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  1. How can your time be so worthless you’ll finish a game you wouldn’t buy for 1p?
  2. Dishonored - one look at the world/lore and that was it Galaga - the sounds, the turning upside down of the aliens Pac Man Championship Edition - neon delight (still maintain CE2 was a big disappointment) Marble Madness - the surrealism
  3. Used to have vote to kick in tribes. Implemented correctly it can work, but what’s this payment stuff
  4. I don't really care about extra cars tbh, just another skin. Tracks is a different matter.
  5. No, but that is due in part to having children, which necessarily take up a lot of your time.
  6. Dungeon Master, so tactile. click on club to pick up, click again to throw it. Not select throw from the menu.
  7. Very difficult to get your average internet ponce to cough up for anything, especially with an audience of male tech nerds
  8. I presumed he just realised all the sarcastic comic store guy types on here wouldn’t make decent telly
  9. 26 minutes!? Who’s got time for that
  10. They’re dropping the superior PC platform?
  11. Being a crafty bastard and sneaking around in stealth games like Dishonored or Shadow Tactics
  12. Giddas

    Apple Arcade

    I've put an obscene amount of hours into ZooKeeper already even though there's not much to it (or perhaps because of that)
  13. Went for the cdkeys option. Sod waiting a year.
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