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  1. I worked at Gamestation for 18 months. It wasn't a bad experience, we had a small store and a good bunch of guys and tried to enjoy it' but ultimately closed when the business went under in 2012. I needed to get out anyway so it wasn't a great wrench. We had targets and some of the up sell stuff was... unpleasant, but nothing horrific. Saying that, I do recall a couple of things. Our store was part of a shopping centre that was a bit tired so the store itself was quite shabby and a bit pokey, we had stock more or less wherever we could fit it, with the main stock being in some rickety drawers by the tills and overstock area being a shelving unit in the back and some more under the stairs. I came in to start my shift one morning and noticed a bloke poking around the back room areas and upstairs. Everyone was ignoring him so I thought nothing of it and got on with my shift. Couple of hours later I'm serving a guy and have to go in the back to get the disc etc. Turn the corner to find this bloke from earlier suiting up in a full hazmat get up... Being British decide not to ask, nip under the stairs, grab this copy of CoD from the usual stacks, and try to forget about the hazmat suit. Couple of minutes later again I go in the back and this bloke is now slowly going under the stairs by our PS3 stock with a drill. Shortly after, with 3 of us darting back and forth to grab stock, we hear him start drilling. By the end of my shift he's talking to my manager telling him to be careful under the stairs as there's a chance it's asbestos. And all the while there a bunch of us wandering about in a company T-shirt and jeans whilst this bloke is in full biohazard gear drilling and potentially releasing the particles everywhere. And we used it as a stock room till the day we shut the place entirely. The other thing I can remember came in the very last week we worked there. We spent the last few days just boxing everything up to move to the nearby Game branch. We eventually ran out of boxes and ended up using bags, and I can certainly say I've never felt more vulnerable than carrying a bunch of PS3 consoles through a town centre in broad daylight to drop off at the other store. Eventually after a few days we were visited by the rep from PWC who had been appointed to sort out the administration once the business went bump. I've never had a more base urge to hit someone. Pretending to be 20 years his junior, expensive daft haircut, Louis Vuitton manbag, skin like a vintage leather armchair, he stepped through us all like wading through a corrosive swamp, walked up to my manager as we were all sat on the floor bagging up the remaining bits of stock, announced himself by saying 'You're not looking so happy today!' before checking through the bags to make sure 'the staff weren't stealing things' whilst ignoring us entirely. Cunt.
  2. I'm guessing that whoever designed that take on Apocalypse forgot his glasses the day he had to put up the final design at the last minute, because that looks ridiculous. Something closer to the original comic design would be daft as well but it probably would look less like a bad Dr Who villain.
  3. First yellow away kit I can remember us having that I actually like. Very Dortmund.
  4. Whenever they've met on opposite sides in the comics, they usually have Batman come out on top due to him being able to manipulate Clark or his surroundings to his advantage. He's also just straight up knocked him out before now, thanks to a kryptonite ring he gas in case he needs to put Superman down.
  5. When watching the series I did find it interesting how keen the show seemed to tease andv reference Iron Fist, especially now that there's been quite a few rumours that suggest Marvel doesn't quite know what to do with it ATM. He is one of the more awkward characters to adapt because of the weird incongruity between the mystical stereotypical China stuff and the fact the character is basically a blond Tony Stark minus the suit plus insane martial arts. Do it right though and it could be brilliant.
  6. His contract was always said to be 6 films so one more time as part of the Avengers you'd guess (his Thor cameo not being counted, of course). How that works with the split movie thing going forward I've no idea, unless he's only present in 1 of them. They've already got the wheels in motion to replace him in fairness.
  7. I've always been an enormous Pratchett, fan to the extent I've read pretty much all of the Discworld series multiple times over the years and my original copy of Good Omens is falling apart (and is accompanied now by 2 signed copies...). I started reading his stuff with the Bromeliad trilogy, went through the Johnny books and ended up reading Jingo when I was far too young for it really. Soon I was buying a new book every couple of weeks and they're all still sat here next to me on the bookshelf. I decided to start a run through of the series a just after he died (just days after my father died, it's not an exaggeration that I felt the loss of Pratchett even as I only just comprehending my fathers death), and on Pyramids at the moment. I know the traditional thinking is jump into the series with Guards Guards, Small Gods, Wyrd Sisters or Mort... but going back to Pyramids it really is a good place to start. The opening of the novel, with the graduation test, is just brilliant. I know he was proud of that whole section of the book, and it really shows. It's the moment where Ankh Morpork feels most fleshed out for the first time, and it's just a great piece of writing. The wider novel also introduces a lot of his style and ideas, as well as makes it plainly obvious where the series would head for a while as an overt parody of various things.
  8. Nothing touches Joypod, so saying a episode in the podcast app is always a 'day just got magnitudes better moment'. The moment Farley says 'Nintendo. I've got notes' it's time to grin and put your feet up. Dark Calls is great too, although it's made me get this nagging itch to try the game again. Or buy 2. But I know it can only bring me pain.
  9. I agree. Blow was just being his usual self, which is little better. The Microsoft guys just turned up to what was supposed to be a fairly light hearted round table discussion with their full corporate shill hat on. As a result that whole section of the show was a car crash.
  10. The Microsoft guests that year were absolutely horrendous. It was like listening to a press release every time they opened their mouths. I haven't listened to GB's E3 late shows in the last couple of years as I also tend to find they're a bit too industry luvvie filled, with all the self aggrandisement and chummynesd to enjoy, highlighted with burnt out cynicism that plagues a lot of games journalism at the mo. Their coverage of the show floor is a good watch usually though.
  11. Word on the preview glimpse played ahead of Jurassic World (I think?) last week wasn't great. The gags fall flat and ultimately despite clearly trying to be funny, it doesn't work, apparently. Already low expectations tempered.
  12. That's potentially a superb piece of casting. Also very glad to see my wish of having the Punisher in this world from earlier in the thread is coming true
  13. Thanos for some reason deciding the best way to neutralise the Silver Surfer is to fake his own death in an attempt to trap him in bureaucratic hell still strikes me as a particularly weird turn for a comic story to make. Particularly since the tone is also all over the place.
  14. This. Far, far funnier than that had any right to be.
  15. I shall be looking forward to the next one with baited breath in that case! I was running through the 360 version myself. Blight Town is near unplayable IMO. Given that the game is effectively part an exercise in patience and battling frustration, to have a whole segment of the game basically add to that by making the hardware keel over (for some reason) was a step too much for me.
  16. I think he's previously survived being drowned in the comics... His healing factor usually gets meddled with whenever they realise it's difficult to have any tension in a comic where a bloke is basically immortal. For a while, possibly still actually, even if he was killed he could fight Death to return to life and heal himself.
  17. Dark Calls is great, even if it does spark longings for more Joypod (my commute just isn't the same these days...). It's also genuinely making me want to pick up Dark Souls again, especially as James edges near to where I gave up on it. Blight Town had me give up as the technical issues there made it near painful as an experience. Which is testament to the show if nothing else.
  18. I'm very interested in the extended cut. I enjoyed the film (although is certainly not the special piece the first is) but it did to feel to me like the film was edited with a hatchet, ruthless and brutal, which lead to a feeling of it all being rather rushed and single paced. I really hope the extended cut gives the film that special feeling the first had.
  19. Fuck. I've got no hopes for any of this anyway, but crikey. What an awful, awful take on that character. Trying so hard to be edgy it hurts.
  20. I'm only 3 episodes in so I'm not sure how they develop the extent of his powers, however I think the traditional take on Daredevil (because like all heroes he's been buffed and depowered and reconfigured as writers have required, though less so than some) is that his powers extend to only having superhuman levels of his other traditional senses. He can hear, smell, touch and taste to an impossible degree. Beyond that, he's just someone trained and developed to the absolute peak - he doesn't have some regenerating ability, he's not superhumanly strong, etc etc. The scene that Radish notes does ask you to suspend your disbelief a little further than you would expect to with that framework, I agree. The series at that point has established that his family are extremely resilient, and I think we're supposed to assume that that, combined to the fact he's an exceptionally fit individual and driven in his nature, lets him go and do that particular thing. I don't know if theres more to be established in the remaining episodes, but I do think the series decides to push things a little there and you just have to go with it I think. It's a great scene and whilst it pushes the boundaries of what we expect the character can do, you can forgive it. I daresay we'll see more of that kind of thing.
  21. 3 episodes in. There's some poor performances, some clunky dialogue, some mistakes in the fight scenes... ...but it's great. A real distillation of the essence of Daredevil. Brilliant. Cox is great. The action is superb. It looks brilliant. The atmosphere is perfect. I can't wait to see it develop and see where the rest of the Defenders go, I don't even like Jessica Jones or Luke Cage but I cannot wait to see them.
  22. Simultaneous release worldwide, UK release is 8.01am apparently.
  23. Looks like is heavily inspired by the Secret War costume. Which is not a good thing.
  24. Alain Moussi linked himself to the Danny role a while back. I don't think he's much younger than Adkins, and I'd guess Adkins is a more accomplished actor. Could just be angling for stunt work I guess. Very glad to see the good word of mouth for Daredevil though. The next week is going to go by slowly... It'll be interesting to see how Netflix handles these other series though. Jessica Jones is... a different character than we're used to, and Luke Cage needs to be handled carefully as the character is always within spitting distance of Blaxploitation parody, even when done well. Either way, looks like the Defenders are off to a good start..
  25. The show, at this point, seems to name drop MCU references in a desperate attempt to reinforce (seemingly partly to itself) that it actually is related to the other Marvel properties. You get constant clunking lines like 'scrambled a squadron of Quinjets' or 'Banner did that', and every time it's cringeworthy. It feels closer to, say, Corrie or Masterchef chatting about Stark or Thor than it does feel like a part of a cohesive universe. This weeks episode seemed to think it was a better than usual episode (and it may have been, the bars so low that doesn't mean much at this point) but every other line was another clanging MCU reference that the show hasn't earned, and the whole thing doesn't hang well with the movies despite how much it tries. It feels like a tribute act, or the kid in the gang trying to act like the cool guys but with none of the substance.
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