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  1. Wario Cup score up to 5252, which is B+ and in the top 34%. I would have been fine with that, but for @NEG sitting there with 6480! I both respect and hate you for that, man.
  2. I played through single-player last night, and it kept me awake until I completed it. Long time since a game has grabbed me that way. I did use a couple of continues, but generally chose "Start over" and always went with the auto team. Some games are just really tough with some characters, and some characters feel broken, but it's amazing how every game can be done with everyone. And the final character made me grin from ear to ear! Filled the menu screen, and a little sad that no Paper Plane has appeared. Maybe it's in Variety, or Wario Cup? WARIO CUP! THIS is what I wanted! First go and I scored 3800, mostly because some of the games were brand new to me having blazed through 9-Volt first time. Uploaded that to find that the only other friend who has done this is 4300+, which means I've got some work to do. Tried again, 3200. As a solo player whose girlfriend is terrified of controllers, I haven't had the full experience. (I live in the eternal hope that her friend, who is currently obsessed with Zelda, comes to visit and thus we get some multiplayer going on.) Even with this in mind, it's a definite 10 from me.
  3. I can't remember which print magazine the review was in, but I read one that said it only had 4 levels! I get that sometimes there are deadline pressures, but how is it possible to literally miss 20% of the main campaign? You don't play Wario Ware to complete it. You play to compete. Getting to the last boss could, to some, be "the end", but to me it's not even close. The most joyous part of it is when you're insta-reacting to the 50th random thing in shoved front of you for less than a second. I'll be setting scores on every microgame with every character, as well as whatever marathon modes and actual minigames it gives me. Obviously, not all reviewers like the same things. But fans of Wario Ware already know to ignore scores. It shouldn't be rated as a AAA title, but as a Wario Ware title. And it's absolutely what you're hoping it will be, I wish I'd had your restraint!
  4. And Call of Duty is Space Invaders. FIFA is Pong! Games iterating on previously successful formats has been around since games began. The real questions are: Does it look like Hearthstone? Absolutely. Does it add anything to Hearthstone? Also absolutely. Does it improve on Hearthstone? That's more subjective, but I think it does. At least, the demo version suggests that I am going to find it more enjoyable. I already created my own deck, which I used to beat an NPC that I was having trouble with using the pre-built ones. And then there are DECK CODES! Admittedly, these may exist in other card games, but the concept itself is genius. I know precisely what cards the NPC I beat had, because they told me after the match. I don't recall these being in Hearthstone, because I stopped playing when I realised I wasn't going to be able to compete without a whole lot of additional investment. (Financial and time.) At least here I have a story to get through, which might be enough without ever playing a real person.
  5. A 9/10 from Nintendo life, too. https://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/nintendo-switch/shadowverse_champions_battle I've downloaded the demo, and gotten to the point where it lets go of me a little. It seems pretty much exactly like Hearthstone, which is no bad thing. Don't know if it's going to be worth £45, though, so I'm also downloading the mobile version to play about with. I'm old, now, and maybe a game where smarts and strategy beat out reflexes is what I should be concentrating on! Quite surprised when thinking about it how few of these kind of games are actually on the Switch at all. Surely Hearthstone is a no-brainer for Blizzard?
  6. Did it have lives? I mainly played it multiplayer, but don't really recall having to go through big chunks of the game again. I can remember the game being really hard, and can see how having to redo 20+ levels to fail the 21st a few times would be horrible.
  7. The 2nd one caught me out, took me a few seconds to realise the correct answer. However, since then there have been a few optional ones that I quit on... Seems I've let my brain rest for too long, I used to storm through this kind of thing! Alternative hypothesis: There is a certain mindset required for Layton games that neither of us have developed yet. I think I'll go with that as the reason.
  8. So much this. I can't be alone in the "Look, I want a PS5, it would be awesome if it was actually possible to buy one at some point?" camp. Currently, there are games that I would already have bought if I simply had the hardware, including some that I have specifically put on the "Wait until I have a PS5 for the proper version" list. PS4 is 3rd choice at the moment, so I can imagine a fair few like me who may otherwise have bought the game straight away deciding to just wait it out. Sadly, gamers are a bunch of fuckwits who will buy the game regardless. We reasonable and informed consumers are in the minority, which is why this kind of thing isn't marketed for us anyway.
  9. Very disappointing. That one was there for the taking.
  10. Either I'm more naturally positive than everyone else, or just don't see things the same. But I think we were the better team in that half. Havertz never meant that, he was playing for the far post and it just dropped beautifully. It was their only shot on target, whereas we wasted a couple of openings. We just need more of the same, now. We simply need to make having the extra man pay, as any of our forwards can benefit. Bring on Thiago for Henderson and see some punishming passing!
  11. Referee in "Correct decision at Anfield"shock!
  12. Firmino has taken Chelsea apart in the past, I'm not surprised he's starting this one. I think I would have liked to see Kostas keep his starting spot, though. Elliot could well be the wild card that opens things up. He's utterly fearless, and will offer little respect to the Chelsea defenders. Just hope that the referee gives him more protection than Mike Dean did last week, which would be any amount. Anfield is rocking, so let's remind everyone that this team utterly strolled to the title in record-breaking style just 2 seasons ago!
  13. I feel that it has also increased the random factor, or at the very least tweaked whatever it uses as the AI Director. I'm pretty sure it sent me through a different door than in other rounds at one point, and it definitely moved the bot I had to download the door code from. I mean, all I've played is Priority One, so my experience is mostly limited to replays of 1-1 and 1-2, but this means I'm very familiar with them and so spot the small differences. It's also allowed me to collect a decent stack of consumables, because I've been able to complete the levels without using any. The game could possibly be a bit more generous with them, but their rarity increases their value, so I can understand that decision. As someone who has gotten burned out on dark and gruff space marine shooters, I'm very pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying this. I'd have made it so that any successful mission got you to level 2 with that character for perk unlocks in the first instance, because it is a touch grindy, but otherwise I think they've nailed it. I'm looking forward to what else comes along, and hope it gets the longevity that, sadly, I suspect it won't get but does deserve.
  14. Just went to play it on Xbox, and it's currently downloading a 4 gig update. That's got to be more than just a door patch, right?
  15. I assumed my CQC shotgun would count, so you at least didn't mess up as badly as I did. Guess I need to play a couple of rounds as Demolisher.
  16. It's a patch or two away from brilliant, in my opinion. Right now it's a little rough, and possibly not quite ready. I picked up some more mods, got my Combat Rating to 191, and tried 1-3 again. This time, the door opened, and I got to the end room before dying. However, I now had enough mods to hit 211. Having since done 1-1 and 1-2 again, I can hit 235. Loot = Level It's so obviously designed for people to grind away online, in-game daily quests give that away. Anyone looking for a good story probably won't be happy, but it's a solid shooter set in a familiar and enjoyable universe. You're going to have to replay over and over, and I hope it reaches critical mass to stick around with Back 4 Blood and Halo Infinite on the way to steal large chunks of its playerbase.
  17. I'm not sure why Eurogamer went with Pokémon as a comparison, as to me it looked more Monster Hunter. It's a gorgeous trailer, and the whole thing looks completely mad. And why care if it's MMO or not? Nobody cares about the MM part anyway. Treat it as a single-player game in which you sometimes see random nutters, you'll be alright.
  18. The 3rd mission on Standard difficulty recommends a combat rating of 200. Fine, except having completed the 1st and 2nd, I'm at 183, with no actual way of making it higher. So, I played through the 1st mission again, in case something better drops, but all I got different was a weapon decal. Thought about trying Casual instead of Standard, but that also wants 200. Decided in the end to just give it a go, as what's the worst that can happen? Turns out the worst that can happen is you're halfway through and the game just stops giving you waypoints. I'm in a big open room with many doors, and Esther said something about "To the right", but nothing is happening. I can walk back out the way I came in, which brings up the waypoint to that room, but the game doesn't want to let me do anything else. I'd play it online, but either every room fills in a microsecond thus not letting me join, or there's something wrong with matchmaking. I don't quite feel like I've wasted £35, because there is definitely a potentially great game here, but it's not the best of starts.
  19. I watched a couple of Twitch streams earlier, and decided I was in. Then I read up, and saw no crossplay, so was back out. However, multiple quotes in the various chats had me hankering to watch the film again. As I write this, Bishop is in the pilot's seat while Ripley is taping guns together. It's been too long since I watched it, but it has reminded me of how good stuff like this is. I've gotta get in!
  20. Nexomon Extinction is basically a 2D Pokémon game, currently on sale for £11-ish. No idea how hard or easy it is, though, I just got it myself because it seems ideal for exactly this sort of thing.
  21. I've always felt Shaqiri was underused, never really given a fair chance. Fair play to him, though. Getting a Champion's League and Premier League while barely playing could easily lead to comfort and accepting your role. I'd gladly sit on a bench for most of the season! (That's probably why I'll never excel at anything )
  22. And without Mane shinning one over the bar and an amazing full-stretch block from [whichever Burnley defender that was] it could have been 4-0. You can't focus on "What if", you just look at "What happened" and the difference between this season and last is how we are looking more likely to score. Remember all that possession that led nowhere? Remember Mane seemingly forgetting how to play? Even just 2 matches in, it feels like we're going to score in every game. Not something we were able to say for a large chunk of last season.
  23. I'm all for "letting the game flow", but Mike Dean is much closer to "not doing his fucking job", here. I really hope it gets called out, Tarkowski and Barnes have basically shithoused their way through this game so far.
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