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  1. Giantbomb's QL of this makes it look weird. There's something about some of the textures and the movement that just seems... old. It looks incredibly flat and plain somehow.
  2. Is there a term for comedy so bad it seems to suck a little of your own joy out of you? Because every 'comedic' moment in that trailer seemed to do it to me.
  3. ENB's video today is farcical. He either has the worst memory and sense of direction imaginable, or he's legitimately an idiot. Increasingly I've watched his videos less as an insight into a more seasoned Souls player and more as an ongoing humorous experiment into how much hubris a fool can have. I absolutely pissed myself at his comment today, at having guessed something right for about the third time in 30 odd hours off gameplay, of 'this game is making me look smart!'. Then he opens a shortcut right next to the safest area near a bonfire in the game, and ignores that bonfire in favour of the one with a load of enemies miles away whilst moaning the run is a bit long. And then the whole lift thing. I could understand a little if this was an area he'd not been in for 20 hours, but he'd run through that area less than an hour earlier in game time.
  4. ENB today... Work out how the Storm Ruler works...
  5. My recollection of Austin on Invisible Inc getting into the top 10 was more 'I'm simply not going to stop whinging until you let me have this' in something approaching a filibuster rather than a great argument for its inclusion. Although that may be my memory at fault as I was absolutely mindboggled by some of the standings and arguments they gave in the run down.
  6. I'm stupid enough to give them £60. In Rainbows set is one of my most prized possessions so I'll happily give them them to cash for another set to join it. On first listen... it's a different album from them, often quite orchestral, and you definitely see the influence of a few years of movie scores Jonny has had... It has a nice mix of immediate hooks and tracks more likely to grow on you.Certainly a cut above TKOL straight away I think.
  7. I'm not a long standing fan of the series, or particularly good at it, but I truly got a buzz finding that particular secret on my tod. And then another buzz when it was revealed on a VV vid I watched shortly after, for some reason the feeling of 'I fucking found that myself!' was unlike anything in a game I can recall.
  8. Is it me or is the British bloke talking sporting a bit of an half arsed Hitler moustache?
  9. CG is kicking my arse.
  10. Something with ENB that I find myself serving between amused and irritated by is his immense hubris that leads him to do stupid stuff constantly. He constantly will, effectively, make predictions with absolute certainty about what is coming up or what something means, and he's almost always wrong. It's easy to say that with hindsight of course, I'm ahead of where his uploads are currently, but having 20 mins of him running around an area mindlessly because he decided the entrance to an area can't possibly be the way the it obviously is, and the entrance simply has to be over there, is at one and the same time hilarious and infuriating.
  11. Was rumoured a lot but never confirmed. Saying that, I don't think anyone wasn't expecting it. The only surprise is they'd not revealed it already at this point.
  12. Followed this advice and took him down barely breaking a sweat, much appreciated.
  13. I've watched a few of ENB's vids now and I think the thing I've taken away from them is he has no middle ground. He's either quite interesting, and getting things from the game that I never will, or he's being the most frustrating, irritating thing to watch imaginable. Today's vid absolutely embodies that latter point.
  14. I just rewatched First Avenger for the first time in a while. I'll concur with the others above, great film. It has a fantastic tone and atmosphere, it's very much the WW2 'boys own adventure', and has some brilliant moments. It's surprisingly funny as well. Not flawless, it is light on action and they massively under utilise Red Skull, a shame because he's THE Cap villain and Weaving was crushing it, but I still think it's probably a top 5 MCU entry. Chris Evans embodies the character now, like RDJ does Stark. I hope, and I think they will do this, they fulfill his comic arc and not recast him. I also hope Civil War maintains Cap's record of destroying things that fly and throwing people from great heights...
  15. I normally do a run through of every movie before each new one but it's starting to become unweildy to do it, for Ultron I started the run through a couple of months beforehand to prevent burning out. For Civil War I'm going to try to watch the Cap and Avengers movies and Ant Man before seeing it, as they are the only really relevant ones to this movie, which hopefully will be Saturday assuming I can get my preferred seats at the Imax.
  16. First boss I've not beaten in the first 5 attempts. And in quite a few attempts I've not even landed a hit. Particularly annoying because I nearly had it first time out.
  17. He also seemingly uses the super hearing to turn up every time Lois is in some disaster or another in BvS, but conveniently then doesn't use it for his mother.
  18. I've just finished the US. Good area. I'm no Dark Souls expert, and usually fall away from them at some point, but I quite enjoy what I've played so far in my 10 hours. Mentioning YouTubers, I've watched a bit of Vaati to get a leg up a little, which has been helpful (interested to see one of his secrets from yesterday's video I stumbled on myself), and I've also been watching Oroboro's playthrough. He's useful insofar as he's massively completionist meaning you can watch areas you've done and see what you've missed, but bloody hell is he irritating. Really obnoxious personality and does absolutely moronic stuff all the time.
  19. It'll be late tonight/early tomorrow for us. It's being shown on the Jimmy Kimmel show in the US tonight, who's having a bit of a Marvel week. Looking forward to it, it has the potential to be very interesting and very weird. Or awful.
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