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  1. This is on me, guys, sorry. I completely forgot about the broadband adapter, which was basically non-existent in the UK at the time!
  2. You could have just used the built-in modem until you found one?
  3. This! I actually think it's the best of such games, precisely because each character has a huge wealth of options available on every move. When you position everyone for an all-out assault on the next turn and pull it off, it is joyous! Who wants to be moving Iron Man 1 square in order to keep him close enough to Hawkeye? We want to be sending Captain America's shield through a line of enemies before mopping up what's left. We want Hulk to drop in and smash the squad that we manipulated into place precisely so he could do just that. Colour me excited.
  4. Want one. Try to get one. Totally not bothered when it inevitably turns out I was too late. I'll get one eventually, but there's simply no need right now. Pretty sure that PS+ will tip the balance after a few months of giving me an actual library, but by then I'm hoping to be able to walk in to Argos and pick one up.
  5. Some people on the internet are unhappy about something? I'm not really sure what to do with this news.
  6. Levelling up seems to come from rescuing the brothers and sisters in missions a second time. Now, I've yet to check if certain characters are locked to certain missions, but I have just managed to get Guacho Sister β and El Dorado Brother β in mission 5. I may go grind the 2nd mission with unwanted team members to see if I can work out how to get a specced-up Storm One. It's REALLY good! Any long-time EDF fans will feel right at home, but I genuinely think it will earn some new converts as well. It's deliberately kid-friendly, and the humour may grate after a while, but so far I'm
  7. I went in, and after the first 4 missions am DELIGHTED to report that it's everything I hoped it would be, but also a lot more than I thought. Team strategy elements in an EDF game? The only complaint I have so far is that Storm 1 (from EDF 2017) needs more skill to use assault rifles instead of rocket launchers, and I have no idea yet how to level him up, but I'm only using him because HE'S STORM ONE! There are any number of other Ranger class characters I could use, I just hamper myself with nostalgia. Even 4 levels in, I already have a variety of team setups I could use, and sw
  8. My challenge today is to "Win a match on a Louie", and I haven't even seen one yet, let alone come close to winning a match! That's a special ability for one of the characters that you need to purchase. It feels to me like that might be slightly unbalanced, but I've yet to face it to know for sure. I may well buy the Pass regardless, but I dislike how I may have to play specials in order to stand a chance. The worst one seems to be Pyrmaid Head's "Die if you touch me" ability, which is every kind of broken!
  9. I'm happy with 3rd, but unhappy that we finished below United. Injuries hurt us, but referees played their part as well. Some truly astonishing decisions and non-calls that absolutely derailed any chance we had of getting some momentum, which started even before the Everton game.
  10. Job done, basically. Even this season can't turn around at this point, can it?
  11. We're looking more like the team we can be, but still not working the goalkeeper enough. Like Salah, right then, shooting straight at him. We'll score, but I would like it done early for once!
  12. I hope it works, because the game is great fun and offers something different. I just fear that a couple of weeks from now that when someone fancies something other than Fortnite or Apex that they won't fancy paying £18, and so will just stick where they are. Tutorials teach next to nothing! As in, you know how to do everything, but have no clue how to play. That is precisely what I was hoping for, and suggests that with anything like decent matchmaking there can be some nicely nail-biting matches. I'll download it on all platforms, hopefully it turns out to be worth buying on one
  13. Why does this have a price? Does nobody ever learn? "Free for 10 days" just means that people will rinse it for 10 days, and then find something else to play. A game like this really does need to embrace F2P mechanics to stand any chance, because right now it's going to be servers getting hammered followed by a huge drop-off of player numbers. I didn't actually play the previous demo beyond tutorials, because matches kept disconnecting when trying to join. I loved the idea of this, though, and think that it could be very good if handled correctly. But I'm not sure it's going to be
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