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  1. Forest concede for fun, Villa can't score, Villa have an appalling record in Monday night matches and infamously Villa are the club that loves to help out strugglers - striker can't score, team can't keep a clean sheet, manager having a mare? Here's Villa to help.
  2. This is fun throwaway stuff. It's very short, and the pace is all over the shop, but it's campy fun and done quite well with the homage to black and white horror classics. You can definitely tell it's an... experiment. The scope is very limited and the cast is very small - to the extent I'd wager a fair chunk of the people involved are stunt men and women by trade - and not much truly happens. But it's still done well. I'd hope we get to see more of our heroes. Marvel really needs to delve into it's horror/supernatural catalogue and this lot basically belong in it.
  3. Gerrard does appear to be a complete bellend. All the more reason to sack him.
  4. It's 'bad' play, but I don't know how you can think there's cheating going on.
  5. 'Doing a Forest'. Edit - Although that sounds like engaging in carnal activities with a lot of trees.
  6. I'm not a huge fan of the first film, and this I'm struggling to get a handle on. I want to like it, but I can't help thinking there's a significant chance of this being a total mess. There's clearly a lot going on and they've been careful to show very little. I'm hopeful that (comments on rumour)
  7. Can we add Gerrard to the sacking waiting room please? It feels unfair to leave him out. Please.
  8. The latest ver. Ka kit has been announced, celebrating 20 years of the 'best' MG line. And they chose... Yeah. I mean the Zeta always looks good. And every version of it has some flaws (as a transforming kit, they're always somehow rubbish to some extent). But... there's been a 2.0 of the Zeta already, which is a decent kit by all accounts, and the original MG Zeta has had more variants and derivatives than any other kit I'd imagine (possibly even the RX78-2). It feels a bit disappointing that they picked it for a tentpole release in the ver. Ka line. I've no doubt this will be the best Zeta theres ever been, and it does look good and apparently addresses the problems of the existing kits with the clash between transformation and posability. But the only thing that really makes it stand out as a ver Ka is the decals, which are obviously Katoki's style. I was kinda hoping for something really out there, a suit we've either never seen done as a MG or one in dire need of an upgrade. Something impressive. Instead they went super conservative.
  9. If you're doing Dahmer and it doesn't leave the viewer feeling dirty you're doing it wrong. Dahmer's crimes are so horrific you can't really portray them without the grime. The photos of his apartment and some of his trophies and records of his actions are the kind of thing that burns into your soul.
  10. If it's fitting in with the traditionalist view of the lore, Sauron will be all 'wannabe baddies' and the entire career who isn't pasty white will get their evil on. I can imagine YouTube will be massively onboard when Lenny Henry and Arondyr switch allegiances to Mordor.
  11. Let's just say that I knew my girlfriend has a thing for Ridge Racer Type 4, and having got that working when she saw it she started playing. And that was half an hour ago. Things great.
  12. I only managed to sit down with it last night for any length of time. Bearing in mind I am absolutely starting from square 1 here, last night was a solid... 4hrs? of getting myself to the point where the device started to do what I wanted. And even then there have been a lot of teething issues - a driving game that didn't recognise the dpad in game, the A button being completely useless in any GBA title, etc. But I'm getting there and yeah, it's a really, really, really nice bit of kit.
  13. We're very lucky we brought in a reserve LB who has been given lots of minutes to get up to speed with their match fitness. Ashley Young.
  14. Retroid 3 arrived at lunch. Have only managed to briefly turn it on really but it's a surprisingly lovely device. Has just enough weight and just the right 'feel' to seem like a quality thing the moment you pick it up.
  15. Lucas Digne has broken his ankle. Club's cursed.
  16. Everyone's waiting for Newcastle to be sponsored by Saudi Bonesaws Inc.
  17. After Villa's tentpole defender signing Diego Carlos did his Achilles in his second match and ended his season, it now appears our other big signing of the summer, Boubacar Kamara, has done his knee and will be out long term. Villa can't have nice things.
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