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  1. Not shocked with Potter going. I think he's a good manager but he's not a chasing titles manager (yet, if you fancy him to keep improving). His Brighton side would regularly go on losing runs that he seemed to struggle to get out of, and that's a job that is very different to what Chelsea expect these days. 


    Plus it's obvious the Chelsea of today is an especially grim job. Players bought by the board over the managers head obviously, with inflated fees paid, transitioning squad with pretty deep flaws... You're set up to fail.


    But they were dire v us. They had chances, but the only good ones they had they fluffed, and defensively they were tragic. It was a real 'getting sacked tomorrow' performance.

  2. 1 minute ago, Jamie John said:


    Wowzers. What difficulty?


    My no-death run had to end sometime. I got to chapter 7 and managed to get 

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    my head chomped off (and not in a good way) by one of the more evolved parasite worms. Fucker.


    I had full health at the time, too, so it must have one-shot me. If the FOV had been slightly further out then I would have seen it creep up on me amid all the chaos, but there we are.


    Also, why is Salazar 


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    no longer called 'Salazar'? What was wrong with 'Salazar'?



    Assisted, I ain't that good. NG+ as well so running around with a fully upgraded Blacktail and unbreakable knife. Critical path'd it, you sprint through it, can take villagers out in a shot until close to the end of the village section.


    Still brilliant. 


    Might try a Pro NG+ run next.

  3. Yet to start the third series but the alarm bells were ringing for me when they did the whole 'this sword signifies you as the leader of the creed and you are worthy of holding it only if you beat the current holder' thing. Immediate big lazy trope plotting energy - something the show didn't need but used as a way of progressing to the next story arc because they didn't have a better idea.

  4. Europe isn't going to happen, it relies on us maintaining very good form to May and for other teams to go off the boil. It's too big an ask as you say. However I do think we can best Smith's best total. It's a big ask, but I fancy us to give anyone a game at the moment.


    At the moment I'm still unnaturally annoyed we just can't get into the top half.

  5. Villa finally weren't 11th for about 40 minutes today. Which is nice.


    It shows how fucking dire things were when the fraud left us. The form under Emery is superb. Even with a 3 game wobble. We're a different team.

  6. It's a really good game. It's just really limited in what is in the package. At launch at full price you were paying a lot for what you got, now you can get it at the kind of money that makes it a bargain. It's basically like a really good DLC campaign of RE:make 2, it's 4/5hrs of solid Resi action, which encourages you to replay it multiple times to the extent you're running through it in a hour with infinite ammo rocket launchers and the like.


    The only problem I had with it is on the highest difficulties the final boss becomes complete bullshit. I've no idea if they was fixed with patches or whatnot, but when I was playing it too got the feeling each attempt at the final boss on Inferno was like chucking a quid in a fruit machine - you're just waiting to see if it's going to let you win this time.

  7. Battle of the claret and blues today. And it's setting up to be a stinker. Villas record against West Ham is appalling. West Ham aren't bad at home. Villa's away form is one of the best in the league. West Ham are coming off the back of an European match, though not a terribly difficult one. Villa without Kamara have disgraceful form and given Doucoure tried the cripple him last week it's unlikely he'll be playing. This is shaping up to be a horrible spectacle.

  8. It has the distinct whiff of troubled development about it.


    I sincerely doubt there's many people at the rock face of the game dev world who want to make games riddled with MTX, multiple currency, loot box shit. Rocksteady will have some ideas, and maybe they did want to do something overtly different to the Arkham games they'd made their name with, but the switch to this kind of grim bollocks will have come from on high who want to sell a product that continually hoovers money with limited additional effort on top of the initial investment. Clearly the ROI in making a big budget story lead title isn't enough.

  9. Barely 3 months out from release. Clearly feeling like it's ready to launch... 2 weeks later and it's delayed for some indefinite period of time to rescue it.




    It's not rescuable either. The problem with the thing is fundamental to what it is. You can't 'fix' it. It's a terrible use of a license, built into a game structure that was pissing people off 3 or 4 years ago, built on the foundations of the 3rd person team shooter thing that hasn't spawned a great title in... fuck, I can't even think of the last one.


    It's destined to be a horrible thing. It needs to be binned.

  10. ...and done. RG God Gundam snapped together. It's unusual to get to the end of a build and not have weapons fatigue :)


    I really like it. It's still super titchy but it has a good look to it, and it's very very very posable.


    Already thinking about getting it painted. Fancy doing a brush paint job...


  11. One of the really good things about the RG line, that helps that 'high res' feel, is the whole line has an art style which subtly changes and adds details to the basic mobile suit design in an attempt to make the designs look more real life/real world- hence the name.


    Which means the RGs often look better than their MG counterparts. To the extent that, a few times recently, Bandai has emulated the RG look on bigger grades, most obviously when they did the RX-78-2 3.0, which is pretty clearly heavily influenced by the RG version. Hence why it looks awesome.

  12. I've found it curiously irritating, for how good we have been under Emery, that we're stuck in 11th. It's like everything transpired to keep us bottom half - the crap state Gerrard left us in, the mini slump of losses at just the worst moment, the teams ahead just getting enough points or goal difference to keep ahead...


    I'll genuinely feel some relief if we can get through that barrier into top half.

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