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  1. 7 minutes ago, McCoy said:

    Last month I spent £50 on Deathloop and still haven't started it yet.

    You are my brother! I played about 3 hours, which I did enjoy, but then moved on to whatever-the-hell-else-I-decided-to-play-instead. 


    Take comfort in the fact you're not alone, and it's probably more than just Nintendo doing it to you.

  2. "Input lag" exists on every controller for every system, even your mouse+keyboard on your PC. This is just an inescapable consequence of those bloody annoying laws of physics that govern the universe we live in.


    I have no idea what anybody else considers acceptable, normal, or horrendous. What I do know is that feels like I'm playing videogames on a console. 130 ms is ... what, 6-7 frames? If you're routinely reacting faster than that to on-screen prompts, then you'll most likely notice and care. Meanwhile, we mere humans will continue to just not see any problem.

  3. It's £34.99. That gets you 4 curated collections, cloud saves, online play, Tetris 99, Pacman 99, and the Animal Crossing DLC. And that's just today, we already know that there will be more N64 games added. Is it value-for-money? You decide. But is it £60 for N64 emulation? No, stop saying it is.

  4. I never played Mario Tennis without having at least 2 other players around, so was surprised when Luigi absolutely battered me in an exhibition match. My N64 was basically a permanent multiplayer machine.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Darhkwing said:

    anyone get their N64 pad yet? says due today but according to the tracking its still awaiting pickup. 

    I have mine. The email said it would be 3 or 4 days, but the actual tracking link showed Next Day, and Steve from DPD was here about 1:30-ish. A Facebook friend of mine is in the same boat as you, though. Sadly, Nintendo support is SERCO, even though stock comes from The Hut Group, so they will most likely tell you they can't check up on it for 72 hours.

  6. 6 minutes ago, xtremeboat said:

    The MK64 video looks like the guy has poor WiFi. Other videos on that Twitter thread look fine


    Just now, ChewMagma said:

    The controller pak save thing is poor, but that one guy is trying to get clout for his shitty wifi.

    Not necessarily his WiFi, actually. Presuming the game, which contains 0 netcode, is just syncing between all online consoles. Any of them could be causing the judder.


    I wish more people realised how shit WiFi is. 

  7. Ugh.


    There might be a good game in here, but it seems determined to make me hate everything about it before revealing any actual joy that it might contain. I got an hour through before quitting, and during that time I was far more annoyed than entertained.


    From the endless hurling of new information, through the awful personalities, and the stupid teleportation mid-cutscene, it's a very jarring experience. It's like there's a fear of letting the player breathe. At one point I somehow missed a checkpoint and had to backtrack while on the Snowmobile I had been given to allow exploration... 


    What it needs is to respect the player more, and not just assume that everyone's a 12-year old with ADHD. Give me a bike, let me mess about on it a bit, show me a race and then leave me the hell alone to work stuff out. Here, when what I wanted to do was ride over there, I was suddenly flying face-first into the floor. I would much rather run out of time having not seen everything than be force-fed to this degree.


    And it's a shame, because 1st-person downhill biking was pretty good. Such a pity I have to fight through so much other crap. It is SO Ubisoft! Everything that pulls me away from AAA games is thrown at you, and piled on top of you, because "content" is more important than "experience." I'll be avoiding it.

  8. 1 hour ago, spatular said:

    Yeah, ill get a pic, or maybe wait till the weekend and try and go faster and get a pic of that, cant be bothered constantly posting pictures, dont mind getting the odd few though. Its a shame there isnt a global/friends leaderboard in game so we can just see each others times.

    Oddly, there are both in the Weekly time trial, but not in this. Bit of a strange oversight, in my opinion.

  9. Never let it be said that I fear last place! I fully intend to improve, but let me post my ONLY completed lap time of 44.053 for now. Currently taking turns with my son, and he's just as terrible as me ...


    EDIT: 38.846 now, which included a 1.5 time penalty for adding distance on the final straight! This game needs a handbrake. On Xbox.

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