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  1. If Leeds have ambition, and can back that ambition, I'd try to speak to Poch in their shoes. He's 99% certain to die laughing at the idea, but why not? He's not working, he might fancy it back in England, and maybe Leeds have the money to make it worth his while, or give him a big project.


    I don't think they do of course but I'm not aware of the money behind them.

  2. Everton are relying on Dyche getting them hyper organised every week. Their squad is bizarrely shoddy and even the quality in it has been poor all season. Even with Dyche I'd still be concerned if I was them, they just aren't very good and their attacking force is dire.


    West Ham will pinch enough points to be safe, they've got players that can score reliably if they hit form and they've solid players throughout the team.


    Leeds, hard to say. I don't think the squad is that good, from an outsider perspective, particularly defensively. I'd be concerned in their shoes.


    Wolves - they'll be fine. Lopetegui has then going and there's more than enough quality in their side to keep them safe. 


    Bournemouth have been down for months and Southampton have had the wheels fall off entirely this season, they're done.

  3. Nothing of note will happen.


    Citeh's bottomless pockets and lawyers will see to it that a superficially significant punishment will be given, and that'll be that. A 'large' fine, a hokey transfer ban, at best a points deduction that ultimately won't do much to hurt them.


    The Premier League certainly isn't doing much more than that. They need to protect the product, which sadly Citeh is a headline part of now.


    Meanwhile Newcastle have a nice case study on what they need to do to get away with pumping in obscene cash that contravenes the rules.

  4. Nice work. I've never actually built a Wing Gundam, it's a bit of a blind spot for me. I've built the Deathscythe Hell and the Epyon, but never the actual Wing Gundam. These pictures are tempting me...


    Finished building the Yolopark Prime tonight. Things got presence. Its about the same size as a 1/6 figure, but obviously bulkier. Loads of detail. A fairly long build and a lot of that comes from it being a bit weird to put together, with instructions that could probably be improved a little - I've had more times going back and disassembling a few stages than I've had on any model. But at the end of the day, great kit.

  5. Today's all individual errors. Kamara, who has been in the running for player of the season since he came back from injury, has had a mare, and Mings and Digne didn't turn up.


  6. Matt top coat will make the model look less plasticky and toy like, it makes a surprisingly big difference and can make the whole thing cohesive.


    When doing a matt top coat shake the fuck out of it. Matt top coat is basically a varnish with shit in it to create microscopic imperfections to make the shiny varnish dry with a flat finish. If you don't shake the shit out of it the matt element sinks to the bottom and you end up spraying shiny varnish, which probably isn't what you want... The matt particles also settle incredibly quickly so even if you have only just set it down for a minute or so, give it a shake again. Especially so with the first blast - that can might have been sat for years, really shake it like mad.


    For some reason top coat is where I always fall down. I'll paint a kit, spend forever on the decals, seal them, weather the kit... And then I can't be bothered to hit it with matt coat :ph34r: even though I know in 99% of cases it makes them look so much better.


  7. Just watched Wakanda Forever. Some kinda instant hot take thoughts.


    Err... Classic case of there being a good movie in there but it's lost a bit in all the stuff it wants to do.


    There's a decent amount to like. Its got a lot of good performances, particularly Angela Bassett, Tenoch Huerta, Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke. It does the eulogy thing quite well. It does this take on Namor pretty well. Its got some nice ideas to build a plot around - vibranium as simultaneously a nuke and oil allegory. Its got a really good soundtrack. It has a good cameo moment. And it's commendably female lead.


    Unfortunately there's a fair amount of weak stuff in there as well. The film has an (interesting) theme around Shuri coming to terms with failure, responsibility, power, but it kinda never commits to it, and does the barest amount with it, which is disappointing. Letitia Wright doesn't have the presence, gravitas... to carry the film when she needs to. Her take on Shuri before was a comic relief Q style supporting character, which works well, but then she doesn't transfer that to a compelling more nuanced character.


    It also has 2 plots that really shouldn't be there and exist only to further the wider franchise, in a bad way - Riri Williams and the whole Ross thing could be ripped from the script and change nothing, and neither plot is good enough to warrant their inclusion. The Williams plot actually undermines the driving narrative if you think for a second about it.


    Its action is quite bad, with the nadir being the finale which feels half arsed, half baked and half finished. We get a rubbish CGI fest with some really weird non-physics that seems to exist because 'it's what we do' and a pretty rubbish 1 on 1 fight, which they then cut between in a way that serves only to have the action be even worse.


    And while I understand the point of the scenes used to set up Namor's kingdom, they absolutely knacker the pacing. This is a film that is long and it feels long, and you start to feel it right when we get the Namor's people's backstory and world building sections.


    There's obviously a big Boseman shaped hole in the film. We get a moment where the Panther returns. But they didn't return.

  8. If I have a criticism of the series so far, and it's a super super minor one, I think Ellie isn't quite there yet. Its a really difficult role in a couple of ways, firstly as a role a player of the games has known for 30, 40 hours an alternative take is going to be odd regardless. And secondly Ellie in the first game, particularly early on, is a teen playing a role - she puts on a front, the swearing and aggression, she's playing a character of herself. In the show I don't quite feel that somehow, it feels like a character being played from whole cloth rather someone playing a heightened version of themselves, for want of a better way of putting it.


    But that really is nit picking and I do think as the series has progressed it's gotten better.

  9. Third episode is superb. Really, really superb. Heavy in the right ways, emotional, a very fitting way to take a story the game tells and build it out and take it to new places.


    Unfortunately it's also the kind of episode that's going to cause the more toxic elements of society to throw their toys out of the pram.

  10. The RG Unicorn is awesome. I think at release most people felt it was the best version of the Unicorn, and it was the model that kinda revived what RG could be, which then lead to the RG line being one Bandai's best for the years since.

  11. My bet is (character speculation)


    It is Gandalf. Not the Grey, but who he was before the Grey.


    It gives them a cake and eat it option together with the callback/call forwards thing that plagues prequels. They get to do an origin story for Gandalf that doesn't pointedly contradict the canon as written, they can then do whatever they want with impunity, and they can kill him off ala the bridge in Khazad Dum at some point for a big moment and not worry, he will come back as the canon Gandalf the Grey in the Third Age that this series doesn't care about.


    Which would be rubbish, but it ticks the boxes.


  12. A few options for an RG Unicorn



    £43 - bought from here a few times, website is a bit awkward to use but reliable in everything I've ordered.



    £43 - never used them but look legit and been around for a couple of years


    Pretty slim pickings - it's sold out at TopDeckInn (very good retailer imo), Japan: Cool (used to be a go to but closed for a few years, recently started back up), Gunpla Oasis (new small site, but decent), Gundam Mad (been around donkeys, never managed to buy from them), HobbyFrontline (Irish retailer who, pre Brexit anyway, was my go to. Still good though if you're lucky enough to get on while there's stock)...


    If you're open to buying from overseas, you might get a bargain from Mandarake, JungleSCS, or PlazaJapan depending on the exchange rate and (more importantly) shipping. I've bought from all of these successfully.

  13. On 13/01/2023 at 22:46, Harsin said:

    After watching some Gundam decided to give building my very first model kit a go. Coming from Lego I was surprised how cheap some of the sets could be had for.


    it’s only an Entry Grade on, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.




    All the best people start with the Strike Gundam :wub:


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