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  1. We're all over them, but not stretching them. I don't doubt we'll score, but they are a deeply unpleasant team to play against.
  2. What the shit is this referee doing?
  3. Firmino with 2 of the best things I've seen this season already!
  4. Disallow any other goal this season and allow that one to stand! It was utterly breathtaking stuff, and I was gutted when the flag went up.
  5. Nobody likes us. We don't care!
  6. SIIIIIIIICK! This team are in crazy form.
  7. It really was a spectacular passage of play, that deserved the goal. At least we didn't have to wait long for something else!
  8. There are just no words to describe it. This magniificent machine, relentelessly marching on, pushing whoever gets in the way beside. NINETEEN points ahead! It's ridiculous, it should be impossible. I guess we simply didn't realise how good Klopp was, doing what he did at Dortmund while losing his best players every season. At the moment, even City are more than a season behind us. Sooner or later we'll lose a match, we have to eventually. Don't we?
  9. Never a penalty, and that on the back of a clear handball not given in the 1st half. I won't mind if we don't win, but it's just so annoying when such clear errors go unchecked.
  10. Utter class from Jones, he finished that like it was the 7th of the match.
  11. Sneasel are loathsome creatures indeed. As soon as you breath in the vicinity of one, a whole swarm starts Naruto-running right at you, determined that you will never reach that shaking-grass for the much more rare Pokémon you're actually there for! But even they are nothing compared to the Noivern, Braviary, and Bisharp hordes at the Lake of Outrage. Not only are they overly keen, they're bloody fast to boot. Leave me alone, guys, all I'm here for is a Jolly Ditto!
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