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  1. Depending on how much K'un L'un, or related characters, are featured in Iron Fist, you could have a helluva lot of Asian characters in the cast.


    There's been a few things come out over the last couple of days that they might be looking to bring in Steel Serpent, who would be a pretty big character and again, Asian. Also one they've hinted at already in Daredevil.

  2. 1 hour ago, Mr Cochese said:

    Aren't Cloak and Dagger technically mutants? Also, Beast should be as available to Marvel Studios as Quicksilver and the Ginger Witch, as he also moved over to the Avengers from the X-Men at about the same time. He even turned blue while an Avenger.


    Wolverine has also been in the Avengers from time to time, but I'd expect the X-Men film rights specifically name him as an exclusive.

    At this point I think pretty much every significant (and plenty of insignificant ones) character in the Marvel canon have been in the Avengers so I suspect Marvel's ability to use some characters is completely nailed down somewhere. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver I imagine they get away with due to their long association with the Avengers, but others are much less entwined with that team. If you start digging into it the history of team ups gets silly - Spiderman was in the Fantastic Four for a while, for pities sake.

  3. What's the best Moon Knight comic run?

    Ellis run is short, shallow and awesome, with pretty good art. Collected in 'From the Dead'. The follow up, by Wood and Smallwood 'Dead Will Rise' is also decent, but the third volume is garbage.

    I've heard good things about the run that's compiled in 'The Bottom' trade, but haven't personally read it.

    The Bendis run is divisive but probably the series that raised the profile of Moon Knight for the first time in years.

  4. Netflix almost certainly has to go down the weird/strange path with Iron Fist, so Moon Knight mightn't be the biggest departure for them, especially in a post Dr Strange world. Unless they shy away from the canon for Iron Fist, as after all it's a character that effectively is empowered to be Bruce Lee squared by Chuck Norris crossed with magic by the soul of a dragon that lives in a magic secret dimension city. Or something.

    Magic insane zombie god Batman is nearly tame on that scale.

  5. Surely the fact it's a hoodie is just the fact its merchandise and not suggesting the suit will actually be a hoodie?

    I'm not saying the suit will be a hoodie, it's obviously just merchandise as you say. My point is it might have hints to design choices in the costume itself - like the web design, which is similar to the erratic web design from the Superior Spiderman costume.

  6. I wouldn't be shocked to see the webpits, or a homage to them, but wouldn't expect them either. Feige was talking about the look they've gone for as something classically Spiderman, but also something different to what's been on screen before. Given that Raimi trilogy, and more over ASM2, had very classic looks, it's difficult to say what they can do that remains classic whilst being a departure.

    The hoodie design linked has hints of Superior Spiderman with the web design, and the symbol is closer to a classic look... Difficult to say it's much of a change from what's gone before though.

  7. Last weeks Beastcast effectively opens with an apology about the GOTY podcast, particularly day 5.

    The final discussions were absolutely ludicrous. A game only 1 guy plays makes the top 10 because he throws his toys out of the pram that nobody cares about it, then gets whinged up a place for the sake of it. A couple of titles with near universal acclaim get thrown under a bus for reasons I'm not sure anyone could really define, and top spot you could see coming from a mile off despite on the balance of things probably not deserving to go there.

    But for all of that, it's entertaining nonetheless.

  8. The Benteke money (and more besides) went on the purchase of a bunch of players this summer. Those players were largely value and prospect buys, either cheap or unproven in the Prem (or both), and subsequently those players have either taken a long time to settle, or haven't performed to the standard needed.

    So a team that was already weak losses it's best players, replaces them with a bunch that haven't performed, and puts it all under the command of a clown, initially anyway, which steals whatever confidence was left an already downtrodden bunch.

  9. Feige previously spoke about the quantum realm sequence of Antman being a teaser for Dr Strange, the tip of the iceberg for the weird shit Strange will delve into, which I think bodes well for where Derricksons film will go. The top notch cast only bolsters that.

    Hopefully Mads can kick the general trend of them wasting villains...

  10. I've no idea what they were trying to do with Austin's build thing on the GOTY segment. I thought they'd be going for the parody angle, but then it just... didn't. And goes on and on and on... I like Austin, he's everything Klepek was immeasurably better and far less irritating, but not sure his sense of humour is his strong point. In this kinda format at least.

    Alex's thing, on the other hand, was amusing, which is out of character for him.

  11. I love Midnight Resistance, but that recent Metal Gear Special was not a good listen at all. After the first... .... ... 5 awkward pauses... ... ... I increasingly needed to turn off. Should have been a great listen but... ... ... ... ... ... those gaps got really irritating. IT was like sitting in on a first date with 2 shy people who've never met before. Occasionally you needed something... ... ... anything to fill the gaps. And it never did.

  12. The Cosgrove Hall adaptation is one of my cherished childhood memories, which had new very cautious of this... But tentatively, that teaser looks OK. It'll take a while for Rylance to settle in my mind as the BFG, as opposed to David Jason, whose voice defined the character for me.

  13. I may be completely misremembering this, but isn't it implied in Winter Soldier that Bucky was implicated in the Stark's deaths? I'm sure when they do the montage of things Hydra, and more specifically Bucky, had been involved in they show the headline of the Stark's deaths in an accident.

    I'm sure I'm not imagining that...

  14. Kilgrave is surprisingly powerful considering how minor a character he is in the comics generally - although he's bigger player in the world of Jones. I've only seen the first episode so far but it looks like they've buffed his power a bit here, and it was pretty powerful to begin with.

  15. Civil War is pretty crap really and I wouldn't say Hush is that great either, though the art by Jim Lee is lovely. The Long Halloween like Hush is also by Jeph Loeb is a far better Batman book though I am not sure how suitable it is for a 12 year old.

    I always find it hard to recommend graphic novels as a lot of the ones I hate are often the ones that are universally praised.

    If you son has any interest in Superman then I would highly recommend All Star Superman.

    I agree Long Halloween is undoubtedly a better story but not one that I would imagine a kid enjoying. Hush is effectively the same plot but with ADD and more immediately gripping art. In that resurrect I think a 12 year old will appreciate Hush more, and maybe can come to Long Halloween later.

    Agree on Civil War. I like it for how utterly stupid it is and how overblown it is, but it's not a great story. But again I think it ticks the boxes for a kid of a certain age reading it. It has all the faces they want to see and loads of action, and the art is nice.

    I can't really think of many Marvel graphic novels that stand alone and will work for a child. It's an area where Marvel fall down a little, especially compared to Batman where you can just rattle off great plotline after great plotline they've then released as a trade.

  16. Introduce him to Pratchett first I think - the Carpet People, Johnny Maxwell books or the Bromeliad trilogy (the collected edition of this is still one of my most cherished possessions).

    I think appreciate the Discworld more once you have your eye in with his style and his non-Disc YA stuff is a good way to do it.

    I started with the Johnny books, then worked up through Carpet People and the Bromeliad, before picking up Jingo on a whim. I enjoyed Jingo at the time but I was too young to really enjoy it and 'get' it, I think you need to have that little bit of experience of pop culture and archetypes to really enjoy the Disc and 10 might be too young to really get it which might put him off jumping straight in.

    I'd definitely say that's true of Good Omens, and that is a book you simply can't have anything but a perfect introduction to, as it's so good. My favourite to this day.

  17. It's easier to say who shouldn't be near it I think. Worryingly those names are probably high up the likely appointment list. Pearson... Bradley...

    Whoever comes in needs to do an exceptional job instantly, we are in trouble. Who we end up with will say a lot about the coming months.

  18. That was basically the complete cliché of Grand Designs, the money worries that noone actually seems that worried about, the shows equivalent of the Generation Game cuddly toy in the shape of 'Surprise Pregnancy!', bizarrely wasteful research trips... But it was a good episode. I fully expected to hate the house, like the weird airport terminal at the start of the series, but it seemed to mesh a very obvious modernity with a more homely feel. The ground floor was a little stark and I'm not a fan of the supremely open plan layout so many on the show do now, but I liked the style of it and loved so much of the design.

    Also the first show in ages to acknowledge the existence of a TV in the house, even if it was hidden away.

  19. On PS4, I used one of the alternate controller setups which puts "dodge" on the circle button, which made things a lot less fiddly for me. There must be something similar on Xbox.

    Did exactly this last night and found it immeasurably helpful. I've swung back liking it a lot more as a result. It's still not perfect, I'm still struggling with the parry, and I have a similar issue to the above with the shotgun, which I'm putting down to playing a lot of MGSV, but I'm enjoying it far more.

  20. I dearly want to love this but I can't. The fight system has not settled with me at all. The parry just seems to be hit and miss which is infuriating and dodge on RB is awful, particularly as the Xbox One had the worst shoulder buttons in history.

    And it all seems aimless.


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