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  1. 'Drive him there myself' etc etc. I dunno why they'd bother though, he's inept. Beale was the brains allegedly and he's gone. Fuck knows about Critchley.
  2. That's just the way his face rests. And he sits for most of the game looking miserable every match. Critchley is more telling. He looks shellshocked, his eyes are nearly watering.
  3. This should be enough to see Gerrard gone. A mysterious amount of money was transferred into the club this week, which smacks of contract payoff. And the rumours are gathering pace of replacement discussions. He's done. And should have been ages ago. We're so bad. All the stats show it, the results confirm it and just watching us is torturous. This side is better than this. Gerrard is a clown.
  4. Must try harder, see me after class. You're welcome, gaming press.
  5. Beale left Villa the second an option for the managers seat came up elsewhere, just a few months into a new job with a big step up in difficulty. He's highly thought of, and appears to have no loyalty at all. He'll move to anything that improves his position.
  6. The podcast today has a few tantalising hints to Jeff having... issues with previous engagements. He hints at having named his new gig something that might have been poking the bear and changing his mind due to lawyers and also just not wanting to be associated with the thing the name was spoofing. Could be that he picked a name of something that has historical baggage but it does seem to lean more towards him not wanting any association with his prior work, which he seems to have some distaste for for unspecified reasons.
  7. Re. Orc origins. There's not an established canon origin. Depending on the time and the work, Tolkein changes where they came from. The most common interpretation is that they are corrupted elves, taken by Morgoth and broken across generations into the fallen creatures they are. But there's also versions where they are literally created by Morgoth from the base elements of evil of the world into a mirrored mockery of the elves, and versions where they're basically evil creatures that have been bred with the 'fair' beings of the world creating a hybrid race that is inherently evil and beast-like (which is the interpretation you don't want to touch with a barge pole from a IRL race perspective). Most people go with the corrupted elves take because it's the most thematically and narratively pleasing, but it also makes critical analysis of the story dodgy from a moral point of view, which it appears Tolkein didn't want - the orcs are just a faceless horde of evil in essence, and are there to antagonise the heroic good guys, and fulfil the origin of this world having an unintended evil in it l.
  8. It gets better but if you expect it to significantly change as a show, it doesn't. You get a few action scenes, an 'event' or 2, but fundamentally it retains its tone etc.
  9. I would genuinely like to see a costing for that to get that price. I would stake good money, perhaps not Dual Sense Edge money, but still, that there's a big chunk of profit in there.
  10. It hasn't - they've not explicitly named him. They've dropped numerous hints, to the extent it almost certainly is him, but they made the decision not to name him, meaning it's up in the air. I suspect, as said above, it is a Gandalf. They've decided not to spell it out to keep the buzz around the show for a while and give themselves an easy mystery for next series (is it Gandalf, really?!), but ultimately will be him to wring the value from the licence, but to give us some more drama they'll echo his future with the idea he is a supernatural being that doesn't necessarily die. The version we know is the reincarnation of this Gandalf, because he died and that before remember, its what he does. He'll be captured sometime in series 2/early series 3, saved by talking to a butterfly to get him an eagle, whose king he spoke to early in series 2 to discuss the need for all to help fight the evil he's been sent to stop. Then the writers will kill him at the end of series 3, holding the bridge to Important Place against notBalrogs/Sauron that it's very important they do not pass into. He'll be sent back until his task is done with a vision of a dragon and solitary mountain, and something about a ring and the end of the world and a new grey cloak in Series 4. Perhaps along the way he'll encourage the notHobbits to become Hobbits by estolling the virtues of not going on adventures and the niceties of holes with big round doors. Or they'll learn this themselves when they see him get brutally ripped apart/thrown from a high bridge by said notBalrogs/Sauron in the process of getting past him. It'd be better from a lore fan perspective for it to be a blue wizard and the mystery be a red herring, but they're not going to do that when they've paid $Xm to have Lord of the Rings.
  11. No. Sadly, Smith needed to go, he'd had an awful run to start that season, and the form since the start of 2021 was bad with no sign of things getting better. He'd also had massive changes with his backroom staff and was looking like he'd reached the end of his rope. He is a limited manager and he struggled to improve us in some ways I've he got things were he aimed for - defensively we were often a bit soft with the only defensively strong period coming post lockdown when we became an extremely tight unit for a few months, he was heavily reliant on Grealish (in fairness he was the most talented player in the team by light years and it's Smith and O'Kelly that got him playing like that), and he couldn't ever work out how to best a team parking the bus or using a heavy press. Teams that did let us play though, Smith's football shone. Which is all a massive shame of course, there was a real feel good atmosphere around his tenure, and when we were in form we hit really above our weight under him, and he had that connection with the club that is kinda gold dust - he was a local guy, he did have that life long connection to the club as a fan (rather than just an ex player who loved the club, which is great too, you felt like Smith really was living the dream of being in the stands as a kid and in the dugout as a man - a real Villan), and he was generally likable. I'll never forget him having a dig at the fourth official after a dreadful decision 'did you get juggling balls for Christmas?' which was a very... sarcastic, cutting, but funny and genuine comment that you don't see often from managers, you could tell he was a good bloke. But his time had come. We'd been too bad for too long. The problem was we took a punt on Gerrard and it's failed, hard. We got a decent bounce out of him, where we played good football and got results, but then he started to put his image on the team and... well, it's bad. Hyper narrow with width only coming from fullbacks, which is laughably easy to exploit, with massive gaps between the 'units' of the team in a playground esque tactic of everyone chases the ball. The biggest highlight of his time here has been his ability to draw in names, but even that hasn't really worked because even with them we've been shit, and even then you have to acknowledge that it was a complete shift in transfer strategy... And chuck in the other stuff like dropping Mings from the captaincy for no reason, and giving it to McGinn seemingly because he's a nice guy, and his bizarre interviews (throwing the team under the bus constantly, bizarre comments about relying on the offensive players to make magic to win games...) and it's been a failure all round. But Gerrard's failure doesn't raise Smith up. Love the man, he could be carried through Aston on the shoulders of everyone he met, and rightly so, but he had reached his end when he went.
  12. At the moment I do as well. It lets them play both worlds. We get Gandalf, which we want because 'it's not LotR without X', it lets them do the (IMO rubbish) call forwards its like poetry stuff that prequels/sequels seem to like, it lets them do something dramatic with the character's story potentially without doing huge plot building... And then by killing him they can essentially claim it's a retcon that also fits the lore - yeah Gandalf the Grey didn't come to Middle Earth until the Third Age and yeah he didn't go to the east, but this isn't Gandalf the Grey, this is the story of Gandalf the Beige.
  13. It shouldn't be Gandalf, tbf. But it's evident the writers don't really give a fuck about that so you've got a few options. It is Gandalf. He said the thing, he's close to halflings, we bought the LotR licence and Gandalf is one of the things people associate with that so you're putting Gandalf in it. Write it vaguely so we can pad this thing out. Or It isn't Gandalf, but to generate buzz and mysteries were going to be vague about it and aha! In the second series we'll reveal the mystery and he'll be not Gandalf! Or He is Gandalf, but we want to pad this out so we do the mystery thing and then we do a storyline where we call forwards to the things people know about Gandalf so we'll have him die, probably while preventing something passing him, and be resurrected later to be the Gandalf we know and love from the movies.
  14. It isn't a slam dunk. On the plus side it's arguably one of the best looking TV shows ever made. The production quality is unprecedented in TV - fantastic cinematography, excellent effects, both practical and CG, etc etc. Cast is good generally. There's a few scenes that are genuinely well done, memorable and touching, and beautiful. On the downside, it's writing is all over the shop. There's some quite well done stuff, including a fair bit of the stuff they're making up whole cloth, but then there's some clunkingly bad stuff. That's amplified if you've any desire to see something that is in line with established lore, which gets chucked in the bin at various points. And it's further amplified if you dislike mystery box tropes. It also has pacing issues, taking a while to get going and then rushes through things at it's climax, and retrospectively not that much happens. It's basically 8 hours of set up for... not a lot. For a Tolkein nerd, it's either a travesty or a mildly interesting bit of alternative universe fan fiction. For general viewers, it'll come down to how much the dodgy bits undermine the good stuff and how much your investment in the whole thing can overpower the rough pacing and thin narrative.
  15. He's going to be sacked soon, but that account almost certainly doesn't know anything about it. It's just spinning the talk that's been going round for the past few weeks into a tweet when the news is quiet. Gerrard is done though - looking at basically any stat, he's a basket case. Which is particularly damning when you look at the squad and you look at the money he's spent. That's appalling. If I wasn't a fan you'd have to laugh. We've had the second worst start to a season in the PL in our history (the worst being the relegation season). Since his appointment we've had the worst home record in the league. He's shit. His sacking is on the way. He was appointed with the CEO specifically saying Smith went because we were no longer continuously improving - there's absolutely no evidence that Gerrard has improved anything. There's plenty to argue the opposite. He's legitimately one of the worst managers we've ever had. Shit managers with hopeless squads have achieved more. Even the clown Sherwood did more, and he was barely a manager. Sack him now.
  16. There's an inevitability about him being sacked now you feel. We weren't even bad today, Chelsea won through an individual error, a great free kick, and the keeper having a great afternoon shot stopping. We had chances but didn't put them away. But that doesn't put points on the board and a decent... third of a match doesn't wipe out that we've been dire this season and dire for most of Gerrard's tenure. He has to go.
  17. Theres been a lot of talk recently that the pre-production work on Blade has been a shitshow, to the extent of rumours of Ali wanting out and the entire thing going back to the drawing board.
  18. He's a shapeshifter. He can be fucking massive, an elf, a werewolf, a bat, a spiritual entity...
  19. Stick a fork in him, he's done.
  20. Sack him. I don't care if we win. Sack him. It's appalling.
  21. Sadly it's unlikely, yes. It shouldn't be, he's so bad, but given the investment and the fact the CEO has essentially put his name on the line with him he's going to be given absolutely every chance he possibly can. Which is particularly annoying as when we (rightly) sacked Smith, it was justified as but doing continuous improvement... But we're arguably worse now than then.
  22. I genuinely hate Gerrard. We play terrible football terribly under him.
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