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  1. Posting here also on the off chance that I can cadge a code off someone here. Can't get to my 3ds until tomorrow, so would appreciate a PM, pretty pleeeaaase? EDIT: Cheers for the code, Curtis!
  2. Jumping in and shamelessly begging for a code here. Sort me out, fellas? EDIT: Cheers for the code, Curtis!
  3. Where's my invite, moz? Messaged you earlier on steam for one, pick up your feet, fella!
  4. Finally, I've gotten my hands on that borderlands 2 season pass. People actually voted for the worst hitman? Nah, I ain't buying that shit. Hashtag: rigged. So fucking rigged.
  5. Gee, I sure loved not being able to buy Dark Souls and the BL2 season pass on flash sale because of declined card errors!
  6. What's on the e-shop this week? I'm naively hoping for a Code of Princess release :C
  7. I sold my 3ds yonks ago because there was nothing interesting and then all the good games happened. Tch. But now I've returned to #Team3DS because quite honestly, 2013 is shaping up to be a pretty good year for it. Cannot wait for Monster Hunter, Code of Princess, Luigi's Bungalow 2 and Fire Emblem. Anyways, I've added a bunch of you fine people to my friends list, based on who's been posting most recently: My code's 5300-8596-3144. If anyone wants to add me, let me know C'mon, my life's not complete without sending total strangers mildly offensive doodles on letterbox.
  8. So, finally managed to get my hands on one of these this week, and like everyone else here, I'm honestly impressed with what the system has to offer. It's just a shame that not that many developers are taking advantage of it. As good as Persona 4 was to close the Vita's first year, Fifa 13 and Black Ops Declassified were awful. So fucking awful. You had there two titles that could have been major system shifters at Christmas, two titles that could have been massive advertisements for cross-play - who wouldn't want a portable version of ultimate team that could sync up with the home version, complete with card-gifting and trading via near? What did we get instead? Two breathtakingly lazy rushjobs. Absolute tragedy That aside, I can't wait to get EDF as soon as I scrape together enough for some electronic pounds. In the meantime, Street Fighter x Tekken is a wonderful fightingmans game - crossplay (and fat pathetic Megaman) is what made it worth the purchase for me. I wouldn't mind more of the same with a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 port, please. Is there is list of psn IDs for fellow vitamans? Wouldn't mind some people to fight streets or compare montezuma scores with. Mine's OhNoItsBedwin
  9. Finished up the first part of 'Where Angels Fear To Tread' last night - jesus, it's just a non-stop barrage of robots to fight your way through. Proper 80's action movie stuff, especially when you're gunzerking whilst massive stompy death-machines rain down the entire military power of a small country on you. This is gonna be amazeballs in PT2 co-op.
  10. Just finished up 'the man who would be slab' - kinda wasn't expecting that reveal, but it made me smile nonetheless. Also, Vladof slag machine pistols are my new favourite guns. Good damage, tiny recoil - it's so satisfying to unload a full clip into a robot's weak points and watching all those critical hit numbers fly out. Also, I like how most of their guns have names in nadsat, aka the funny future-speak from Clockwork Orange. Real horrorshow 8)
  11. Anyone come across this yet?
  12. My latest find is a torgue shotgun which deals almost 100 damage per pellet. It's bloody huge and feels so damn satisfying when you pull the trigger and level one of those big nomad guys in one shot. Did I also mention that the shells dole out explosive damage, too? Only drawback to it is that its magazine falls under the minimum size for my gunzerker's money shot skill to work with it, where the extra damage would tie in really nicely with the no kill like overkill skill further on down the down the line, synergised with the damage bonus for gunzerking with dual shotguns, and oh god, just think of all the numbers flying out of everything whenever I shoot this game is wonderful and I am falling in love with it more and more
  13. Just finished playing a big session, and I'd be really, REALLY enjoying it were it not for the fact that I couldn't connect to anyone else's games at ALL feels like I'm missing out on a massive chunk of gameplay without other people to play it with, especially when gearbox advertised easy connection to friend's games, with no need for port forwarding :/ - really hope they're fixing it. That aside, the game is a massive improvement from the first. I just love headshotting goliaths (have you even fucking seen what happens when you do? fucking skulls erupting out of bodies by pure RAGE) and letting them chase me through bandit camps, watching in childish glee as they tear through everyone and level up, before stepping in and putting them out of their brief, angry misery for the bonus xp and loot. Good times. Also, anyone else accidentally waste their golden key in sanctuary? I ran straight into the place where the chest is kept and thinking it was a normal weapon chest, opened it without even noticing the blatant gold colour - I did get a nice bandit fire shotgun out of it, but I really wish I'd kept it for lvl 50 and the second playthrough. Time to sign for that shift thing to get another one.
  14. If anyone on steam's just noticed a friend request from 'THRILL COLLINS' pop up, that's me adding people on the group Currently lvl 9 with steroid dwarf and lamenting the fact that every single decent AR I pick up is a jakobs, therefore semi-auto, therefore a shitload more clicking whenever I gunzerk. But it's all gravy so far. Can't wait to co-op.
  15. It's run by the guys behind Eurogamer, so you'll be fine. Oh, and thanks for for the link, Morrius
  16. Do we have a list set up of who's going to be playing this when friday comes around? I remember we had a google docs thing set up for Diablo 3, and that was pretty helpful in adding people to cooperatively loot with. I'll be playing on pc, by the way.
  17. Time for another guess-post/smug display of obscure sega knowledge? Count me in for that. I remember being mightily impressed that you managed to get the zombies from House Of The Dead EX and the Bonanza Bros in last time around. Right now for this release, I'm thinking: Toejam and Earl (if they've managed to sort out the legal stuff out which stopped them getting in the last time round) Axel and Blaze from Streets of Rage (Riding in the cop car from the first game, their special involving their cop buddy leaning out of one of the windows and firing his rocket launcher at the other racers, perhaps?) All 3 of the main characters from Alien Storm All 4 of the main characters from Sega's Gauntlet rip-off, Quartet One, or more of the blobs from the Puyo Puyo series The Hornet from Daytona USA The bike rider from Hang-On (who, depending on which version you played, was either revealed to be a girl or a pipe-smoking old man) One of the characters from Fighting Vipers Space Harrier That lazer-spewing satellite thingy from the obscure Missile-Command-alike, SDI Not-Bruce Willis from Die Hard Arcade Confirms/Denials/Small amounts of praise for my guesses?
  18. Right, putting my name up here also for any spare invites anyone's got hanging around. Haven't played counterstrike in yonks, but this version's got me falling in love with it all over again. PM me with your beta-test kindness.
  19. Prepare to die multiple times if you're trailing behind level-wise. I joined rob's game whilst him and punchmans were running through act 2 with a fresh barbara and held up like wet tissue
  20. The inclusion of the complete animated series is what sold me on this package, above everything else. Now that is delicious.
  21. I could be interested. What difficulty you running?
  22. Normal Diablo has been served one hell of a knuckle sandwich. The first run's been pretty enjoyable for me, saturday-morning cartoon plot notwithstanding. Got my monk ready to start nightmare (and finally some actual co-op!) with about 450 dps and 1500-ish armour, dexterity gems stuffed into every available orifice All with a lovely pink top and pastel blue pants - gotta love those dyes. Not too happy when I found out that I'd have to do normal all over again when I decided to pick a barb for my second class, but swings and roundabouts and all that. Also, I'd really like it if blizzard put in some sort of endless dungeon challenge mode - a nonstop series of generated floors that has progressively tougher enemies and bosses and progressively better loot drops. No teleporting back to town allowed, but at the start of every floor, you could be given the option to take your winnings and run, ending the challenge there and then. If you die, you lose everything. Just that little bit of extra RNG goodness for when everyone starts tiring of running through the campaign, until the expansion shows up.
  23. Whenever those loot goblins show up, it's this all over again: In-game lore suggests these little gold-spewing buggers warp in from some secret loot dimension. Wonder if it's possible to step into those portals they conjure up when they're trying to escape and end up in an RNG shangri-la?
  24. Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to play the auction house with real money: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamesblog/2012/may/18/diablo-3-blizzard-apology?newsfeed=true http://us.battle.net...opic/5150106401
  25. Act 1 is done and dusted, and now I'm left with an inventory full of blue items (and a few yellows) - been agonizing over which of the blues I should break down and which I should throw up on the auction house. So many stats and buffs to consider - you've gotta be in lord sugar-mode to make a profit from what people want and how much they want it for in a market like this. Kinda adds a bit more depth to gameplay for me. Once people start buying stuff with real money, it'll be interesting to see how the auction house's economy will develop.
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