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  1. I'm gonna have to dig out my ds and flashcart one of these days, because this is a game that I really should have put more time into - especially as I love level creation tools and all those gubbins. If there's gonna be a 3ds follow-up, it really needs to be a combination of the gba's and ds' minigame collections, snapped's camera functions and twisted's gyroscope shenanigans, especially as that never got fucking released here - throw in diy's creation tools with a more relaxed approach to online content exchanging (admittedly a bit much to expect from nintendo) and you've pretty much got a perfect game.
  2. I'm tempted to double dip for the pc release. Mainly because I'm hopelessly in love with street fighter and I'll gladly fritter away money on capcom fighting games, especially when it comes to costume dlc I have a sega saturn usb pad which works a treat when I'm playing AE on the pc. Doesn't work on the xbox, though. Boo/Hiss.
  3. Here is the totes amazes match from last night. About 3:03 is where the magic starts :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fk7ukKsoe0
  4. GGs to Joe, Haggar and Donut in this morning's late lobby. Blundered it something fierce at the start by forgetting to set any private slots, so most of us got slaughtered by a random 3000+ bp jin. Apart from me, because I was tagging with him Having to boot out randoms aside, it was nice showing and seeing everyone's colour alts. Shoutouts to atlantis poison and blonde hair/white eyebrows ken . Looked all the more lovely and dazzling when them qvc gems were going off all over the shop. Need to upload that match which featured THE BEST ROUND ENDING IN THE HISTORY OF RLLMUK FIGHTING MANS which featured not one BUT TWO CROSS ASSAULT ACTIVATIONS - all four man dem on screen. It was AMAZING, to say the least
  5. Just got back from a lobby - sorry I had to leave so early, but I'll probably be back later on in the evening. But it was nice fighting against joe/plop/qazi/etc - if only my usb saturn pad worked on the xbox - it's a nightmare trying to do yoga snipers on a pad without getting yoga drills/mummies all the bloody time. Hope to see you boys later on. And yes, I will remember to taunt at the start of every match
  6. But if you're feeling less than legal, you could always download the pdf version.
  7. Bedwin

    Edge #240

    Hmm, shall give this a proper perusal next time I'm in WH Smiths. Last time I bought a gaming mag was close to about ten years ago. Much more cost effective to browse through magazines from cover to cover0 at the shops instead. Except if they're packaged in bags. Bah. Getting slightly back on topic, does anyone know the name of the main font Edge has been using since its redesign? It does look lovely. Lovely enough for me to consider pirating buying it.
  9. Because having player matches would render ranked matches pretty much pointless. Then again, in terms of capcom logic, endless lobbies render player matches equally as useless. Swings and roundabouts, I guess. I do remember player matches being in vanilla sf4, though. Having lobbies where multiple people can hang out is great, both on paper and in execution - but it is annoying getting booted out of training/beginner lobbies because the host didn't like the look of you and your freshly minted C rank. And on the other hand, I'm deathly scared of any rooms with a majority of C+ to B ranked players. Climbing frames and slides But I digress - spent most of last evening downloading and validating battlefield 3, but this evening, I shall hope to meet some of you online and dazzle you all with glow-in-the-dark elastic indians and horribly irradiated russians
  10. Bayonetta? Not-Bruce-Willis from Die Hard Arcade?! This is going to be something really underwhelming and never, never, never, ever going to be localised, isn't it? I'm steeling myself for potential dissapointment here.
  11. I've just started playing Tactics Ogre on the psp, and so far, I'm enjoying it - every bit as good as everyone's been saying it is. I love grind-heavy games with content tantilisingly out of reach far too much - especially if they happen to be srpgs. I don't think I'll be trading my psp with its knackered umd drive anytime soon - I have a fuckhuge backlog on there which includes suikoden 1 + 2, ff7, both disgaea ports, both claduns, both badman games and far too many gba roms to list. But that's also competing with my backlog of 230-odd ebooks for the right to my free time. I feel so spoilt for choice every time I go to the toilet, I really do.
  12. So I take it nobody pre-ordered this at blockbuster, then?
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome, fighting man dem Just finished adding a whole bunch of you onto my friend list - quite intrigued to see that gentlemanboxer lives near me. Not sure if there's anymore granadaland scrubs hanging about - perhaps a heggfest northwest is in order in a hypothetical future?
  14. I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one who thinks it's a good idea to dip your avenue brawlers in radioactive slime - my gief and sim (formerly dubbed 'Team Rubber Muscles') now have matching glowing green skin with equally glowing pink clothing (I like to call them 'The Toxic Twins' now ) I've spent more time colouring costumes than fighting with this game - my inner fashionista demands that I make well-coordinated and tasteful colour schemes for any character that I play. Was a little bit hard to make nice stuff before the colour packs, but now I'm chuffed that I can finally make roxy and andore jr colour alts for poison and hugo and take them online against all the chimney sweep/coal miner ryus and alabaster/explosion at the flour factory kens. I really hope that's not all the colour packs capcom will be putting out for this game, because I'd gladly spunk out some electronic pounds for more vibrantly offensive skin tones. Anyways, would love to take on you fine men in an online altercation sometime - think I fought against Jiro in ranked sometime last week. He was using vega x flying crossups. I was using yoga sniper x super easy input spds My gamertag is OhNoItsBedwin - feel free to add me for cul-de-sac fisticuffs
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