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  1. Started snapping together the God Gundam today. Got through the legs, waist and chest. Kinda taken aback by how small it is - the last couple of RGs I've done have been big mobile suits so doing what is already a small Gundam at that scale is weird.


    Looks great though and a good build so far.

  2. Surely not. The Saudi investment fund, being directed by Saudi government, who basically owns it? Surely they wouldn't be facto be owners of the football club they bought, surely?

  3. The 210th meeting of Everton and Villa today. Various records at stake. Villa haven't lost to Everton since getting promoted back to the PL, we can match our best winning streak against Everton if we win, Ollie Watkins if he scores becomes the first player to score for Villa in 5 consecutive PL matches, meanwhile Maupay has scored 1 in 25 odd League games...


    It's got draw/Everton late winner all over it.

  4. 42 minutes ago, Fry Crayola said:

    Sounds one step away from getting you a bowling ball with her name on it. 


    'He'll enjoy the game and I can enjoy the Potter-ness' will be her line of thinking.


    I'll have to make a donation to a trans cause. I refused to buy this on the usual basis of lining the witch's pocket. I'll need to cleanse myself.

  5. I somehow stumbled onto reaction channels went down the rabbit hole.


    It's a strange thing. You can do it well and do it badly, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes a reactor bad. And perhaps linked, what's the appeal? 


    With movie reactors for me it's interesting seeing the perspectives different people take on different films, the things they engage with in the film, and just the enjoyment of seeing people enjoy something I also like. I follow a few channels which mostly boil down to funny people commenting on the film as they go - the best recently being EOM Reacts. Compared to other channels there's not huge amounts of bells and whistles to what they do, but J the reactor is charismatic, genuinely funny, seems like a nice bloke with solidly good morals - he recently commented on THAT Last of Us episode that people had warned him not to watch it, and on watching the episode have a calm clear rebuttal thay anyone watching who felt he wouldn't like it because of the 'gay' plot, they probably shouldn't watch the channel.

  6. Had Citeh not stepped off it could have been a cricket score. Over a decade of nation state cheat money means they're markedly better than us across the pitch and if they fancy doing us we get battered. It is what it is.


    Watkins getting some form back is a big plus. He isn't the answer, he's not a good enough finisher reliably, but we'll struggle to get better while keeping his work rate.


    Duran looks a good prospect. Built like a brick shithouse and seems to have some ability. I reckon he's a player.

  7. 1 hour ago, Strafe said:

    CeX are getting copies in now. Not sure if they’re second hand (or how they could be at this ooont) because as I understand it they don’t buy games from distributors. Maybe they’ve been nicked.


    I used to work near a CeX that was across the road from a supermarket. It was an open secret that, every Monday the local dodgy types would walk out of the supermarket jingling with that weeks movie releases on Blu-ray, go straight across the road and trade them in. Then they'd do the same on Friday with games releases. Every week you could go in on your lunch and pick up stuff that was released that morning, sometimes at a discount. And no questions every got asked.

  8. If Leeds have ambition, and can back that ambition, I'd try to speak to Poch in their shoes. He's 99% certain to die laughing at the idea, but why not? He's not working, he might fancy it back in England, and maybe Leeds have the money to make it worth his while, or give him a big project.


    I don't think they do of course but I'm not aware of the money behind them.

  9. Everton are relying on Dyche getting them hyper organised every week. Their squad is bizarrely shoddy and even the quality in it has been poor all season. Even with Dyche I'd still be concerned if I was them, they just aren't very good and their attacking force is dire.


    West Ham will pinch enough points to be safe, they've got players that can score reliably if they hit form and they've solid players throughout the team.


    Leeds, hard to say. I don't think the squad is that good, from an outsider perspective, particularly defensively. I'd be concerned in their shoes.


    Wolves - they'll be fine. Lopetegui has then going and there's more than enough quality in their side to keep them safe. 


    Bournemouth have been down for months and Southampton have had the wheels fall off entirely this season, they're done.

  10. Nothing of note will happen.


    Citeh's bottomless pockets and lawyers will see to it that a superficially significant punishment will be given, and that'll be that. A 'large' fine, a hokey transfer ban, at best a points deduction that ultimately won't do much to hurt them.


    The Premier League certainly isn't doing much more than that. They need to protect the product, which sadly Citeh is a headline part of now.


    Meanwhile Newcastle have a nice case study on what they need to do to get away with pumping in obscene cash that contravenes the rules.

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