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  1. Logged in fine and played for a few hours without a single hitch last night. Playing as monk and it pretty much felt like this: [media=] Anyways, punched skellington king in his big bony face and now I've realised that with levelling the blacksmith, crafting items and all the goodies on offer at the auction house, I'm going to be spending tonnes of gold, all so I can keep getting those new weapons/armour pieces/amulets that have slightly higher numbers than what I've currently got. I'm in loot heaven, boys Probably not gonna do co-op until I've completed the game for the first time. I absolutely can't leave areas until I've explored every nook and cranny, soaked in the atmosphere, etc, and I don't wanna do that whilst other people are hurrying me along. I'm also looking forward to the rmah, because I'm naively optimistic about the chance of making a bit of pocket money selling rare loot, despite the fact that the far east will be running a total monopoly on the place, forcing everyone else to undercut them by selling for literal pennies. Cannot wait to get stuck in again tonight!
  2. Righto, finally caved and bought the game at its horrible, horrible RRP. It's taking really bloody long to install too. Already added my battletag to the list, and if anyone's still looking for a guest pass, better be quick because I've just put one up on the googledocs page (gonna give the other one to my boyfriend after he's done with his exams) Anyways, looking forward to venturing into hell's depths with you fine gentlemen sometime this evening/week/month/whenever the servers stop acting up, touch wood
  3. Is anyone else who's planning on buying the game physically finding it difficult to actually find a copy? As far as manchester city centre goes, it's sold out in both gamestation and that bee.com shop. HMV appeared to have very few left and probably won't have any by the time I get round to buying it tomorrow. All the supermarkets where I live seem to think that pc gaming only constitutes hidden object mystery games and boxed copies of angry birds Honestly, I thought this kind of thing only happened with console games - don't all the neckbeard mandem download everything now? PS: This complaint is also a thinly-veiled attempt to get a guest pass in the meantime, as it's looking more than likely I'll be coming back home from work empty-handed tomorrow ;-;
  4. So yeah, managed to get a hold of an 'early' copy of the pc port and it does run quite well on my pathetic excuse of a seven year old gaming computer. Despite having slightly higher system reqs, the engine seems to be optimised better than pc AE, or at least that's what I'm seeing. Too bad the gems and the relatively small pc userbase will end up doing in online in double-quick time. Which is a shame, because my sega saturn usb pad is my absolute favourite controller for playing fighting games and pulling off perfect 360s on. But it does not run on an actual 360, though But yeah, give the pc version a shot if you want to go back to a more innocent time of gems. For however long that lasts.
  5. Are the colour packs fixed yet? I need to make more deliciously offensive colours for my mans.
  6. Oh boy! Red oily Zangief and shiny pink rubbery Dhalsim a-go-go!
  7. Don't read books that have been made as films - you'll never be able to imagine the characters as anything other than the actors who played them in the film version. I'm about halfway through Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy and I can't get Daniel Craig as the main character out of my head whilst reading it. Bad stuff.
  9. Who else is in agreement that we should turn this into a semi-saltmail thread? All these unbalanced gems and their potential to annoy opponents are getting me rather titilated
  10. gg for the games, joe I'm kinda agreeing with haggar over feeling bad using the new gems - I've changed my poison's current set to the new autoblock and a +40% cross gauge builder gem and holy fuck, it's almost like having infinite meter. Having all these advantages does sometimes make me feel like I'm scrubbing my wins - but then I remember that online is full of air tatsu/dp mashing shoto teams and mishima family hi/lo combo machines and then I feel very, very justified about it all. Also, maximillian and arturo have posted videos detailing the patch and replay analyzer respectively: Good golly, a hype chart?
  11. Yeah, noticed that one. Can't wait to have to run away and turtle longer with that gem
  12. I have just played a few matches with the above man and I can readily confirm this. His vega and hworangutang were pretty much impervious to my sim's rubbery pokes. It does feel nice having a super easy input gemmed gief that doesn't have gimped damage though. But yeah, expect to see the fgc's salt intake rise far above the recommended daily allowance, as everyone WILL be using the 2 slot autoblock gem. It's just too good not to use, really.
  13. Right, deposited 1200 electronic pounds into my account and I'm ready to play this for real. Once again, GT is ohnoitsbedwin, and all your times are going to be smashed.
  14. I don't think I've wanted to buy a game on impulse so badly until I tried the demo. It's like the best version of excitebike ever - will deffo be making sure to save up my ingame cash to dress my biker as a pretty little pink hell's angel <3 Also, seeing you mukkers and your best times is making single-player so much fun. So much I had to use the game's 'gloat' function to message joffo that I've beaten two of his best times - should be a nice surprise for him next time he signs in More games should have this as standard, seriously. GT is ohnoitsbedwin if you like adding strangers off the internet
  15. Thanks for the games, joe - I'm always glad to get in as much poison practice as I can, atlhough I do still love getting in with dhalsim and all his wonderful, wonderful colour alts - but not really liking how my pad will make me throw out head drills instead of yoga snipers or teleports, which can lead to all sorts of unsafe-on-block/bad positioning fun. Anyways, I've noticed the game has pretty much the perfect colours for a she-hulk poison color alt. Good idea or great idea?
  16. Red Cyclone Stripe Skollomania (Cammy) White and Mackay
  17. How long is this going for? I'm in the mood for a bit of profiteering, and there is a That's Entertainment nearby selling games on the cheap. Is it gonna be worth it?
  18. Aw, thanks, man! I've been trying to learn her (ohohoho) this past week, just trying to figure out how to get in the best way, her pokes and how to zone with her fireballs properly without eating a faceful of jump-in. I'm also trying to work out a bad habit of being too mashy with her footsies into rekka. Sorry I had to leave mid-way through a match, though - might be on later today GoodGame, GoodGame to Alister, too - your rufus and juri are all kinds of bad news. Really kept me on my toes!
  19. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting massive 'Someone Like You' by Adele vibes from that track?
  20. Seems like tonight is fez fighter night. Downloaded the demo, had a little playthrough - really nice concept and execution, but I just don't spend money on single-player-only stuff these days. Plus the dev's unjustified aversion to not porting it to pc annoys me somewhat too. Play some fighting people with meeeeeeee, damnit.
  21. Harada knows I'm miserable now.
  22. It's bad enough that you mukkers tease and tempt me with your vita thread of amazing portable gaming and EG tournies, but now that this port has confirmed cross platform play, there's no way now that I can't see myself buying a vita and buying a third copy of this game, in addition to next month's pc release. Capcom must fucking love people like me Seriously, cross-platform play is going to give this version some actual longevity. SSFIV 3D's online died pretty quickly - especially when the majority of people you faced online were touchscreen-mashing kens and guiles - but yeah, the vita version is going to be my personal practice tool for when I'm out and about. Plus, the prospect of playing warm, cosy bed fighter with megaman is rather titililating
  23. I reckon I'm about halfway through chapter two at the moment, loving it loads so far. Even though this is ff tactics' predecessor, this game pretty much feels like a rebalanced, reworked version of it - class grinding is still there, but it's not like you're doing it so you can have a team of overpowered magical martial artist ninjas who can punch everything to death - you're doing it so that your units have a better chance of survival on the battlefield. Beast tamers can fuck right off, though - try getting a beast to join your gang when it's one-shotting you at every turn it can get My team of two knights, one warrior, three archers, wizard, cleric, canopus and a terror knight can pretty much hold their own in combat. Really need to grind up the terror knight, though - I just hope he's not as useless a class as the rune fencer is.
  24. One last easter fighter pun before it's over for another year. Bring on the massively discounted chocolate.
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