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  1. Villa are one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the league. We've been crap for the past decade, but historically we've been a top half club. It's very easy to draw an arbitrary line and say 'these are the dates that count' (I recall a few years ago arguing with a Spurs fan who looked to contend that the only time that matters aligns rather nicely with their cup winning sides of the 80s...) but the reality is you can only take into account the entire history, honours (7 Leagues, 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, and a European Cup - 25 honours in total, 7th highest in England), 'size' etc, at any point. We've obviously been overtaken by some sides, in recent years - Citeh have sadly sportwashed to success - but realistically Villa 'should' be a top half side, competing for Europe, based on the history, the honours, the fanbase, the financial clout (owners worth $11bn for instance), etc. Sadly we've never been particularly 'fashionable' and the past decade has been getting on for some of the worst times in our history (not quite the worst, we ended up the Third Division for a bit on the 60s), but it's pretty undeniable that Villa are a team that 'should' be top 10.
  2. Agreed. I just don't want Villa to be where we find out where his ceiling is, and I don't think anyone at the club would disagree.
  3. @skadupuk that's fair enough, but we just hired someone that's inexperienced and it's been a disaster, to the extent we can't really afford to take a punt on someone still learning. I don't want Villa to be training wheels. The owners appear not to either (and why would they?). And I agree with aligning with ambition. It's just that Dyche would be more a case of the manager realigning the club's ambitions. We intend to be better than Dyche. That's not a slight on Dyche's abilities, it's just that his status, record, standing, whatever, are not in line with a team that wants Europe, and by hiring him you're essentially confirming your ambitions have changed.
  4. Drivel? Thanks. Little old Villa. Should know our place clearly. As for the names there... I'd try to have the conversation with Poch, even if it were a long shot. He's been out of work for a while and has been overlooked for the 'elite' appointments in Europe, and in England it doesn't look like there's going to be an opening for a CL team in the near future, so if he wants back into England now we're the best offer he has. And we can offer him something interesting by all accounts - big wages and transfer kitty, with a decent squad to go with and develop. Tuchel is pure nonsense. As is Simeone, who I don't think is even being seriously discussed. Yes I would have turned down Potter pre-Brighton. And I wasn't completely sold on him at Brighton either. He was very streaky and had as many times where they looked hopeless as they did were they punched above their weight I don't see why Villa can't look higher than Dyche. We absolutely should be. Dyche is a decent manager, but he's a decent manager of a particular stripe by all accounts, and doesn't align with where Villa should be and where our owners want to be. I'm sure your club, whoever that may be, can give him the opportunity though. He could be excellent. He deserves a shot somewhere. Perhaps Wolves. He might have a Portuguese nan.
  5. Yes he did. But it's telling that he never was in the running to step up from Burnley. Moyes has a long career in the Prem, successfully (mostly) managing a club of a similar stature to Villa in Everton, has had career wobbles but generally proven to be a good second tier manager in the league. Dyche hasn't done that because he's been so associated with Burnley and that's meant he's never proven his ability to be anything more than a survival man who plays ugly cynical football and has no draw. Who knows, Dyche might be a Champions League winning manager in waiting. I'd rather not find out at Villa if he is.
  6. Frank I would be similarly concerned that he's the result of the Brentford system. I do think he's fundamentally a decent manager though. Poch I think would be a fantastic appointment. He's clearly a talented manager, and fits the ambitions of the club. The concerns for me would be... I suspect he would taking the job against his better judgement and would jump the second the chance came, which in turn would make me wonder how committed and invested he would be. But I'd take him even so. And you'd definitely want to talk to him even if it was for him to quickly say no. Emery I think might be the smart choice. He's got unfinished business in England, he's a good tactical guy, and he's had success with clubs of Villa's stature. And he seems to like success at clubs with Villa in the name . Probably a difficult get but not impossible. Amorim seems to be the hipster choice. I don't really know anything about him but he appears to be well regarded as a future elite manager. But he's very young and hasn't done that much, and Portugal isn't a top league for a manager. He could be the next Mourinho... But also he could be a hype job.
  7. Dyche is a decent manager. I think he would improve us, but that's mostly because the bar is so low. But for Villa and our alleged ambitions, Dyche doesn't align with that. He's a survival manager. If your ambition is to tussle for Europe, you don't hire Dyche. He's never had the expectation of taking a big club with big ambitions up the table, and there's no telling if he could do it, but it doesn't send the message you'd want to by giving him the chance.
  8. @Naysonymous who do you fancy from the names doing the rounds?
  9. Very few managers leave Villa to go on to bigger things. Gerrard certainly won't. He's been found out. This will be the biggest job he'll have.
  10. Beale is being linked just because he has that connection with the club already and is succeeding (currently) in the Championship. He's going to get linked to every club looking for a manager that isn't in the CL cartel. I doubt we'll go for him. He didn't exactly at the world alight when he was the brains behind the Gerrard front man at Villa, so no thanks.
  11. If we appoint Dyche or Scott Parker there should be pitchforks and flaming torches en masse at Villa Park. Thomas Frank would be about the lowest I'd be enthused about. But I think it's one of those things where you need to see the names in the hat and judge them from there. When we appointed Gerrard I wanted Favre, obviously that ain't happening now. But I'd hope the ambition and the money on offer can win over a good name.
  12. The worst bit might be the 'Villa fans surprisingly never warmed to him'. There's nothing surprising about it. He's got no connection to the club so it's not like we'd have a warm disposition to him from the get go, after his first month the performances were rubbish so never gained that support from having success, every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it, and his personality is horrible. Of course he wasn't warmly embraced.
  13. Poch and Emery are the names that seem to be top of the list. Ambitious, but looks like the owners are prepared to spend big money to get a top man.
  14. You have to try. We are one of the biggest clubs in the country and our owners are pretty damn rich - not quite blood soaked oil money nation state advertising machines rich, but we're owned by 2 billionaires. They've spent money, and seem prepared to spend more.
  15. Consistent high league placing in a good league.
  16. We have to get someone with proven ability in a top league. The owners claim to want Europe, the stadium plans are all about improving the infrastructure and capacity to make the stadium international standard again, the aim this season always to have been top half minimum. As a result they have to load the deck in their hair and go get someone a strong record ah the top end of a good league. We can't take a punt on a rookie with a hot streak at a lower standard. And if we go for someone who has a record of managing at the bottom (ie a Dyche for instance) the owners are basically saying they've given up. Setting that aside, Gerrard is one of the most disastrous appointments in our history. He's taken the club backwards at a rate of knots, ripped up transfer strategies, eradicated good will that was built up by his predecessor...
  17. Thank fuck for that. And so passes Gerrard's 'managerial' career.
  18. He's done. You can't survive the kind of record he has and this performance is a proper 'everyone in the club knows he's finished' one. The away fans have completely turned on him. And there's evidence of a mysterious amount of money a couple of days ago going into the club from the owners which looks decidedly like payoff money.
  19. This is the performance of a manager that's done. It's awful.
  20. 'Steven Gerrard, get out of our club' the latest tune from the Villa support.
  21. Villa away fans, who have been fantastic as ever, have completely turned. Dendoncker being subbed on was greeted with a huge chant of 'We want Gerrard out'.
  22. Villa have collapsed. Stupid and ridiculously soft red card, and then a bullshit handball penalty. Which Martinez saves but it still goes in. Classic Villa.
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