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  1. It's basically Excitetruck, simplified a little. It also feels like Burnout, Mario Kart, and even F Zero at times. I don't really think it quite deserves to be called its own thing, but fans of any series I mentioned will be well served. It's also pleasantly not quite as easy as you might expect, until it clicks a few races in. The harder difficulties make you work for the gold. The collectables look to be well distributed, too, often tantalisingly just outside your chosen line. I would add an online leaderboard for time trial mode, but it's not the end of the world that it's not there. I'm happy at £30 (thanks to points discount), would have been at £35. Anyone on the fence might want to wait for it to be £20, but if it was £25 I'd be telling everyone to buy it today!
  2. Well ... that was brilliant! We're definitely looking a lot more like the team of 2 seasons ago than the 1 from last season's blip.
  3. WHAT A HIT! Dare I call us Mentality Monsters?
  4. Fabinho plays at times as if he is psychic.
  5. Apart from the penalty, followed up by an excellent save, this has been delightful stuff!
  6. Maybe you guys could get a room? @Stigweard @Stoppy2000 I can't believe some of the nonsense I've been reading lately. It was red, no question. A scissoring tackle from behind with both legs off the ground to lunge. The injury isn't the problem. Craig Pawson now says that he was allowing the game to flow as per directive, but was always going to give the card. The 4th official saw it more clearly and decided instantly it was a red card. AS PER THE LAWS OF THE GAME! But, because it's Liverpool and everyone can't wait to hate us, people are calling it harsh. Just the way they did 2 weeks ago when a handball on the line led to the red card that the laws of the game state was required. People are either ignorant, or choosing to want the punishment reduced when it's done against Liverpool. Excuse me if I play my victim card here, but it's absolutely sickening to see this happen week after week. Klopp publicly called this out after the Burnley game, and the response outside of LFC circles was to call us moaners and whiners. Every Liverpool fan knows that referees ignore assaults on our players, and yet we're never the team that surrounds them on the field after any decision. We're also the team that wins the Fair Play league every year, so why they give us this treatment is beyond me. Basically, fuck non-LFC fans. @Stoppy2000, you are welcome here, we're nice guys, but your need to be right on the internet isn't. Spout that crap in the main thread all you like, nobody in this thread cares about Son getting a card in a game against the Bitters.
  7. Yes, but it's not that big a difference. You start with 100, and gain 1 per level. A single extra game completed will earn you more points than 2 level ups.
  8. At least that one got the ball!
  9. Precisely. And Pawson didn't even give a foul, ignore that bullshit from Martin Tyler saying he was always going to show a red card. He is as much to blame as Struijk was. Struijk was in mid-air when he made contact. The red card was NOT harsh. How Firpo hasn't even been booked yet is beyond me, but that's the reason Struijk felt he could go in the way he did.
  10. Because they knew he would do that!
  11. Up until a couple of minutes ago I just wanted to win. Now, I want us to beat Leeds so badly their grandkids bear the scars. Screw the Leeds fans.
  12. Wario Cup score up to 5252, which is B+ and in the top 34%. I would have been fine with that, but for @NEG sitting there with 6480! I both respect and hate you for that, man.
  13. I played through single-player last night, and it kept me awake until I completed it. Long time since a game has grabbed me that way. I did use a couple of continues, but generally chose "Start over" and always went with the auto team. Some games are just really tough with some characters, and some characters feel broken, but it's amazing how every game can be done with everyone. And the final character made me grin from ear to ear! Filled the menu screen, and a little sad that no Paper Plane has appeared. Maybe it's in Variety, or Wario Cup? WARIO CUP! THIS is what I wanted! First go and I scored 3800, mostly because some of the games were brand new to me having blazed through 9-Volt first time. Uploaded that to find that the only other friend who has done this is 4300+, which means I've got some work to do. Tried again, 3200. As a solo player whose girlfriend is terrified of controllers, I haven't had the full experience. (I live in the eternal hope that her friend, who is currently obsessed with Zelda, comes to visit and thus we get some multiplayer going on.) Even with this in mind, it's a definite 10 from me.
  14. I can't remember which print magazine the review was in, but I read one that said it only had 4 levels! I get that sometimes there are deadline pressures, but how is it possible to literally miss 20% of the main campaign? You don't play Wario Ware to complete it. You play to compete. Getting to the last boss could, to some, be "the end", but to me it's not even close. The most joyous part of it is when you're insta-reacting to the 50th random thing in shoved front of you for less than a second. I'll be setting scores on every microgame with every character, as well as whatever marathon modes and actual minigames it gives me. Obviously, not all reviewers like the same things. But fans of Wario Ware already know to ignore scores. It shouldn't be rated as a AAA title, but as a Wario Ware title. And it's absolutely what you're hoping it will be, I wish I'd had your restraint!
  15. And Call of Duty is Space Invaders. FIFA is Pong! Games iterating on previously successful formats has been around since games began. The real questions are: Does it look like Hearthstone? Absolutely. Does it add anything to Hearthstone? Also absolutely. Does it improve on Hearthstone? That's more subjective, but I think it does. At least, the demo version suggests that I am going to find it more enjoyable. I already created my own deck, which I used to beat an NPC that I was having trouble with using the pre-built ones. And then there are DECK CODES! Admittedly, these may exist in other card games, but the concept itself is genius. I know precisely what cards the NPC I beat had, because they told me after the match. I don't recall these being in Hearthstone, because I stopped playing when I realised I wasn't going to be able to compete without a whole lot of additional investment. (Financial and time.) At least here I have a story to get through, which might be enough without ever playing a real person.
  16. A 9/10 from Nintendo life, too. https://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/nintendo-switch/shadowverse_champions_battle I've downloaded the demo, and gotten to the point where it lets go of me a little. It seems pretty much exactly like Hearthstone, which is no bad thing. Don't know if it's going to be worth £45, though, so I'm also downloading the mobile version to play about with. I'm old, now, and maybe a game where smarts and strategy beat out reflexes is what I should be concentrating on! Quite surprised when thinking about it how few of these kind of games are actually on the Switch at all. Surely Hearthstone is a no-brainer for Blizzard?
  17. Did it have lives? I mainly played it multiplayer, but don't really recall having to go through big chunks of the game again. I can remember the game being really hard, and can see how having to redo 20+ levels to fail the 21st a few times would be horrible.
  18. The 2nd one caught me out, took me a few seconds to realise the correct answer. However, since then there have been a few optional ones that I quit on... Seems I've let my brain rest for too long, I used to storm through this kind of thing! Alternative hypothesis: There is a certain mindset required for Layton games that neither of us have developed yet. I think I'll go with that as the reason.
  19. So much this. I can't be alone in the "Look, I want a PS5, it would be awesome if it was actually possible to buy one at some point?" camp. Currently, there are games that I would already have bought if I simply had the hardware, including some that I have specifically put on the "Wait until I have a PS5 for the proper version" list. PS4 is 3rd choice at the moment, so I can imagine a fair few like me who may otherwise have bought the game straight away deciding to just wait it out. Sadly, gamers are a bunch of fuckwits who will buy the game regardless. We reasonable and informed consumers are in the minority, which is why this kind of thing isn't marketed for us anyway.
  20. Very disappointing. That one was there for the taking.
  21. Either I'm more naturally positive than everyone else, or just don't see things the same. But I think we were the better team in that half. Havertz never meant that, he was playing for the far post and it just dropped beautifully. It was their only shot on target, whereas we wasted a couple of openings. We just need more of the same, now. We simply need to make having the extra man pay, as any of our forwards can benefit. Bring on Thiago for Henderson and see some punishming passing!
  22. Referee in "Correct decision at Anfield"shock!
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