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  1. That man Doug just keeps on providing!
  2. Alan Smith has twice said we scored "a goal out of nothing", as if this is something Liverpool never do ... We are THE most likely team in the world to do just that! Not too shabby at all, that half. Same again, please?
  3. IT'S ON GAMEPASS. YAY! I just played the first Arcade game on Easy, and lost 2-0!
  4. Microsoft have tried, and failed, to make "better "(read: more successful) games than those. This is entirely why they have bought them instead.
  5. That's a shock. It was clearly a match made in heacen! How could it not have worked out?
  6. Overdue! That's been up for grabs all game, we've been sloppy in not converting any of the many corners before that. Brentford can't keep on last-ditch tackling and only just getting in the way in time throughout, but we still should be making the keeper do more. The odd long-range shot would give defenders something to think about, and maybe leave us a little bit more space when we do inevitably get it into the box
  7. Ox often tries too hard, which isn't surprising for a player in his position. Lots of injuries, career not really where it once looked to be heading. Hopefully he calms it down a little, as there is a great player in there, but he may need to be in a lesser squad to actually reach his potential.
  8. Marginally frustrating. We looked completely blunt.
  9. Xhaka really is the most moronic player I've ever seen. He's only ever a moment away from a red card.
  10. Definitely. I've been happy enough with buying it at voucher price, but it's certainly got £30 worth in there. Especially if you ever get any local play sessions in.
  11. I don't want a new twist in MK9. I want all the old twists to come back. I want Mario Kart Megamix, featuring every track, character, item, and ruleset from every game. Including World Tour, which is far better than most people realise. Give me the feather power-up once more to use on Mount Wario. Let me have Peach's amazing shield on Baby Park. Let me double-dash on Link's bike around a remix of GBA Ribbon Road with loads of added ramps, building up a combo. Even keep the roulettes, because they are sometimes utterly hilarious. Let me put King Boo onto the Dolphin Dasher and fire off a Chain Chomp to pull me around the Royal Raceway. But, don't do Batle Royale Save that for F-Zero 99!
  12. Oooof, Fabinho put some venom into that one!
  13. That's a quality finish. Good control and composure for a youngster.
  14. Some day, I will watch us play and our opponents won't score with their only shot.
  15. How on earth does Minamino not start this match today?
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