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  1. He's completely clueless. He seems to think that having 1 DM means everyone else can attack. And that width can only come from the fullbacks. It's like watching playground football. The bizarre thing is he stumbled on a system that worked against Citeh, just. So of course he completely abandons it in the next match.
  2. There's very few people in this world that deserve to suffer watching this Villa game.
  3. England home kit is hideous.
  4. As for England... lol. Southgate being completely unable to drop his favourites, ala Maguire, ludicrous focus on right sided fullbacks, and rocking up with a squad that has more centre backs than midfielders is classic.
  5. He's terrified of losing possession, so the type of player he was at Villa, carrying the ball and beating defenders with close control and tricky movement and turns of pace, has been sacrificed to a conservative, cautious approach that basically spends matches doing dummy runs, never being passed to, and making simple passes into the centre midfielder or overlapping fullback. There's a timeline were Grealish takes what he had at Villa, adds more goals, and basically becomes England's knock off own brand Messi. Instead we got the one were he turned into a replacement cog for a winning machine that only requires he do exactly the job he's told and never make an error.
  6. Tributes were held at stadiums around the country, as hundreds of thousands of fans fell silent at football grounds throughout the leagues, to pay their respects to a beloved monarch, followed by moving renditions of 'God Save the Qu-ing'.
  7. It does seem to have Nintendo written all over it if they have been, for whatever reason, unable to release the game they finished a decade ago that is better than what is being released now.
  8. If all they've done is an up-res and stability update and chucked online into it, they've fucked up.
  9. I enjoyed this but was left feeling there's a better film that could have been made from the ingredients here. It chucks so many gags and 'bits' at you that inevitably a bunch miss... But there's so many that some will most likely get you. I enjoyed the jealousy stuff, Jane Fonda/Josie Foster, a few other bits, but felt others were noticeably flat - the am -dram that isn't funny this time, it does the goat thing too much. But the fact it tries to be funny in absolutely every moment kinda undermines it all. The film suffers because it chooses to throw 7 more gags over a couple of plot it character scenes. The 2 stories here are both good and dramatically satisfying, but they're like half plots - a significant part of Jane's plot is introduced in the third act and basically shuttered 2 minutes later, for instance. Bale is completely under used - the film basically decides his plot is simply a set up for an antagonist and then abandons it until the end. He has fun in the role and bizarrely creepy at times, but he's barely in the film. The other problem I think, and it comes across more in the first half, is it almost felt to me like the comedy was contemptuous of the whole thing - the opening monologue takes the piss out of Thor's story (which is also rubbished by making Thor a pure comedy character now), New Asgard has the am-dram performance mocking the previous film and fans, and minor sight gags like an ice cream shop called 'Infinity Cones' seems to read as a jab of the commercial nature of the franchise. Saying all that I did enjoy it. It is funny, it has good performances, the action is fine, the GnR thing works for me, and although the end is a bit... shit... the ride to get there is fun. But definitely could have been better.
  10. This has been known about the so long I'm amazed it has taken so long to do a trailer. Anywho. Did I spot a wild Man-Thing?
  11. The basic outline of what this show should contain is laid out in the Silmarillion (amongst a lot of other stuff that happens before this series), but there's stuff in other works, like the Unfinished Tales, that also potentially plays into things. But the show can't expressly adapt those works and is limited to the references to the events in those works that are referred to in the appendices of Lord of the Rings. As a result, a load of this isn't in the books at all. Galadriel doesn't go to Numenor, Halbrand is a new character, the not-hobbits are completely irrelevant and made up, the meteor man is made up and probably an attempt to introduce things that aren't relevant at this point. But the big 'events' are predominately from the canon. Probably. So far.
  12. The cottage industry of useful idiots stoking shit about this series has been one of the most depressing things on the net recently. It's been going for literally months, video after video decrying this as some woke nonsense because it's got a diverse cast, claiming that Tolkein's description of the appearance of people is actually important for 'reasons'. There's certainly reasons why the Lord of the Rings is the racist fantasy series of choice... This whole thing with the pop culture culture war stuff on YouTube is fucking grim. I mentioned the other day I'd been linked to some dreadful video about the MCU, why Phase 4 is bad. Of course it's full of the usual 'it's woke propaganda!' shit, an awful lot of the details noted actually being straight up wrong. But even setting that all aside, it's fucking grim to see the nasty vicious cycle of YouTube and the algorithm incentivising useful idiots into pumping out right wing propaganda using the popularity of various franchises to push those narratives and normalise them, and round and round it goes.
  13. I suspect they have some flexibility in what 'contradict' means, so they can probably get away with things that are in the main inconsequential or do not massively alter the established canon. So they could do stuff like messing with the early days of who we suspect this character is, changing the details of exactly what particular characters are doing at certain times, but they can't, for instance, have Elrond die or Sauron be the hero. Essentially I think there's a framework they must abide to, but they can mess with exactly what they build within that framework to a degree. That basically has to be the case with this because the material they have to work with here simply isn't enough to create a TV series out of without making new shit up, which immediately means they need some flexibility in what they can do. Saying that I do think some of the stuff they're doing with this show is less about building a narrative within the framework from limited resources, and more 'making it LotR-y'. The not-Hobbits should not be a thing in this time period. The point of the Hobbits in the Third Age was basically that they are irrelevant little people who are ignored by, and wish to be ignored by, the wider world, which makes their being pivotal in saving it all the more remarkable. Having their ancestors truly involved in basically anything in the Second Age is daft.
  14. They supposedly cannot openly contradict the existing works they do not have access to.
  15. And finished. Enjoyed it overall but, like the comic, it's absolutely not for everyone. It's a very peculiar mix of new romantic-y, goth-y 'tone' mashed into mythology and fantasy with some new age-y mysticism and teen 'adult' themes, smashed into Dr. Who. The first half, which is dark and a bit nasty in the main, is better than the second, where it gets particularly silly (but still enjoyable, if you go with it). If you can go with it, it's an enjoyable series. If any of that melange of stuff above puts you off, you'll be chewing your hands off. Also, shout out to Boyd Holbrook. He's one of those actors that has a kind of inbuilt charisma that means he is very, very good in basically anything. The character here is barely there, but he does a bloody good job.
  16. She's Elronds distant cousin iirc. And also becomes his mother-in-law.
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