinking 'oh no...' so just nodded and went about my business.
  13. Watching one of his recent retro streams in YouTube, him playing Pitfall 2 on the Spectrum and describing it's music as 'a criminal act' has made my day.
  14. Nintendo would own the Donkey Kong design - they've used it as the basis for every DK appearance since Rare came up with it, they will be able to do what they want with the character. I'd guess the more classic inspired look is pointedly to call back to the original game a bit.
  15. Pratt remains a laughably bad bit of casting and if you're feeling less generous to it it does seem to have the hallmarks of any generic modern animated movie. But it looks right and it looks like the team behind it has some love for the franchise given the gags, which always goes a long way for good will towards something.
  16. There's not really a point of no return. You can go back and mop up everything post storyline ending. There's some things that are pointedly meant to be end game/post game content. But you can't miss anything. You can go back to collect things etc etc.
  17. Platinumed this afternoon. What a great game. Taking the Ragnarok story and spinning their own story around it, and taking the characters in different directions (Odin as a mafia family head mixed with a duplicitous tyrant, Thor as the mafia muscles guy who knows he's done evil deep down... Etc etc). Brilliant. It does have slightly wonky pacing - it takes a while to get going, and then it rapidly ups the pace before slamming the brakes and then whacking it full pelt again to the end - meaning it feels like the story hurls itself from too much going on to not enough a few times. And it really is more of the last game with the polish and enemy variety turned up. But it's such a good formula, and all the presentation of it is just... peerless. I will say it's got a few bugs though. The final... 'mission' I found would break if you came at it from the wrong direction (literally), and I had a couple of times where I needed to reset a checkpoint to get through a section as something would go wrong - examples including in Vanaheim Atreus got stuck at the bottom of a chain meaning a combat section requiring arrows in the very next area was impossible, and another case of the game just breaking when everything a story scene (the same area that broke the final mission, actually). But overall. Wow. What a great, great, great game.
  18. He would sell his nan if it improved his position. Still perhaps it'll work out for QPR, I understand the team has gone off the boil after the early success.
  19. Michael Beale throwing QPR under the bus and going back to Rangers it appears.
  20. Having watched 2 episodes of this tonight, it's fantastic. The writing of Wednesday herself is awesome and Ortega is absolutely superb in the role. I hope it keeps it up. I don't really care about the overarching plot (I think I've solved at least 1 mystery by the second episode) but if it can keep serving up the macabre bone dry humour and goth Potter thing it'll be a great series.
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