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  1. And what a well taken goal it was. He forced that over the line!
  2. These crowd chants are getting a bit surreal, now ...
  3. We've looked lively. Well, 10 of us have. Origi continues to just look as if effort is a totally foreign concept. I want to love him, but he makes it difficult.
  4. While it definitely isn't better than Outrun 2, the drifting is joyously similar. It puts a huge grin on my face.
  5. Jota somehow missed from a yard out, but Mane scoring from the same distance makes the 1st half score more like what it should be, regardless of what the commentary on my stream keeps on saying. Palace have definitely had chances, but we’ve been much better while still looking a bit profligate.
  6. Starts for Konate, Tsimikas, and Thiago. Palace starting with Benteke over that new guy who might actually score has to be good for us. COME ON YOU REDS!
  7. It's basically Excitetruck, simplified a little. It also feels like Burnout, Mario Kart, and even F Zero at times. I don't really think it quite deserves to be called its own thing, but fans of any series I mentioned will be well served. It's also pleasantly not quite as easy as you might expect, until it clicks a few races in. The harder difficulties make you work for the gold. The collectables look to be well distributed, too, often tantalisingly just outside your chosen line. I would add an online leaderboard for time trial mode, but it's not the end of the world that it's not there. I'm happy at £30 (thanks to points discount), would have been at £35. Anyone on the fence might want to wait for it to be £20, but if it was £25 I'd be telling everyone to buy it today!
  8. Well ... that was brilliant! We're definitely looking a lot more like the team of 2 seasons ago than the 1 from last season's blip.
  9. WHAT A HIT! Dare I call us Mentality Monsters?
  10. Fabinho plays at times as if he is psychic.
  11. Apart from the penalty, followed up by an excellent save, this has been delightful stuff!
  12. Maybe you guys could get a room? @Stigweard @Stoppy2000 I can't believe some of the nonsense I've been reading lately. It was red, no question. A scissoring tackle from behind with both legs off the ground to lunge. The injury isn't the problem. Craig Pawson now says that he was allowing the game to flow as per directive, but was always going to give the card. The 4th official saw it more clearly and decided instantly it was a red card. AS PER THE LAWS OF THE GAME! But, because it's Liverpool and everyone can't wait to hate us, people are calling it harsh. Just the way they did 2 weeks ago when a handball on the line led to the red card that the laws of the game state was required. People are either ignorant, or choosing to want the punishment reduced when it's done against Liverpool. Excuse me if I play my victim card here, but it's absolutely sickening to see this happen week after week. Klopp publicly called this out after the Burnley game, and the response outside of LFC circles was to call us moaners and whiners. Every Liverpool fan knows that referees ignore assaults on our players, and yet we're never the team that surrounds them on the field after any decision. We're also the team that wins the Fair Play league every year, so why they give us this treatment is beyond me. Basically, fuck non-LFC fans. @Stoppy2000, you are welcome here, we're nice guys, but your need to be right on the internet isn't. Spout that crap in the main thread all you like, nobody in this thread cares about Son getting a card in a game against the Bitters.
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